Kumkum Bhagya 13th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Rhea’s ploy to get Ranbir during honeymoon trip

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The Episode starts with Rhea telling Aaliya that Pallavi aunty wants me and Sidharth to go for honeymoon, when they are on the verge of getting divorce. Aaliya asks if Pallavi knows about the divorce. Rhea says no. Sid was about to say, when some guest came. Aaliya asks her to do damage control and says Sid is the bridge between Ranbir and you. She asks her to apologize to Sid, and asks her to say whatever she said was in anger. Rhea says I can’t do that. Aaliya says if you want to get close to Ranbir then you have to go for honeymoon with Sid. Rhea says how I will get closer to Ranbir then? Aaliya asks her to create such a situation that Ranbir comes to her room. She says I love you so much and used to love Purab like you loved Ranbir. She says I have created such a situation, and Disha saw us in bathroom and left from his life. She says you have to do something, and Prachi shall see Ranbir and you both together, shall get doubtful and leave from his life. She says you have to set your destiny and ruin Prachi’s destiny. She says Pallavi gave you a good opportunity and tells that she has to go. Rhea thanks her and says bye.

Dida asks Prachi to pack her bags. Prachi says I am not going anywhere, and wants Sid and Rhea to spend sometime alone. Rhea thinks even if I don’t want to take her along with us, thinks how to convince her. She calls Shaina and asks her to come to her. She tells Shaina that Mummy wanted us to go for honeymoon, and says if Prachi don’t come for honeymoon, then Ranbir will not come. Shaina says Pallavi aunty will not ask her to go. Rhea says she doesn’t like Prachi, but I want Prachi to refuse Mummy, and her ego will be hurt and then she will force her. Shaina says your Dadi saas will do this work. Shaina says Dida has doubtful on me already. She says she can say this on one condition and whispers something in her ear. They go to Dida’s room. Shaina asks Rhea to forget the past and move on in life. Rhea says how to forget past. Shaina says they are very happy together. Rhea says they stay as friends and there is nothing like husband and wife between them. Dida hears them. Rhea says I strongly feel that this is happening, as they don’t have honeymoon, and if they have honeymoon then they might get close and I might forget about my past with Ranbir. She says if someone hears me then? She asks her to come. Dida calls Prachi and asks why you don’t want to go for honeymoon. Prachi says Sid and Rhea will get disturbed. Dida asks her to come with her. She takes her to Pallavi and says I heard that you will send Prachi and Ranbir for honeymoon. Pallavi says yes. Dida says Prachi feels that Rhea and Sid will get disturbed. Pallavi asks why she is thinking like this and tells that rooms are far so there is no question of disturbed. She asks Prachi to pack her bags and pack warm clothes. Prachi smiles and goes. Rhea and Shaina hear them and tell that the work is done. Prachi comes to the room and tells Ranbir that they are going for honeymoon. Ranbir says you said that let him go. Prachi says Mummy wanted us to go, as she has done booking and rooms are far. She says I am very happy, that she asked us to go, and ordered me like a mother. He asks if I have any importance in your life. Prachi asks him to come to Manali and see. He says I am very happy. Dida thinks they need honeymoon, very happy here. She thinks can’t believe that something good is happening due to Rhea.

Rhea calls Aaliya and says if Prachi comes with Ranbir then she will not leave him. Aaliya says I made my plan, and thought what we will do if Prachi refuses. She says she made a company called Ranbir’s company so that he comes there for work. She asks her to take medicines from chemist, using which Prachi will get vomiting for 6 hours and she can’t go. She says only Ranbir will go for business purpose. She asks her to go with Sid and return with Ranbir. Rhea asks Shaina to get medicine for her. Shaina goes. Rhea comes to Sid and says I told hurtful things to you, and tells that there are fights in any relations, and tells that we have communication problem rather than compatibility. She says I feel that we shall go for this trip and we might understand each other. She says we can try and it can be successful if you help me in my attempt. Sid says I think this relation needs a second chance and shake hands with her. he says I am glad that you thought this. Rhea thanks him and goes. She thinks it is easy to handle him and Buji’s medicine will handle Prachi. She comes to the kitchen and asks Prachi what is she doing? Prachi says she is making tea for Dad. Shaina distracts Prachi. Rhea says shall I help you. Prachi says tea is made. Shaina says let me see Rhea working. Rhea says you are saying as if I don’t do work. Shaina asks her to pour tea in cup. She says if you know when the tea gets ready. Prachi asks Rhea to serve tea in the cups and bring outside. She says I will take breakfast outside. Rhea takes the tray and serves tea in the cups. She then adds medicine in the tea cup and mixes it with spoon. She says tea is yours, but trick is mine. She says you can’t go for honeymoon and Ranbir and I will go for our unofficial honeymoon. Shaina asks her to call and inform her whatever happened. She takes the tray.

Vikram tells Pallavi that she did right to send them for honeymoon. She is also happy and tells that how office work will be handled. Vikram tells that they will go out in evening. Pallavi asks honeymoon. Vikram says it is not a bad idea. Dida comes there. Pallavi asks what is he saying? Vikram indirectly asks her, if there is age of romance. Dida says no. Sid and Ranbir come there. Ranbir says we will take company to new heights. Vikram tells that they have got investor in Manali for their business. Prachi comes there and sits, keeping the snacks tray. Rhea and Shaina come there. Shaina asks Rhea to give tea to others while she will go and give tea to Dadi.

Precap: Rhea gives tea to Prachi and thinks you are a gone case, I will get rid of you tomorrow. Aaliya tells Abhi that she didn’t leak the quotation. Abhi says I didn’t say, you have only taken your name. He says I don’t want anyone from my family to work with Gaurav, neither Tanu nor you. He says either you will stay in this house or in Gaurav’s company. Pragya hears them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. A bts just came out showing ranbir and rhea and rhea handling ranbir and him falling over and rhea handling him and looks like she’s trying 2 take him away 2 😰will this rly end the Purab Disha way will Prachi react like Disha and doubt ranbir god I hope rheas plan fails if not then I’m not gonna bother watching it it’ll either be molestation or gods knows wat else I just hope Some1 any1 doubts rhea 4 gods sake god plz save ranbir Some1 😵‍💫😨😥🙏

    1. Rani gavadu patil

      Yaa u are correct but l think there will be some twists as makers no they can’t keep the same track for every couple otherwise the trp will be decreased 😁😁😁😌😌

    2. I think Rheas plan will be unsuccessful. Alias plan to get Purab was successful but they wouldn’t repeat the same so I think Rhea will fail

  2. Alia is next level of disgusting. Why don’t she worry about her own problems for once? Her husband has left her (he might’ve gone back to Disha) and her son left her too. One of Alias biggest aim was to keep Purab all too herself and never let him leave her and now that he has she doesn’t even care. And now she’s worried about other peoples relationships which aren’t any of her concern. Honestly speaking Tanu doesn’t annoy me anymore at least she focuses on her own issues and doesn’t try to hide but this Buji and her precious chuzi are so unbearable. People sympathise with Rhea just because her mom wasn’t in her life for 20years and she was brought up by her evil aunt which is why she is like this. But I don’t think so.. she had choices to make she obviously chose the wrong ones

    1. Oh , plz rhea was 2 years alone , if she really wanted to be good that much time was enough 😤😤, people nahi abhigya fan sympathise with her , just to put down pranbir & prachi , because they are insecure of pranbir 🤣🤣

    2. U just spoke my mind I swear
      But also to add that prachi and pallavi are included in the list of people that annoy me so much
      Rhea is just an evil child,there is no excuse for all she has done

    3. She did not had any choice, abhi was busy as rock star then business man, so there was only Aliya with her and who made Rhea’s every wish possible and Abhi also that is the reason rhea is like this, In fact Rhea is pragya’s own daughter she didn’t got any of her manners only because of Aliya, She tried to change in 2 years, but when her bhagya again faced ranbir again that Aliya’s and Tanu evil mind came to her she started destroying prachi, “Every child learns that only which had taught to him in childhood ” Of rhea was with pragya and prachi was with abhi prachi would be same as rhea and Rhea would be as Prachi

    4. Esie

      Facts, I don’t think people can truly understand this until they are in a situation like this. You just can’t know until you’ve been there or know someone who has. I don’t want to say only when you have your own kids can you know because that’s not necessary exclusive

  3. Oh yeah I think it’s so cool. Not only that the 2nd generation copies scenes and ideas from the 1st generation, now the 2nd generation is also copying ideas from the sister show KDB. 👍👏
    Also, I don’t understand why people keep talking about Aaliya,she belongs to the 1st generation, some people say 1st and 2nd generation are separated,then you should also keep them separated.

  4. This show has become a total joke!! Im not sorry to say this but its a waste of good actors!! Also the actors of this show should have self respect all of them including abhigya and pranbir as well as the villains. The extent of evil shown is not imaginable to any human being, its vulgar, distasteful, disgusting and disrespectful to every one of them!! In no tym they will be the laughing stock of this industry!!

  5. Is anyone watching this crap? I just read updates sometimes and it is the same story repeating again. Rhea , Prachi and Ranveer same story as Alia, Pragya and Abhi. Same story. People get away with lots of bad deeds, no accountability for any wrong doings. Try to break up marriages.

  6. So Rhea’s plan in the precap will obviously fail because Prachi does end up going to the honeymoon and she looks more than well😂🙌🏼 But her plan on their honeymoon – I do think getting Ranbir to her bedroom and having Prachi see them in a ‘intimate’ state will fail but she didn’t fail in getting Ranbir drunk so something else might happen instead. We can’t even have Pranbir enjoy one honeymoon in peace. It’s been two years since their marriage this is their first honeymoon. The bts looks so special and romantic but Rhea’s face will be shown the whole time 🥴

  7. Rhea decided to add something to Prachi’s tea, what will Prachi be vomit. But in this case, everyone may think that Prachi is pregnant. But if someone else gets the cup with the medicine, then Prachi will be accused again, because she was making tea. But Rhea doesn’t think that she can kill someone with this, if she overdoes the dosag, or an allirgic reaction will happen. What will then blame all the blame on Prachi. And this honeymoon, it’s even hard to imagine what will happen.

  8. Oh no 😲 I guess our biggest fear may come to pass, just saw a video on YouTube with Rhea and Ranbir together and Alia comes accusing them at the Kohli mansion 😢

    1. What is fear about it? Because that puts Ranbir in a bad light, just like Rhea. Prachi will stand by her husband like Pragya, if that is not, so then she would not be Pragya’s daughter.
      Aaliya’s action doesn’t make any sense to me, I thought the plan was to separate Prachi and Ranbir, instead she makes him look like a cheating husband in front of the whole family.🤨🙄🤔🤦‍♂️

    2. @Şimal
      If you watch today’s episode then you will know that their plan was indeed to repeat history between Purab and Disha : Make Ranbir a cheating husband in Prachi’s eyes and she will leave Ranbir like Disha did Purab.

      They are not interested in putting Prachi in bad light this time , their GOAL is separate PRANBIR anyhow , be it by putting Ranbir in bad light

  9. The presap is misleading. I think Ranbir was with Prachi, not Rhea. And Rhea was with Sid, it’s just that they showed us this for intrigue. And also everyone should ask Aliya how she knows all this. I wonder how they put the honeymoon in one episode and didn’t stretch it all out. In any case, I hope that they will turn on their brains and no longer fall for Rhea’s tricks. And Prachi will choose Ranbir’s side, not Rhea’s. It’s just stupid to make it all true, it will be the last nail in the coffin. And the actors will be looking for a new job if it really happened.

    1. TBH I want Rhea’s plan to succeed.

      Only when Rhea and Ranbir will get found together , will there be waves and SOMETHING will happen.
      If this honeymoon happens without any problems then again , there will not be any reason to suspect Rhea , who will continue her dirty work from the shadows.

      If Rhea is to get exposed then she needs to get in the limelight and for that her plan must succeed at least partially , just to bring her under everyone’s stares

  10. Did any1 c that precap was it true cuz if it wasn’t then I’m mad scared and my worst fear has come true 😨😥😓god I’m rly rly scared now

    1. 🤦‍♂️ god it’s just a series no reason to overreact or to have a panic attack.

    2. Lol Simal
      I was abt 2 say the same thing like guys u know it’s a Serial right…

    3. @ Şimal and Meme
      yes it’s a serial but fans are attached emotionally and psychologically.
      Haven’t you read a fiction book that made you cry ?? If yes then why did you cry reading it , you knew it’s just a fiction right , none of the characters featured in the book were real ??

  11. It might be rehea dream as usual or Dadi dream but for sure something is wrong with the precap because there honey moon can not be a single episode that is tomorrow then they will come back the following day that will be Friday,and if really it is true am very sure Prachi will protect Ranbir just as Dadi as ask her to fight for her husband

  12. I hope Pallavi won’t defend Rhea anymore, even if Rhea says there was nothing between them. How are writers going to get out of this situation at all. In any case, the relationship between Pranbir will suffer. There were a lot of people there when Ranbir and Rhea danced and saw it all, and if Alia and Rhea provide some kind of left witness who confirms that Ranbir and Rhea were in the same room, and if it is also captured on camera, then no one will get off with a simple word “I trust him”. The most logical thing would be to call Abhi and Pragya and arrange a family council. Let them see who their beloved princess has turned into.

    1. I’m not getting a good feeling at all ranbir’s face may not be shown but this show has the tendency 2 make negativity real so I wouldn’t be shocked if something did happen between ranbir and rhea I’m so done with this disgusting show they wanna highlight devar bhabhi romance go ahead looks like we’re gonna c ranbir rhea wedding next and pranbir separation congrats makers 4 being disgusting

  13. Again episode filled with kachra🤦‍♀️, No abhigya no trp And if you off air the series than that will not be the justice for Abhi and Pragya because of some character their 7 years Hard work will be spoiled Ekta Kapoor!!!

  14. Precap of 15th : https://www.zee5.com/tvshows/details/kumkum-bhagya/0-6-127/kumkum-bhagya/0-1-6z522166

    Apparently Rhea WAS successful in getting Ranbir in her bedroom , and Alia revealed it in front of everyone that Rhea and Ranbir were together in same room. Pallavi is shown angry at Rhea. Prachi’s reaction yet not known , but Sid I think is done with Rhea for good

  15. TBH it happened very fast………… I mean , in tomorrow’s episode i.e. 14th , they will leave for Manali and in 15th episode they are shown to be back to Delhi already…………. that’s like things happening with the speed of light , for KKB. What about that drunk dance of Ranbir , that was shown in BTS ?? Did they decide to skip it , or will it be shown as flashback

    And Prachi literally ASKED Pallavi , why she is angry at Rhea , and then ALIA revealed that Ranbir and Rhea were in the same bedroom , and Prachi was , like , totally clueless ??

  16. Maybe this presap will be stretched again until next week, I also wonder why everything turned out so quickly. I just want it to end quickly.

    1. Yeah…….
      I don’t mind PRANBIR having a villain in their lives but Rhea has overstayed in their lives as a villain…….. expose her quickly and bring some new face to play negative

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