Kumkum Bhagya 17th August 2018 Written Episode Update: King questions Abhi about his relation with Pragya

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Kumkum Bhagya 17th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Purab and Disha’s conversation. Purab says if Pragya di have hidden her past from King then there might be a reason, but if Abhi tells him everything then King will blame Pragya. Disha says let the truth come out and says until this truth comes out, they will not be separated, if Di wants to return to jiju then let this happen. John is on the way in the auto and tells driver that two witches are behind him. Nikhil is following him in car and thinks his honesty is a disease and will take his life for taking panga from Tanu. He stops the car before the auto. He tells that you want to go to hospital. John asks how did you know? Nikhil says Robin told me. Nikhil takes john in car. John says I have to tell something to abhi. Nikhil asks do you want to unveil someone’s secret. Dadi, Tai ji and Dasi pray for Pragya’s life. Abhi stands in the hospital temple and looks at the goddess idol. King notices and recalls Purab’s words.

Nikhil asks are you scared of me. John says I don’t know you. Nikhil asks did Robin know? John says no and says I will call him once. Nikhil puts breaks on the car to make his phone falls down. He says Robin told that you saw Aaliya and Tanu cutting the rope. John says I didn’t tell him. Nikhil threatens him and says Tanu gave you a chance, I am also giving you a chance. If you don’t tell anyone then your life will be saved, else curse. John gets down from the car and runs. Nikhil says lets play with him.

Doctor comes and tells that Patient is out of danger. She tells King that his wife is fine. King thanks her. He tells Abhi that he is a frank person and asks what is his relation with Pragya. What is his family’s relation with Pragya. Abhi asks what do you mean? King says you tell that you don’t believe on God, but silently prays for her hiding from everyone. He says my concern seems to be less than you. He asks if he and his family behave same with everyone. He says I saw you crying for the first time, you ran to nurse and gives instructions to her. He says there is something which I don’t know. Abhi recalls Pragya’s words. King asks if answer is difficult or you don’t have. Abhi thinks when Pragya have hidden the truth then why shall I tell him, and upset Pragya. He tells that Pragya’s nature is good and that’s why everyone liked her. He says a big accident happened with her in my hospital so it was my duty. King thanks him and says I thought you are Mumbai guy. Abhi asks who? King says the one who left her, because of his stupidity, she is with me. Abhi thinks King doesn’t know about him and goes to inform family members about Pragya. Naina song plays…..He recalls the happy moments with Pragya.

John is running on the road. Nikhil says the more you make me run, your death will be more dangerous. John sees a parked bike and takes it. Nikhil thinks good, now his death will look like an accident and it is not a crime. He hits John’s bike. John gets severely injured and falls down on the road.

Nikhil gets down from the car and comes to John. He says you have become zero and says your time is up. He says you are a good man, but you are going to pay the price of loyalty. He says when you go up, tell God that I have killed you due to helplessness. He says you have threatened Tanu, how can I leave you alive. John says I will not tell anyone, please let me go. Nikhil says I can’t take chance and says you are saying this due to fear. He says you will tell that you have a wife and daughter. John says I have 6 months old daughter. Nikhil says a 6 months old girl have to grow without her father. He says not fair, I was about to do a big crime.

Doctor asks everyone to go one by one and see Pragya. Abhi is about to step towards the ICU, but stops. King asks do you want to go first.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Why the criminals are not being punished and honest people always suffer. What message the writers want to give to the society.

  2. Just horrible. What kind of writers are these. Allowing an innocent man to die for wanting to do the right thing. Sadists !!

  3. Well, the show is not even funny anymore. And it is so slow that it is like it is written for mentally deficient people. Or written by the mentally deficient.
    Disha! It’s not God that created the situation! It was Tanu and Aliyah who created the situation 7 years ago and again right now. Why do you crazy people keep thinking it is God when it is Tanu and Aliyah that play the Mehra’s all like dumb puppets. Get rid of tanu and aliyah. Life will become possible. People won’t keep dying…that’s Pragya’s family and loved ones, only. Who’s next on the lying sl*t/thief/murder train? Kiara?

    They found the perfect Nikhil! Now the show can be changed to “Kum Kum Murder Inc.”

    And as Abhi considers his past yet again…he is the stupid man from Mumbai…why aren’t there any shots of the two b*tches that have created every single problem. Why aren’t the two b*tches being held responsible for their part in the plot. Abhi is still a very stupid man.

    Finish the tanu and aliyah criminal show. If you have to keep them in the show…then don’t allow them any more clothing. That would be helpful! Otherwise Ekta will make them all re-born in the next life. Oh! She’s doing that already in another show!

    1. Varshni

      Hey! I actually love the way you analyse everything! And yeah now a days I couldn’t take it anymore! All these days I used to read all of your comments but today I couldn’t stop from commenting! Such a worst serial I have seen as of now.

      1. agreed Alka. I too would like to see how King rescued Pragya and then how she helped him become a star. It sounds like they actually have an Honest relationship and it would be good to see them make a commitment…marriage. They should move to Mumbai. Kiara will be close to her grandmother. It would be good to see what Pragya can become when she’s not being emotionally blackmailed or daily threatened with harm or death.

      2. Thx Varshni. I did already send a reply but not sure what happened to it. And Alka’s reply is here! And I do think that the more people that comment, whatever their opinion may be, is always good.

  4. Yes it very frustrating that Talia never get prosecuted in all the devilish stuff they do and for even once abhi never suspect them. How dum can he be. the whole house is afraid to say anything even Dadi who died because of their plot. It is crazy.Put them in different prisons but let them be in the program for us to see them working the prison fields cooking dinners in the prison kitchen making their own beds etc. Things the’ve never taught will happen to them. That’s what will be interesting not these repititions.

  5. So now John is going to be in coma or something for trying to do what is right… and no one even suspects Aaliya and Tanu! Abhi and his family want Pragya back, but none of them are trying to get rid of Aaliya and Tanu who are causing all these problems. Sometimes I wonder what moral does this serial tries to give to it’s viewers!! But the lead actors are amazing which is the only reason I still watch it or read the updates.

    1. Here john not going into comma, he must be die and tanu n Aliaya tell these dumb mehras that john did it all and they believe as usual

  6. Oh yeah, there’s one in India who is really good! She takes toddler’s, let’s them play dress-up and she throws in two female toddlers who were victims of pedophilia and allows the child-abuse victims to have clubs/sticks. The two dysfunctional toddlers bash everybody else on the head except for a boy toddler they both want. He has lot’s of candy that they want. Then she films the same thing over and over again. And she’s getting richer doing this!! Oh. Yeah it’s supposed to be about Indian marriage. A woman gets married in India, she marries the guys mistress/whore, his mother and any of his unmarried sisters who think they own him and his money. Women there don’t have much hope. They have to marry the guy or one of their parents is going die from heart attack or the father will shoot himself in the head. Yeah, I would say those young women feel trapped. Blackmail/guilt/shame from your ‘loving’ parents or a bunch of slave-driving homicidal crazies who will undoubtedly enjoy the girls cooking and the great parties she throws, because she’s doing all the work…on the other side. What was that you asked? Oh , no. Divorce is not necessary and impossible for the girl. They try to kill her at the parties. Let’s face it. There are a lot of women looking to marry a rich dude so it is easy to replace the girl that the family just murdered. Naw… why would the boy’s sister ever get married? She knows the deal, she’s going to stay where the money is. No. India is not totally like that. It’s safe to visit. Maybe leave your daughters at home. Well, yeah. This producer is really sick. Purposefully sick. It’s a game for her. No. Everything is pretty much corrupt in India. The rich are allowed to do anything in India. Naw. The police just ignore the activities of anyone with money. Those rich people could destroy the cops family if he did his job. The population? Mostly frogs, in water, coming to a boil. Mostly, but not all.

  7. Will not the show directors and Ekta make the good win over the devil’s atleast once for the sake of the longing audience and move on the show? Every time they create a Nikhil worse than the previous one. Together with changing the actor they can think of changing the attitude and nature too.

  8. Bull shit bastard stories recycles

  9. Guys wishful thinking that aliya and tanu will be punished. The evil has been ruling kumkum bhagya for the last 4 years and will. Continue to do so, infact now there is one more addition to the evil gang.. Nikhil is back. For a change thought that john will be responsible for a change in the track as he would have exposed the two devils aliya and tanu, but being ekta and her sadist writers the evil wins once again, and tbe mehras dumb aa usual don’t even realize that all this is not a coincidence, and abhi the biggest Mehra Dog cant see what is happening around, claims to love his by family but can’t see or rather even feel that his family is living under the fear of the two b*t*hes.. Today king was rocking hus concern for pragya was amazing and when he. Mentioned to abhi that he thought abhi to be pragyas Mumbai wala, liked to see abhi reaction and also when he said that the Mumbai wala was stupid and because of his stupidity that pragya was with king…. Want abhi tl suffer a bit more. He should know that Kiara is his daughter and suffer in hell with the feeling of guilt and hiw hw missed the beautiful moments of pragya pregnancy and karia birth and her precious 7 childhood formative years. Want abhi to know that king and pragya are not married.. Please writers change the story line show how king and pragya met and how she reached London.. Let king know abt abhi and pragya, but pragya should not go with abhi and want to stay with king, becos the root of all pragya problem is abhi and now she has to think about Kiara also, if she goes back to MM, Kiara life is also endangered. Also king should know abt aliya and tanu trying to kill pragya and teach them a lesson, and also make abhi realize what a bastard he is and if abhi really loved pragya he would have tried to get to the bottom of the all plotting that aliaya and tanu did to harm pragya and her family instead of throwing pragya out…

  10. You know what I think is may be Abhi and Pragya are each other’s soul mate and true love but they are not the perfect life partners. Being married is a commitment that requires effort from two people but we are all witness to the toxic relationship of Abhigya. Abhi has never been there for Pragya.
    I will be happy if King proposes Pragya for marriage. But even if that doesn’t happen I don’t think that Pragya should go back in Abhi’s life for Kiara’s sake. That little girl deserves better than what Abhi’s family can offer. Kiara is happy right now with King. But what would happen when she gets to know about how her mother had suffered and how her mother was thrown out of the house and how no one ever cared enough to look for her mother. Her innocent childhood would be ruined.
    BEING SOUL MATES DOESN’T MEAN THAT ABHIGYA ARE THE PERFECT LIFE PARTNERS. It doesn’t matter how much you love the other person you sometimes just have to let go.
    Now even if Abhi did what he did because of some ploy that Tanu and Alia have played but he still did do it. He never should have married Tanu. Nope…

    1. and being in a punishing mood…could we call it justice? Tanu should lose the one thing which is most valuable to her. Her face.

  11. Someone takes away writer to the mental hospital. he actually needs the clinical psychologist.

  12. Aakhir abhi ne vomit se shaadi kyun ki? Ek toh woh aise hi bardaasht nahin ho rahi thi aur ab with mangalsutra aur bardaasht nahin hogi….ab vomit ko MS ke saath kyun dikha rahe hain ( maker ko viewers ko torture karne mein khushi hoti hai )

  13. Everything about this serial disgusts me…so boring

  14. Kaash ki abhi ki property ka loss ho jaaye tab pata chalega vomit ko…werna pragya ka abhi se door jaane se kya hua ? Aur plzzzzz jhoomar ka girna haadsa hai ya saazish dikhakar time waste mat karna….jab kuchh nahin hona hai…

  15. Maybe the writer has amnesia. They have forgotten that they have used the same story lines over and over. I like reading the comments . It allows me to find out that they are showing the same old crap without having to waste my time watching the show or reading the updates. The comments are much more entertaining and insightful.

  16. rembember . this story was push into a corner. and very small curcle of peps. and there are trying to expand and hold our attention. all of us just want abia and pagya to be together. but i look back at the starting ahib is nasty very nasty person . he told pagya tuna is his love of his life. many times. so good for him. did he every tell tanu anything for carry nikkel baby and if so . what the date? that is the reason dadi , the old purab and bulbul left to get better roles. think about it.

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