Kumkum Bhagya 12th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Sanju kidnaps Prachi

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The Episode starts with Ranbir pleading infront of Vikram to let him take his own life’s decision and begs infront of him to give Prachi. Beeji says what about us, you are begging infront of us for Prachi and what about our happiness. She tells that she hates her and accuses Prachi for snatching him from them. She says you have shouted at me today. Ranbir apologizes and tells that I didn’t want to talk to you like that. He asks her to punish him, but not Prachi as she understands everyone. Beeji says this is not love, but betrayal. If this was love then we wouldn’t have tears in our eyes.

Vikram accuses Ranbir for Beeji’s bad condition and asks him to get out. Pallavi tells that her decision is final and he will marry just Rhea and today he will get engaged to her. She says my decision is final. Vikram asks beeji not to take tension and tells that Ranbir will marry Rhea only. Ranbir goes shockingly.

Sanju and his friend come to meet Aaliya and Rhea. Sanju asks her to tell what happened? Aaliya provokes Sanju against Ranbir and tells that he is going against his family for Prachi. Ranbir thinks of his family’s opposition and hatred for Prachi and cries sitting on the ground. Prachi comes there and sees him crying badly. She hugs him and asks why are you crying? She says she couldn’t see him crying and asks him not to cry. She tells that she is with him and will always be with him. She wipes his tears and asks him to bring smile on his face. She says when you trouble me, then I like you. Sanju tells that he is madly in love with Prachi. Aaliya says I will agree when you take Prachi very far from here and then there will be nobody in that place except Prachi and you. Sanju laughs and says you said right. He thinks to take Prachi to Hoshiarpur to his mom and dad’s house. His friend asks if Prachi identified you as you are wanted by Police. Aaliya gives him costume and asks him to wear it. She tells Rhea that Prachi will be happy with Sanju, as he is mad about her and will take care of her. Ranbir tells Prachi that she is crying with him. Prachi says yes, you are happy…..I am happy and when you are sad, I am sad as I…..She nods her head. Song plays….SubhanAllah plays…..

She gets Sarita behen’s call and goes. Ranbir thinks he will be loser if he lets Prachi go away from his life. Abhi comes to Sarita behen and asks if she forgot her words that she searches for chance to meet him. Sarita behen recalls hearing Abhi telling Vikram that he has no control on his feelings. She thinks he is after Pragya and thinks there is no chance for him as Pragya loves her husband a lot. Abhi says Sarita ji. Sarita behen says Pragya loves her husband a lot and that’s why she will not let anyone come in her life. Abhi gets surprised and smiles and asks if she loves her husband. He asks her to tell. Sarita behen says this is truth and goes. Abhi says talk to me. He feels hungry and thinks to eat fruits. He washes apple and tries to cut it with knife, but gets his finger injured. Prachi comes there and scolds him for cutting apple keeping in hand. She says he is very careless and says she don’t like it. Abhi says you are talking like your mother. Prachi says you are saying as if you know my mother since years. Abhi says I know her since years, came to know about you just. Pragya comes there and asks Prachi to go and help Sarita behen. Prachi asks Pragya to cut the apple for Sir and goes. Pragya asks what you were doing, if you was telling her? Abhi says I was settling the scores and tells that he has seen how she hugged Rhea while trying to save her. Pragya says anyone would have done the same. Abhi says nobody can take my place in Prachi’s life. Abhi holds her hand. She asks him to show his injury. Abhi goes.

Prachi hides her ring with her dupatta. Ranbir and Sanju look at Prachi. Sanju says I will handle him later. Prachi comes to Sarita behen and tells that Pragya sent her. Sarita behen asks where is Pragya? Prachi says she is with Mr. Mehra. Sarita behen thinks to tell Pragya about Mr. Mehra. Sanju wishes happy dussera to Prachi. Prachi wishes him the same and doesn’t identify him. Pallavi comes to Ranbir. Pandit ji comes there. Pallavi tells that her son will do ravan’s dahan. Pandit ji asks him to change his clothes. Pallavi asks Ranbir to go and get ready tells that they all are already stressed. Sarita behen asks a waiter about Pragya. He tells that she has gone that way. Sarita behen asks about Abhi. Waiter says he has gone opposite way. Sarita behen goes to see the vegetable. She turns and sees Sanju staring at Prachi. She questions him. He tells that he wants water. Sarita behen asks him to drink water. Sanju gets a chance and makes Prachi smell chloroform. He then takes her in the bag. Sarita behen notices him taking the bag and asks him. He tells that it is his stuff. Sarita behen gets doubtful that he is taking her kitchen stuff and goes behind him. She calls Prachi and her phone rings from the bag. Sarita behen realizes Prachi is in the bag.

Precap: Abhi catches Sanju and tries to pull his beard, when Sanju’s friend hits Abhi with a stick. Pragya sensed it. Later Pragya tells Abhi that Prachi is not safe. Abhi says I have to save my daughter.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. I am tired of this shit. Take that a*sh*le out. What kinda characters you are showing?? Sanju, a roadside majnu, all the time. Hyper unrealistic chizen kyun dikhane lag jaate hain ye faltu serials sab.🤮🤮🤮

  2. Gurcharan Singh

    Rubbish serial just end it.

  3. I think this writer has run out of ideas, kidnapping again, really? Women portrayed as evil and men are weak and dumb.

    1. Please This Serial has Ran Its course…End it Please…

    2. Please This Serial has Ran Its course…End it Please

    3. Please This Serial has Ran Its course…It is time To End it

  4. Dawn matthews

    I just wish this series kumkum bhagya can end.The producer is spoiling the series can’t go to 2000 .how can one person like aliya ruled a series.The producer must learn from Deception and Zarah nikah producers how to do a series.No dragging I was a dan of kumkum bhagya now I am bored

  5. it’s just regurgitated old stories that are being brought up over and over and over. A sad boring waste of time. Producers are not even trying to write new and interesting story lines. They should feel embarrassed about being so uncreative.

  6. Confused by Fans

    Why would it end when you are watching it?

  7. Abhi this sanju came to your house than sanju he is holding the hand to pranchi abhi please come fast.
    pragya this sanju he is kindpnap he will put the fire place save the pranchi okay.
    pragya be ready.

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