Kumkum Bhagya 12th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Rhea’s evilness crosses all limits as she humiliates Prachi

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The Episode starts with Rhea telling Pallavi that Ranbir got very angry and broke all his relations with Prachi. She says now I will break my relations with Sid and can’t stay with that betrayal person. Prachi comes there. Rhea asks how dare you to come here, after breaking my home. Prachi says listen to me, don’t say this. Rhea says you have ruined my home, before it sets up. Prachi says you are my sister, believe me, nobody has betrayed anyone. Rhea says you are not my behen, but sautan and tried to snatch my husband. She says call yourself anything, but don’t call yourself as sister. She says you couldn’t become good wife, bahu and sister etc. Prachi says don’t say this, I want to do everything with you, but can’t betray you, you are my own sister. Rhea says you are lying and you gets happy when I cry. She says when you saw Dad that he loves me more, then you tried to snatch him from me and then snatched Ranbir from me and now Siddharth when I tried to move on. She asks until when you will snatch with me and asks her to kill her and stop everything. Prachi says I can’t think of this. Rhea says you will do this, and calls her Dayan, says Dayan is better than you, and says she leaves atleast 7 houses, but you….She says you used to say that I am your sister and that you see your mayka in me and you have so much hatred for me. She asks if your mother taught you this, both are same, mother has ruined my dad’s house and daughter has ruined my home. Prachi gets angry and slaps Rhea. Pallavi asks how dare you to slap my bahu. Prachi says she is my mother too, and asks how can you say this? She says we are of the same tree, then how can reflection be different.

Pragya says I will not hear anything against my mother, and says she is in coma. She says you are angry now and asks her to think again. She tells Pallavi that she is careless, but not greedy and tells that Ranbir and Rhea has a misunderstanding. Pallavi asks her to get her stuff and leave from there. She pushes her.

Ranbir recalls their words and misunderstands. He doubts Sid and Prachi. He thinks he was telling Rhea that they were just friends and says I loved you, and you. He says you betrayed me. He asks how will I live without you, I can’t live. Dida comes there and asks whom you are throwing out. Pallavi tells her that Prachi couldn’t become the good wife and betrayed Ranbir. She says she married Ranbir on Rhea and his marriage, and betrayed him today and have relation with someone. She says Prachi and Sid were together in a hotel room. Dida is shocked. Pallavi says she will do what she has learnt from her mother. Prachi says enough and says you can blame me, but not my mother. Rhea shouts at Prachi and asks her to leave, else she will kick her out from here. She says you will not agree like this and is about to push her. Dida says stop Rhea, don’t touch her and says Prachi can’t think of this. Rhea says ranbir saw with his eyes and says they were on the bed sleeping together and asks whom you will believe, Prachi or Ranbir. Dida says Prachi can’t do this. Prachi says everyone has a misunderstanding and says sid and I. Rhea asks her to tell if they were in the room and gives promise of her mother. Prachi says yes. Dida is shocked. Pallavi says leave from here, we don’t want to talk. She says now mummy ji has seen your real face and pushes her. Prachi goes to her room. Rhea cries to gain sympathy.

Rhea hugs Pallavi and cries. She thinks finally everything happened as I wanted. If Sid was here, I would have end his chapter too. Vikram comes there and asks what happened? He asks if anything happened? Pallavi says she wants Pandit to do kriya karam. Sid watches the CCTV and sees Aaliya in it. He asks them to show her face. Aaliya keeps watch on him. Prachi comes to her room and cries recalling their moments. She recalls his words. She says he only…..Prachi cries. She packs her bags. Ranbir comes home and walks shattered. Song plays….Pallavi sympathizes with him and says I know what that girl has done with you, I can understand what you are going through, she was never right for you, I tried to made you understand, but you was blinded. She says she betrayed you big and didn’t care even for your love. She says it is good that you broke off with her. He says she is sitting shamelessly in room and asks him to tell that he shall leave from home. Dida calls him, but he goes.

Prachi sees Ranbir coming to room. She is about to go. He holds her hand and asks her not to go. Prachi cries and hugs him. It turns out to be her imagination.

Precap: Prachi tells Ranbir that if it was dream or this is dream. Ranbir says I got betrayal from you in real life. Pallavi does Sid’s shradh and tells him. Rhea tries to get closer to Ranbir.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. and the award 4 the worst husband goes 2 Ranbir I hate him so much the makers have amazingly ruined his character I officially hate him so much and no matter wat Prachi shouldn’t forgive him so easily he should be taught a lesson and wow no we’re getting Rhea and Ranbir romance great thank u so much 4 the love just shows how much u guys love negativity and have such loose morals the makers made every1 hate Ranbir after this track pathetic

    1. Hate Ranbir to the core

    2. If rhea and Ranbir got married then most people quit from watching the show I think most people stop watching it

  2. Lovely now we’re getting Ranbir and Rhea romance thx a lot 4 making us hate ranbir even more this situation and this track just made the whole fandom hate ranbir 2 a whole new level did he get married 2 Rhea or wat if he did he totally deserves it especially after how he treated Prachi live ur life with Rhea Ranbir

  3. Candiva007

    I will start reading the write ups and not watch the show for a bit now because I get so angry at the writers for being so dumb. Just like the other shows where the evil people get away with their plans and the people you love have to suffer and they are happy just before the show is over. You never get to see them happy for a few months, as soon as one story ends and they are happy another story happens right away never giving you time to breathe.

    1. That what i do i read write ups. Not worth watching. There are other series to watch and even hollywood movies or series. Good stuff on netflix.
      They love doing leaps with the same story line nothìng new at all.
      Our mental health is important during this pandamic times.
      I even stop see write ups

  4. Prachi, it is necessary not just to divorce Ranbir, but to annul the marriage. Are they really going to take the leap without revealing the whole truth? Okay, no one was going to listen to Prachi, but they can’t ignore Sid. Or will Sid keep silent and just leave? The creators managed to surpass themselves.

    1. That’s what they always do. In that way, the viewers continue watching HOPING that finally some answers will appear. But they don’t. This is a tactic that is used by all abusers. It relies on the viewer…or the victim’s belief and HOPE for goodness, for justice, for humanity. That’s why the show has a few good characters. The good characters attract you….the victim… But victims aren’t supposed to get what they have been promised. That’s why they make good victims. Like Prachi. Like Pragya. To keep your interest up. Funny. Ekta embroils her viewers through basic victimizing practices and gets to sit back and laugh (with her money and pet girls) while the victims thrash about, “what went wrong, why are the writers so bad?!” when it is the victims/viewers themselves that provide income and entertainment for Ekta and her friends. The script is purposeful. It is effective and successful. You need to look at the big picture… at the same time that you are ‘enjoying’ the impossible story. Real entertainment doesn’t use you for your money and attention, by making you appear foolish. Real entertainment is meant to uplift, educate and ‘entertain’ the viewer… get your feelings moving and have a conclusion an ending of some type. That doesn’t happen in a victim/victimizer relationship. The victimizer or tyrant (Ekta and friend’s greed). The successful tyrant doesn’t want to lose their victim… they keep handing out tiny bits of sugar (abhygiya, pranbir, purab/Disha/Bulbul) to keep leading you. Tyrants “get off” (if you know what I mean) on the suffering of their victims. Aliyah is a good depiction of Ekta herself. Not very good at things, so hires people to some of her dirty work and only like to be seen when all her ugly parts are covered up or cut out by a plastic surgeon or chemicals. Being a malicious, criminal control freak…that is!

  5. My guess is Rhea’s truth will come out just before Pooja leaves the show, that way they can evict Rhea through flow of the story

    1. Apparently, she will never leave this show, but if Pooja leaves, she can simply be replaced by someone else. And in this case, she will never be exposed. They could then expose Aliya, since they don’t want to expose Rhea.

    2. @YY
      But as per Pooja’s own confession they do not want to replace her, instead they are ready to give her maternity leave so most likely we will not have third Rhea, so in that case, no Pooja means no Rhea

  6. After this whole incident i hate ranbir to the core, and now the punishment for him will be marrying rhea he deserves to be in that hell after wat he has done to prachi, once prachi leaves the house then the evil pallavi will know her worth but prachi shouldn’t forgive them that easily. I have always thought ranbir’s love for prachi is more compared to other couples but how he stoop so low that too listening to rhea ,although he knows wat kind of cheap person she is

    1. lol. reminds me of the misery that Purab became after being trapped by the Queen of Lies and Malice , the woman who’s face was rearranged very studiously to make her presentable… the friend of all that is evil…. Aliyah. Rhea won’t be able to follow in her footsteps. aliyah is not very smart. She always had someone else’s money to make her dreams come true. But rhea is STUPID and needs instruction on how to be evil. Hopefully a plane will fall down on aliyah and then Rhea will be finished because she is too stupid to do evil. She is childish enough to think that evil works. And of course it is, when you never have to be responsible for your actions!!! Evil wins because the scriptwriters (Ekta) will never allow any charcter to ever be responsible for their words and actions. They have money! Thus they have a right to be evil and to get away with it!!

    2. This story doesn’t has meaning they are ruining Ranbir character so that they can create leap track

  7. Any1 know if Ranbir and Prachi got divorced and Ranbir married Rhea and Prachi also got married 2 some1 else?

  8. It’s time to call it a day with this drama. Screening go too long. Time to start a new show. This series is getting bored

  9. Putting abhigya in coma will not get you any trp just stop this repeating story you don’t have anything new just showing same story that already happened with abhi pragya 🤦‍♀️copy pasting won’t lead to anything stop this soon bring abhigya back this side characters can’t get you anything, if you wanna show them then make another serial for them their fans will also be happy , don’t ruin happiness of abhigya fans

    1. Esie

      Abhigya fans need therapy, y’all are not okay 😭💀💀

    2. Esie, unfortunately the same can be said about the fans of the next generation.

  10. Prachi is still a fool after everything that happened to her expecting Ranbir to stop her from going despite her insults.

    1. What are you even saying?
      Are u sure u are following the story?
      How did she insult him please??

    2. @Princess
      I think you misinterprited Noor’s words.
      By ” her insults ” , it didn’t mean ” Prachi insulted ” , it means ” Prachi’s insults ” , as in Prachi getting insulted by Ranbir

  11. This show has reached to the nastiest level. Shame on the writers, actors for promoting this evil. I am done with this serial.

  12. Even Krishna Kaul the actor who plays Ranbir was crying and was heartbroken with wat the makers did with his character he posted it on twitter hope they will redeem him

    1. You mean he posted on Instagram. And yeah he’s clearly not happy – he knew how much his character was praised especially as a husband. He was literally given the title ‘best itv husband’ from many fans and now 🙃. Also he’s upset about the breakup too. I know the actors loved playing happily married Pranbir they were so used to giving happy scenes but it’s taken another turn for them. But no doubt they aced it as a husband and wife. They will continue to do so even when seperated🔥

    2. Will Ranbir be able to regain the trust of the audience? If he will also mistreat Prachi after the leap. The creators knew that all this could lead to this and they did it anyway. We don’t know what else they’ve come up with.

    3. Hey YY
      did u hear anything abt the makers on planning 2 use Rhea’s pregnancy and framing Ranbir as the father of her child?

    4. Thats good how the actor realises how this script is going.
      If i was in it i would quit acting in that show.
      That is why naina singh who played rhea didnt like the character she was playing.

    5. To Dreamz… I recall, Sriti Jha and the actor for Abhi being asked the same questions. Some of fandom wondered why Srti Jha didn’t quit such a foul production. But Naina singh? Many complaints of her from fandom. She was horrible and unsuited to the role. I would suspect that now, she uses that as a convenient excuse for her leaving the show so that she doesn not have to honestly address her performance/ability or the fact that enough of the fandom could not stand her acting style. As in “hello, pornography, for personal aggrandizment”

  13. Reah is the evil twin!! How can one hate their own sister this much??? How can an aunt hate her own niece??? Ohhh I 4got this is Ekta’s world where there’s only evilness rule!

  14. I hate this serial now…the only beautiful romancing couple, which was real love turn out to be a disaster. Now what! W’ll watch evil n fake love…a serial full of hatred and revenge as if in our real life there’-s not enough shit with covid n etc.


    1. Joke of the century .Rhea trying to get closer to Ranbir after seeing ur wife or husband in bed with someone else.
      Ektaa and her team has lost tge lil piece of brain cells they had left.
      Well back to my Hallmark movies.
      Done with these Indian Serials.

  16. They’re gonna make use of Pooja’s pregnancy as they showed her with Sid , it seems like she’s going to frame Ranbir as her child’s father 😑🙄 , booooooring

    1. wait wat? how do u know?

  17. Is Pooja gonna go on a maternity leave anytime soon also wats this news abt Pooja’s pregnancy gonna be used in the show and going 2 frame Ranbir as the father of her child

    1. Neethumol Mathews

      Where did u hear this ?

    2. Some1 above said it that’s y I was asking as well is it true?

  18. OMG evil wins again Prachi please never come back to Ranbir and his evil mother Pallavi like mother like son very bad people and your sister she is mental case and character less person again same drama in Ekta Kapoor shoows

  19. It is clear that Riya will do a trick to force him to marry her.

    1. I don’t care abt Ranbir anymore he lost all respect in my eyes if he does then good 4 him he deserves 2 live his life with that psycho especially after believing her and trusting her over the wife he supposedly loves

    2. Neethumol Mathews

      Pooja will be leaving in Dec so tolerate her drama till then

  20. Paulette Richards

    I have never seen so much evils and lies and only the good suffer.there is no good but wicked people get away with bad why are we watching this nonsense? what are we teaching our little kids? writer’s you should be a shame of your self.

  21. Writers please don’t make Dida’s character into worse by believing the evils. And in Kohli’s house there’s no one deserving prachi. In this serial Pragya and prachi only deserving each other. They both should leave their respective husbands to their so called families. Pragya should handed Abhi to his loveliest evil sister Aliya and Prachi should handed Ranbir to his beloved and truthful lover Rhea to enjoy. Pragya n Prachi have Sushma ji to take care for them….. They three better leave them to the hell n go away n get successful than them.

  22. Now Abhi and Pragya will come out coma and when they are told Prachi and Ranbir’s story Abhi will remember the plan which is done by Aliya and Rhea in his room while he was come. He will go police station and he will file about Aliya and Rhea. Fingers crosed!!

    1. And what was the plan of Alia and Rhea when Abhi overheard them? Will he be able to send them to prison, especially his beloved princess? It seems to me that because of this whole situation there will be a confrontation between Pragya and Abhi.

    2. The character Abhi does not back wrong things when he discovered truth. It is obvious they will forgive Rhea after a while

    3. LOL. so true STRYwrt. The damage Abhi causes before he reluctantly finds the truth is what creates the story. When Abhi finds out the truth, what really changes? Nothing. The tuna-fish and aliya, Mithali are still around. Pragya stops getting beaten and abused for what? 2 days? then it all starts again. Abhi being led by the nose….again…. for years (this last time was two years) while evil continues to get everything it wants… And Ekta’s triumph? Taking intelligent, productive, beautiful women (Pragya/Prachi) into useless stupid victims.

    4. #Akituster, I am using all opportunities to jump to the end of the show. But the producer never received my message :))))

  23. Annusha Singh

    Feel bad for sid because he is nice guy and he deserve love and respect from the family and his wife, but he couldn’t.

    Actually Sid deserve prachi love not ranbir because sid is best friend of prachi and he knows her very well and he give him respect. He trust prachi always in any condition…

    So its better that prachi marry with sid instead of ranbir after short leap……

    I think this is better couple….

    Prachi please never forgive Ranbir for his words using for you… he lost respect, never trust again.

  24. Annusha Singh

    Actually i also think that Riya is a very bad women, a very bad person, a very bad wife and very bad daughter and sister. Riya you crossed all ur limits… please do some humanities…. how could you do this…. I hate u always for this……. Riya please do one more work, kindly go to the hell with ur bujiii

    1. LOL!!! You mean that she is a spoiled bag of meat that stinks and should be taken …to the sewer….hell… wherever, so that the living can stop being exposed to the rotten stench that is aliyah, Rhea, tuna-fish and Mithali? What about Ekta? After all, aren’t the characters of Aliyah and Rhea modeled on Ekta’s life and attitude?

  25. But, Sid is still in Kohli’s house, so something has happened there after all. Since the leap has already happened, most likely some part of the truth has come out after all. If they really want to make Ranbir the father of Rhea’s child, they can just close the series, and that’s it, no one will watch it. This immoral behavior of Rhea is really starting to annoy. The old Rhea did the right thing by leaving, because she thought that her character was going too far, and that at 20 no one could do such a thing. But this Rhea does not think that her character is negative or positive, she just portrays him and believes that this is her best role to date.

    1. How do you get to know that rehea is pregnant and will try to frame Ranbir up? Nothing of such will happen as she will be going for leave and rehea will never take that risk of trying to get pregnant with Sid baby and then frame Ranbir up because in the upcoming coming Ranbir was shown as a strong powerful bussines man who work so hard to forget about Prachi

    2. the old Rhea is using the bad plot as an excuse for leaving… after the fact. That’s less embarrassing than admitting that she was horrible for the role and much of fandom truly disliked her acting ability and her pornographic presentation. Her ‘excuse’ for leaving, only started being heard well after, she had left. it was an excuse, nothing more, to re-direct attention from the real reason…. her lack of skill and the fact that a large portion of fandom couldn’t stand her. LOL Too bad. the one thing that ekta did correctly appearance wise…. was to match original aliyah and rhea because they do look like relatives…. well, that might be because of all the plastic surgery that original aliyah had done. This show has a reputation of taking female leads who look like one person to start with and that actress looks completely different within months or a year. Both the aliyahs are good examples. Their skin even changes colour!

  26. All that matters to the Kohli family is that they get rid of Prachi.

  27. Ranbie may doubt Prachi, what did he show. But I don’t think Prachi will doubt Ranbir, even if Rhea says she is pregnant by Ranbir, most likely she will find out all the circumstances, and then she will make a decision, if of course there will be such a thing. But for some reason it seems to me, thst Gaurav and Tanu will be returning to the show soon. Gaurav, Tanu, Aliya and Rhea they will creat lawlessness whil Abhigya is in a coma.

  28. Lakshmi Bagya was really advertised with Pragya, Abhi, Preeta and Karan making appearance. I believe this was to pull audience to the show. You know what? I watched those appearances and quit. Why? Because I knew it will be another evil overcoming good. Ekta orientation. I don’t want to follow any such shows again. I want to settle the two I started following unintentionally — Kundali Bagya and Kumkum Bagya. I have stopped watching Kundali Bagya because rather than unite Preeta and Karan, Privti and Sheryln are always there to kill their joy, and they never get caught. Or Mahira and now Sonaski. I just stopped. For Kumkum Bagya, I love Prachi and Ranbir. I get pissed up with the old generation, particularly Aliya and Tanu and even Mitali whose evil deeds continue. Now Rhea is a reproduction of Aliya. So I do off and on for the show. When there is anything interesting I watch knowing that after two episodes, there will be a relapse to evil. I then stay away. No sustained happiness. Too bad!!! I pity one young commentator who said some days ago in this page that he did not do well in his exam because he was thinking of the possibility of Prachi and Ranbir splitting. So sorry guy! Creating negative feeling consistently in these shows affects some viewers who view these shows as impactful – good or bad. For KKB it is bad impact. Let there be a turnaround as you mark 2000.

  29. I really don’t think Rhea trying to play Tanu and putting Ranbir’s name on her baby , if Rhea’s pregnancy track is really going to be there , will work since Ranbir knows with 100% surety that he has never slept with Rhea , unless that scene is going to be shown in the next week wherein Rhea takes advantage of Ranbir’s shattered state , makes him drunk and sleeps with him.

    If that sequence is not shown and Rhea directly , announces that Ranbir is the father of her unborn baby then she will be proven an undisputed liar since while Pallavi didn’t believe Sid when Rhea told her about his affair with Prachi , I doubt she will do the same when Ranbir tells that he has not slept with Rhea at all. After all Ranbir IS the son of her own body , unlike Sid who was ” adopted ” so she will not disbelieve Ranbir against Rhea.

    I think even Rhea is not that stupid to make such a claim that Ranbir himself will refute. Doing so will prove her a liar in his eyes , which she desperately wants to avoid

    1. Rhea is stupid. Period. She has to call her evil Aunt to receive instructions on how to do her evil. Rhea is a 5 year old brat, badly bred by useless or non-existent parents. She is a sack of meat…an extra finger on aliyah’s body, filled with venomous evil puss. What does that make all the characters, who actually accept this bag of meat , as a functioning human? Stupid. First example, how dumb does a Pallavi have to be to fall for rhea’s lies? For years. But that is one of the biggest features of this show. The plot is workable as long as the characters are incredibly dumb. Gives you an idea of what Ekta and her team think about the viewers.

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