Kumkum Bhagya 15th November 2018 Written Episode Update

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Abhi tells Pragya they must have met for some reason surely. He tells Pragya that he also stands where she left him. He requests her to trust him and hold his hands. Both look towards each other hopefully recalling their past moments. Pragya thinks about King and Kiara, then was concerned that Tannu and Aaliya still hate her and she can’t let Abhi and Kiara in problem again. She denies holding Abhi’s hand.
Kiara was passing across the corridor and felt afraid. The curtains around her were getting fire. Disha comes there. Kiara says she wanted crackers from Disha and Tannu told her she was in kitchen. Tannu was now suspicious. They come towards the kitchen but finds the door locked. They leave the corridor.
Pragya tells Abhi that her life has changed drastically, there is no place

for him. She doesn’t feel for him anymore. Abhi turns her towards himself and confirms if she really doesn’t feel for him. Pragya stammers while repeating she doesn’t love him anymore. She was furious over his wife Tannu, and poured that fury over him. Abhi says he knew only Tannu could say so. Abhi doesn’t let Pragya leave as her eyes and words say different things at a time. Abhi holds Pragya’s hand, dragging her closer and asks if she still doesn’t feel for him? She denies. He holds himself further close to her face and asks if she doesn’t feel for him, why her heart beat is racing and eyes are closed? He can feel that she still feels for him. Pragya backs up and says its all useless. Abhi was about to tell Pragya about his marriage with Tannu, buy they sense smoke around.
Aaliya hurries to Tannu and thinks Aaliya found the fire. Tannu tells Aaliya she planned the fire. Aaliya was angry over Tannu. Tannu was about to tell the details when they find Disha and Kiara pass by. Aaliya was afraid what if the fire spreads across the house. Mitali notices smoke filling the room. Poorab came in a panic and rushes everyone out of the house. There was chaos everyone around the house due to smoke. Kiara comes running to King who stood worried. Poorab and Disha look for Pragya and Abhi. Disha asks King to take King away. King sends Kiara home with the driver, promising to bring Pragya home.
Abhi and Pragya were in the kitchen. Abhi tries to put the fire off and make way for them, Pragya was protective for Abhi. Poorab calls Abhi concerned for him. Abhi asks about the kids, Poorab replies that he sent Kiara home and Sunny is also not home. The call was disconnected.
Aaliya and Tannu were tensed as the look for Abhi. Aaliya slaps Tannu got get her in her senses. King had called the fire brigade. Disha goes to bring the bucket.
Pragya and Abhi indulged in argument while in the kitchen. They get severe cough due to increasing smoke as both shouted at each other. Soon, Abhi fell into Pragya’s lap as his condition worsens. Pragya tries to wake him up out of concern, she promises to tell him everything and never call herself the second woman in his life anymore. She feels afraid of losing him. Abhi weakly opens his eyes. Pragya cries and asks him to wake up, no one can part them. She still loves him dearly, she never moved on in life. She had promised to stay besides him in life, how she could move on.

PRECAP: Aaliya was concerned for Abhi as they bring him out. The doctor says he isn’t fine.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Wow. That was the exact same line/response that aliyah used the last time that the fish lit a fire. Mind you that’s aliyahs standard answer to many of the fish’s murder plans. Just like needing to own Abhi, the fish simply can’t let it go with the murder attempts. Poor girl, so one dimensional, so limited. I guess it is a good role match for the actress involved. Why couldn’t they have let her go to the kitchen? Her dress would have caught on fire! And the writers? Looks like Miss Ekta fired them and she is pulling out old scripts. I can’t imagine any writer of any genre choosing to copy his old work. That would show a total lack of integrity. You would hope he wouldn’t show his face in public. What kind of a writer could be that profanely bad. Mind you these people copy the work of others. Oh my! What I am saying? A lack of Integrity? In this production?
    As usual Pragya is pleading and doing all the work, while Abhi gets to just lie there. I sure hope that Pragya is getting paid more than him. She’s the one who is keeping this show on the screen. There is a lot less magic with these two. Pragya is looking tired of doing her job, more and more often. Like she would rather be doing something more interesting. Can’t blame her.

  2. and then Pragya will be blamed for the fire and Abhi’s condition. He will have amnesia because of the fire and then they will tell Abhi that Pragya tried to kill him and he will kick her out of the house again….just saying….lol

    1. LOL How soon do you think that they will find each others hands again? One of the Dasi’s could put them together. Will King ask for a police investigation? Will Tuna fish get kicked out because she lit the fire and now that they are out of the house, you can smell the kerosene on her dress. Maybe the Mehra’s will end up homeless? I sure hope so. The Mehra’s excepting the elderly are all criminals. Every one of them has murder and theft in their history. Abhi too. he wanted Pragya dead and tortured her for how many years?

  3. I think the Tanu will blame it on Kiara and the little girl will be sent to prison. That wouldn’t be far fetched because this serial getting to the point of being completely absurd. Is there ever an investigation when fire breaks out again and again in this home? They never suspect arson when there are so many fires ?? I don’t remember any time that one of the many fires was considered suspicious but of course, I have not been watching the show for a few years so I could be wrong. What about the security cameras? Isn’t the house equipped with security cameras inside or is that again, my mistake?

    1. Blame it on Kiara? Good one! The house was equipped with security cameras. But like everything else that is inconvenient on this show, it just disappears! Sort of like Bubli. sort of like the resolution of how many plots? Pouf!! It’s gone!! Magic! Well no. just ridiculous, irrational. Remember that hit song a few years back? Gangnum Style? By Psy? This is ‘Ekta Style’. “you get my meaning, nah?”, as Pragya would say in the very slightly mocking tone.

    2. Also all the other fires were in the Mumbai house. They did do an inspection there, when Pragya was being called Nikita. Now we are in the Delhi house. Are the police and fire dept just as inept as they are in Mumbai? I wonder if Tuna fish commits murder each time she’s PMSing. Or maybe the writers suffer from PMS? Tuna murders on a spectacularly regular basis.

  4. Which movie song at the end of episode ?? Can someone tell me please … thanks

    1. Hey Juni, I’m not sure if this might help. I ran across these clues elsewhere. shreya ghoshal
      Broken but Beautiful to be released on the 16th possibly. I have no idea if this is the song. Hope it is!

      1. Thanks … hope so

  5. Can anyone please tell me the name of somg played at the end of Episode?? Thanks

  6. Lol… This is the rule of mehra parties. In 9 functions out of 10, someone will land in hospital. Dont know why these people even throw parties. I know whats aliya is going to say in tomorrows episode. She will find out pragya alone and say ‘bhais condition is because of you only. Every time u come near he falls in danger. Why dont u go away shameless woman.’ i wonder if these actors even read the script anymore. 5 years of saying the same dialogues every day

  7. The old case of attempting murder of pragya n then the death of th waiter… What happened ti that chapter n investigation?

    1. So far, it’s just been disappeared. Like so many other plot lines. Too inconvenient. The producer gets bored with the messes she creates and just walks away when she gets bored or the threat of actually having to think/work. She doesn’t have to do any real quality work. She has everyone already ‘hooked’. Why bother with professional quality work? I don’t think that the producer is lazy but rather incapable. She hires very good quality staff and crew and then chains them into working within the limits of her own ability. It is truly sad when you have this much talent and do not allow that talent to be utilized. The producer likely doesn’t want anyone to realize that she is not as gifted. Or gifted at all. Nepotism has it’s limits. Daddy provided the money and opportunity but the girl is not talented herself creatively. As Kalika has pointed out in the past that if it wasn’t for Daddy’s money she would never have been working in this industry.

  8. It’s so ridiculous repeatedly fire abhi and pragya why this creators come new idea and put in jail this witch called tanu for life seriously how many injustices do abhi and pragya go through until they can get together!!

    1. Never, hopefully Kazimiera! …for Miss Ekta’s sake. She’s a manipulator. she promises something. that’s the bait. then she plays you for as long as she can , makes her money but willnever give you what was promised. If she does finally try to fulfill her promise it will be a very shabby result. Nothing like promised. It will be a garbage result but she doesn’t care because she has #1 filled her back account and #2 she and her friends have figured out the next scam they are going to run. (kundali bhagya??) Miss Kapoor uses other people to fulfill her needs but always insures that she doesn’t have to do her end of the deal. Typical manipulative con artist. I would bet money that she handles her friendships in the very same way….and I do not gamble. p.s. I wish I could hear your name pronounced correctly. It reads like it must be a beautiful name.

  9. Urgh. Again a ‘fire in the kitchen’ scene. How many times should we watch it? Don’t the actors themselves get tired of repeating the same thing again nd again? And there is no change except for the clothes. I get so tired jus to think of it… Then how the hell do the writers script it? Must award them for their dedicated work of just copy pasting. Good luck with more copying, people.

  10. Change the show ZEETV, The Kumkum Bhagya story is going on for too long with nothing new and exciting to watch in this show. Getting a bit boring. Give us some nice comedy.

  11. Hi friends,as I am not regular to this show since one year few days back I started to know updates through here. I can say better solution for all this mess what ekta would suggest us. She would say better not to watch her shows. These people won’t depends upon fans. For trp, there would be a machine or you can say something like pen drive connected to TVs sets through which they calculate trp. As we know our TV sets not have such connections. Here we have to think how do they calculate then. On which sets do they might connected? All these questions arises now. That machine keeps a track of the shows at the particular time which been watched by the viewers the most. Then according to trp sponsors pay money for the channels,which depends on the most viewed shows. Different channels get different amount by sponsors. That amount would be shared by both the channels and the producers . So here no one bother about fan’s feelings. Until they get bored by themselves or something happens in between sets then only they pull it off.
    One best message from Ekta’s serials to the society is to learn how to plan and plot to kill someone whom we don’t like and how easily can be escaped from the police. Hats off to those who are watching this till now.
    Sorry if I hurted anyone.

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