Kumkum Bhagya 17th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Tanu takes Nikhil’s help to get DNA report

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The Episode starts with Abhi taking Pragya to side. Pragya says you. Abhi says you have returned to my life, but you don’t know or is just acting. Pragya says no. Abhi says I know your eyes were searching me. Pragya asks him to leave her Pallu. Abhi says it is confirmed that you need me. He asks her to tell if she was searching him. Pragya says there was no reason to search him. Abhi says your attitude separates you from other girls. He says you can’t go from my life or from here. Pragya says you can’t joke with me, as you are married. Abhi says marriage is that where we swears to stay together and says you are with me due to our connection. Pragya says you said this easily and asks if he is challenging her. Abhi asks if she is not tired of fighting with him. Pragya says you are fighting with me. Abhi says where is a love, fight happens and says sorry taking the full blame on himself. Pragya is surprised. Abhi says I have changed and asks where is she going to get mehendi applied of my name? Pragya says I stopped applying mehendi and says you are not my husband. Abhi thinks why she is lying to him. Tanu calls Nikhil on video call and asks why is he not picking the call.

Nikhil says I don’t want to talk to you. Tanu says there is nobody except you. Nikhil says you calls me to get your work done and after your work is over then you don’t talk. Tanu says you are very special to me, even though I love Abhi. She emotionally blackmails him and tells that she needs his help. Nikhil says ok and asks her to tell. Tanu thanks him and asks him to go to hospital, meet Anjali and take the report. She says if Dr. Anjali says that report is not ready then make sure that it doesn’t reach Mehra house. She says Purab and Disha are waiting for this report. Nikhil says if they get successful then you have to promise me that you will leave Abhi and come to me. Tanu says if this happens then ofcourse I will come to you. She says if you give me any news about Pragya and Abhi’s union then I will come to you. Nikhil says I will go to Pataal to get that report. She ends the call and thinks my juti will come to you. She says once she knows about the report, she will fail their planning. She thinks she is just of Abhi and will not let him become of Pragya.

Aaliya thinks where to go and is about to collide with King. She says she is going to room. King asks her to shake friendship hand with him and says then your mood will not be spoiled. Aaliya says I don’t like you and says it is better to repent rather than befriending you. She says you are so annoying. King asks her to make him enemy if not friends and smiles. Aaliya goes.

King thinks where is Abhishek and Pragya? He reminds himself of Chachi’s words. Abhi asks Pragya that she can’t refuse that Kiara is his daughter and his love is unconditional. Pragya tries to say. Abhi says there is no need to say as there is nobody here. He asks why is she hiding truth from him. Pragya says I am not hiding any truth. Abhi says I will not force you and says I will pray to God that you get strength to tell me truth or hear my truth. Pragya says how can you say that, you are married. Abhi says I am not married? Pragya says when you were married to me, you had an affair with Tanu. Abhi thinks once the report comes then everything will be fine. Nikhil comes to meet Dr. Anjali in the hospital. Receptionist sends him to her cabin and calls her. Tanu informs Aaliya about Purab and Disha’s plan and tells that she has executed her plan and excuses herself.

Disha shows mehendi to Dasi and asks how is it? She looks at Purab. Purab looks at her. King asks Purab about Abhi. Purab says I don’t know. Pragya comes there. King asks him not to come infront of him and says his wife is looking pretty. Purab says jhoota and says you are a big rapper and your wife is too simple. King says he is lucky to have her. pragya comes to king and says everyone was missing him. King asks if she was missing him. Purab thinks King is flirting with Pragya. Abhi comes and asks King why did he come? He then asks why he came late? King says it seems you aren’t happy. Tanu comes there and asks Pragya to get mehendi applied of King’s name. Pragya says last time she was allergic to it. Tanu says she will apply mehendi of Abhi’s name. Abhi asks Tanu not to apply mehendi of his name as he loves someone else. King hears them.

Tanu goes to her room angrily and thinks don’t insult my love atleast. She says you makes fun of my love and tells on my face that you don’t love me. She says don’t force me to remind you everything and you will not like it. She calls Nikhil. Nikhil is about to go to Dr. Anjali’s cabin. Tanu calls him and asks if her work is done. Nikhil asks her to enjoy mehendi function and says he wants his Tanu like she wants before. Tanu thinks once she gets the report, she will send him very far.

Abhi asks Pragya to tell him what she is hiding from him. King asks Abhi if he likes Pragya.

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  1. this show is a joke

  2. I can no longer resist the temptation to ask one question.

    Why is it that no matter what Disha, Purab, Pragya or Dasi “plan” is never done without the hearing of the plan by Tanu or Ahilya. Whereas anything Tanu and Ahiliya plans is kept secret for years? Is this creative writing to keep viewers?

    1. Ha! Ha! The real question becomes is this writing, creative? After all, they have kept up the viewer numbers with their past work. I think it is their device/trick to keep Tuna/Aliyah in the show. That’s easier than actually thinking up new antagonists. Many of us are convinced that Tuna has a ‘special’ relationship with someone in the production crew, thus she must remain.

    2. hai aki no tuna dr may be that actress doing that must have just good rel with everyone in the set higher who knows we hadnt seen any pic of leena and ekta but i also heard that whther it is true or not ekta appreciated both leena and shika for their success of kkb y she is getting more imp dont know , partiality between leena and sriri is more visible not only btween them others and sriti y i dont now but i could able to judge who is the main reaons for the actress oing tanu being retained in the show,i heard that her bf shares half his money for this serial production house .,k what about shika

  3. Abhi to Pragya “tell me you love me and that Kiara is mine”

    Pragya to Abhi ” NO and NO”

    Tanu to Pragya “leave Abhi alone. He’s mine”

    Pragya “No and wrong”

    Tanu ” Oh Nikhill!!!!…………”

    Repeat conversation at any time in the next few years…..

    See. Same story only much shorter…..

    1. too bad we can’t add bleach, soap and an extra rinse cycle!

  4. ‘Once love has happened, we don’t wan’t any ego or attitude… I have changed’ ‘My love for you is honest, it is unconditional’,says Abhi. (What a liar, he is) Tuna when alone, reminds the audience that she knows a secret …about why she and Abhi married. King and Aliyah have another feisty run-in. And if Abhi actually succeeds in capturing Pragya, well, hey, at that very instance his deepest, truest love for Tuna fish, his sister and Dadi will be ignited and the further punishment of Pragya will continue. Just the quality of abuse and harassment changes. The abuse will never go away until and unless Abhi chooses to become an adult male. Run, Pragya, Run! Abhi lies constantly, especially to himself. You have to feel sorry for Vin Rana (?) the actor who plays Purab. Like, Nikhil his career has taken a turn. He too, is asked to behave like a five year old child. so, nothing new today. Tuna is trying to change. Instead of being 150% offensive, she is just 100% offensive.

  5. Because TRP is down, on the afternoon (I think) of the 17th, the twitter feed is showing that first Abhishek prem Mehra, then King Singh, then Pragya then Kiara all are on the twitter feed trying to drum up interest. Pretty Sad. ‘Desperation’, the latest perfume on the market. Perhaps they should be running after the writers and the producer. King hints that he will be licking Aliyah’s hand soon. Abhi will only tell his ‘wife’ Pragya about his ‘secret’ marriage to Tuna… it’s actually that Tuna and Aliyah are lovers and they married, thus the marriage with Abhi is a front to hide the lesbian relationship. I wonder if the actors get paid extra for this work or if it is a part of their contract.

    1. At least if Aaliya and Tanu were married it would make the show progressive in a very very VERY small measure XD. Same old same old in 5 months the story will still be the same, Tanu was pregnant for over a year, that DNA report will take 5 months. Actors should have some self respect to leave stagnant roles.

    2. Thanx fr ensuring tht I got to c ur resend Akituster. Itz commonplace in KKB to find pregnancies like tht of elephants & hides like tht of a rhinos. Anothr long running serial of dz producer z sd to go off air coz d channel pulled d plug ? & a spin off z to tk itz place.?Dishing up left over food into smthng new & palatable is a skill but not whn it z stale food with fungus clinging to it. D advantage in spin offs z thrz no violation of copyright & no accusations of plagiarism & u get to cling on to d Prime Time Slot. Thz serial z run on ploys, not plots. And I think tht d male lead in KKB being called as man-child z like an insult to a real man & child. I’d rather prefer to refer to him as merely male. After all outgrowing one’s diaper stage does nt necessarily equate one wth maturity & refinement. And Akituster, tht laser he ws shown playing wth, ws liftd off KB ofcourse, only d male lead in KB used a mirror instead. If u duck into someone else’s pocket, u cn call it stealing. Here itz js brought out of thr own meagre cold storage. I never thought except initially tht Dadi’s support for Pragya ws for Pragya’s sake. Dadi ws selfish too coz Pragya ws a mere prop to support Abhi, who nvr hd a mind of his own, oscillating all d time on d brink. His heart which ws sd to rule his head, whn push came to shove, nvr lived up to d claim, ever. Thz sordid serial z swarming with spineless, senseless & thoughtless characters & Pragya is so ungrateful. If she didn’t divulge her past to King who nt only rescued her but also gave her a life under his roof coz he respected her need fr privacy, it ws understandable. But nt whn thrz a conflict btwn her ex yes Ex who ruthlessly threw her out without any remorse or qualm & King who hd treated her with respect & decency, is now z being insulted by d Ex ?. For me itz nt mandatory tht Pragya shd b romantically inclined towards King but she most certainly owes him immense respect for wht he hd done for her & how he hd bn kind and supportive to her & her child without taking advantage of her situation. Thz serial z so silly tht it brings only disgust for d miniscule repetoire of d script writers. Oh come on writers, Stop writing reams of meaningless dialogues. Itz simpler & quicker to write just these words. . .”THE END.” Be done with it.

    3. Cok haklısınız ??

  6. Must tan or aliya always hear the plan made to unite a hi and pragya so that they could ruin it…its just unfair to pragya is that how life works.

  7. Hello guys i am new here. I was reading a novel trap with the ceo. It was so beutiful and real . After that it looks all serials are boring without romance.

  8. lol ekta not again!!!!! i dunno y she keeps bringing disha in this show. wer is aliyah


  10. i duuno why she doesnt want to stop this cramp im done watching

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