Kumkum Bhagya 11th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Pragya wins the tender defeating Gaurav-Aaliya

Kumkum Bhagya 11th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi taking Aaliya out and asks her if she didn’t see who is the employer, being interested in work so much. Aaliya says Pragya asked me to do work. Abhi says if Pragya says then you will work anywhere, you know what type of guy Gaurav is? Aaliya asks what type? He says if you don’t know then go and ask Tanu, she will say, why I am in Pragya’s house. Aaliya says you always take side of Pragya and asks did you see how the employer is, before taking the work. Did you see how Pragya is? She says Pragya might be lying and she is seeing her advantage. Abhi says Pragya is not lying as I was there, then also I would have believed Pragya, as she is not like Tanu, who raised questions on her own character. Pragya comes there and hears him taking stand for her. He says I know Gaurav well, I didn’t see such a cheap man like Gaurav before, and that’s why doubting Pragya is out of question. Aaliya says believe her, but don’t have blind faith. He asks her why you didn’t tell me about your new job. Aaliya says it has slipped from my mind. She says what is important is that I got a job. Abhi asks her to leave the job. Aaliya says I will not leave the job, I am getting respect in this job and Gaurav thinks I am capable. Abhi says you. Aaliya says tender is about to open, I have to be at the conference hall and thanks Pragya for lecturing her to work. She says even I am earning like you, and asks her not to take anything personally. She goes. Pragya thanks him. Abhi says sorry. He says my sister is working with your enemy, sorry for that. Pragya says you are with me, irrespective of your sister with whoever she is working. She says what is not important is how many people are against you, what is important is that someone is standing with you, the trust which you has on me, thank you for that. Abhi says you might behave badly with me, but you are a good woman. He says lets go and see who got the tender. Pragya says you are really fulfilling our relation.

Ranbir comes to the kitchen and asks Prachi what is she doing? She says she is making presentation ready for the meeting tonight. He says I will add salt. Prachi says I have already added. Ranbir says I will knead the flour. She says she will do. He says I really want to help you, and asks her to see that he will knead the flour so well, that it will be reshmi roti. Prachi asks him to go. Shaina looks at them. Prachi applies aata on his face and asks him to go. He says you did it intentionally and tries to pour aata on her, she closes her eyes and says sorry. He kisses on her cheeks. Prachi opens her eyes and sees Shaina. Shaina says I was going to guest room and came here. Prachi tells the way to guest room. Ranbir gets a call.

Shaina goes to Rhea’s room. Rhea says now I can walk, has to get fine, as Ranbir and Prachi will be together. Shaina makes her sit and asks her not to do cat walk. She says Ranbir and Prachi are not going and you are happy. Rhea says if they have gone, then they will be alone, but here I can control them, I can’t imagine what they can do. Shaina says they can romance being husband and wife, I am seeing them romancing in the kitchen, Ranbir was helping Prachi in kitchen and was teasing him. He is such a sweet husband and can romance his wife anywhere. She says he romances her in the kitchen and he will be much romantic in the bedroom. Rhea shouts Shaina. Shaina says this is reality. Rhea says this is temporary and the reality will be changed and it will be Ranbir and Rhea. Shaina says reality. Rhea says enough. Shaina says you have made imaginary life being alone, but the truth is that they are happy together. Shaina says you are happy with your husband, and then also you are here. Shaina says we had a fight, but every husband and wife have a fight. Rhea asks her to sort out the problem and stay in hotel. Shaina says you can’t change and goes.

Gaurav asks Aaliya about tender. Aaliya says you will only win. Gaurav says I want to see my victory on Pragya’s face. Pragya and Abhi come there. Gaurav says Pragya ji, same office, two owners. Now you have to wait as you have to celebrate my win. Abhi says pre-celebration is not good and you can get heart attack. Gaurav tells that you both might have done heart attack when you came to know about Aaliya working with us. Sushma comes there and congratulates Pragya. Gaurav says tender is not out. Sushma says my research can never go wrong. Aaliya says I can never be wrong. The guy comes there and congrats Gaurav for getting the tender. Abhi says I wanted Pragya to win. Pragya says he is saying as Aaliya told him. She says the tender was about to be out at 10 am. Abhi says it is 10 am. The guy checks and says your name is not in the tender. Gaurav is shocked. Aaliya asks him to check company name. Abhi asks him to check Marcus company. The guy says Kiara Arora Industries has won. Aaliya asks whose company is this? Sushma says it is of Pragya. Abhi gets emotional and looks at Pragya, reminiscing Kiara. He hugs Pragya and cries. Pragya also cries. Song plays ek tukda. She says we have won, this victory of yours, mine and of Kiara.

Pallavi is on call. Prachi brings tea. Pallav sees Ranbir and asks what happened to your meeting. Ranbir says you had asked me to cancel all the meetings and that’s why I am here. Vikram comes there and greets Ranbir. Prachi gives him tea. Vikram sips tea and tells that he is very happy. Ranbir asks what is the matter? Pallavi says we can’t tell, before it is done. Vikram says your Dida told me and was afraid that Pallavi will scold her. Ranbir asks what is the good news? Vikram says your mummy will be chairman of Rajshri foundation soon. Ranbir congrats her. Vikram says Pallavi is deserving. Prachi congrats her. Pallavi says Rajeshwari ji is coming tomorrow to take my sign, and says I hope you will not create any scene, I called for tea. She says shall I tell anyone else. Prachi says I will manage and asks her to trust her. Pallavi says your promise and my truth are two sides of the coin. Prachi assures her.

Abhi thanks Pragya and says he is happy as their daughter’s name is connected with her win. He says he hugged his boss excitedly. He congrats the guys and goes. Pragya says Kiara Arora Industries is my company and tells Gaurav and Aaliya that their research is not successful. Sushma says what did you say, and tells that your Mundan is done. Pragya says very soon, you will not get entry in this house, it is not necessary that enemy of enemy can be advantageous to you. She tells Aaliya that she might new boss or job, says one job is vacant at home and you knows better. She goes with Sushma. Gaurav asks Aaliya if she is playing game with him. Aaliya says she is Pragya’s enemy and doubts Tanu.

Shaina comes to Rhea’s room. Rhea asks her to come and calls her witch. Shaina says your sister might come here. Rhea asks her not to say. Prachi comes there and asks her to take soup. Rhea says again soup, I got hurt and didn’t get any surgery. Shaina asks Prachi to sit. Rhea says Prachi has work and will leave. Prachi asks her to hear good news. Shaina asks if you are pregnant? Rhea gets upset.

Precap: Rhea asks Sid, how many times he will ask that if she has problems with their marriage. Sid says I will not ask again, you will get the divorce papers soon. Rhea meets Aaliya and says if I go for honeymoon with Sid, then how will I come closer to Ranbir. Aaliya says Ranbir and Prachi are going with you for their honeymoon, and asks her to create such a scene that Ranbir comes to your bedroom rather than Sid.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Oh yes the office scenes were great and great that Pragya’s company is called Kiara. 😊
    Aaliya disgusting forgets who Kiara is. 🤮👎

  2. Disgusting I was looking forward forward 2 the honeymoon track but not anymore wat kind of an aunt gives that kind of an idea 2 their niece I’m not gonna bother cing a RR close scene ugh I quit the makers r ridiculous who’s the married couple here Ranbir and Rhea or Ranbir and Prachi if the makers r so fond of Ranbir and Ranbir then y did they get Ranbir and Prachi married in the 1st place

    1. Absolutely right

    2. Seriously, the Pranbir fans should relax and should not every time overreact about what Aaliya says to Rhea or what the two of them are planning. The Rhea Bangalore Plan has failed, and the honeymoon plan will also fail. So relax a bit.

    3. @Angel
      I am surprised at your outrage at Alia for giving advice to Rhea of tripping Ranbir into her bed.
      What did you expect her to tell Rhea , beta go and accept Sid as your husband and be lovely wife to him like Pragya is to your dad ??

  3. Hate Feeling like kill her.hope what aliyah mention in the precap should not happen and make sure that Pranbir won’t separate and make Prachi pregnant

    1. Actually what I want to wrote is hate rhea feeling like kill her

    2. I don’t want Prachi’s pregnancy track at the moment. It’s too soon. I know it’s been 2 years since they have been happily married but for us Pranbir are newly married. And just look at them they are still babies!! 🥺🥺

    3. K.Lakshmi lavanya

      That time serial will end. Very soon this serial gos to end because of trp ratings. Because of them all trp ratings are decreased

  4. Finally something happened appropriate to the previously mentioned situation(after the leap).
    Now the extinction of Kohli’s house people from the show is expected

    1. I don’t understand what you meant

    2. Today’s episode focused on the story of the real leads, and the scenario passed at office, and there were some points about revenge. Shortly everything they have promised involved wisely.
      I am favoring the show to go in this way and the 2nd generation to be dismissed completely. I hope it is clear for you now #Keerthi

    3. @STRYwrt
      😂😂seriously? Why will the makers get rid of the 2nd generation. Do you know the importance they hold in the show? I know Abhigya have the most importance because they are the main leads and don’t get me wrong I love them actually I love all the cast but trust me no one is going to kick out the 2nd generation. Just don’t watch them because I’ve seen your comments you clearly have issues with their existence but who’s forcing you to watch them? First and second generation have both completely seperate stories so it’s easy for you to avoid watching them then. Like @Sumo said the makers will never get rid of second generation. Parallel leads are important they aren’t supporting cast that they will be get rid of easily.

    4. @STRYwrt

      Honey I know your an Abhigya fan and you clearly don’t like the new generation which is fine whatever. But you’re wrong like so wrong! No one is going anywhere especially the dp cast. Just because they mentioned Kiara and some old golden moments returned in this episode doesn’t mean dp will be rid of. Just so you don’t know they are parallel leads which means they have a lot of importance on this show. Abhigya are the main leads and they will stay like this. But parallel leads hold importantce too especially if they have their own story going on. They’ve kept both generations seperate so they can give them their own track each and everyone is fine with that. Actually it’s better like that. If you don’t like dp then you don’t need to watch them. Just watch the first generation story and stop making up assumptions just because of some dialogues. The makers will never get rid of dusri pidhi. If they wanted to they would have done so a long time back but look how far they’ve come and many people love them. No one is going to kick out the parallel lead’s especially if they are the main leads children🙂

    5. #Sumo
      Please don’t judge the others and don’t give impolite advices what they have to do. The opinions should be about the show not about the commentators

    6. @Riya,@Sumo
      😂🤣 in your place I would be careful with the statement, the maker will not or never remove the 2nd generation. It’s a fact that you can’t erase, with the introduction of the 2nd generation, TRPs are falling weekly. The TRPs are important and the makers decide according to them, they don’t decide according to the size of the fan groups. Purab,Bulbul and Disha were also parallel leads no supporting actors,and where are the three of them?

    7. @Şimal
      I’m not wrong though. It’s not anyone’s fault for trp decreasing but the writers for creating disgusting scripts. Have you seen the ridiculous storylines since months no wonder trp is decreasing. Abhi married the villain, he has two wives, then he was sold by his new wife and now they are showing brother-sister in law romance. Only some of you Abhigya fans believe Pranbir or dp is the reason for trp decreasing and you just spam it everywhere waiting to gets the makers attention. E.g. end dp end Pranbir whatnot since last 2 years. Did the makers listen to you? They themselves know second generation isn’t to blame otherwise they would have given less ss or ended them ages back. If they believed 2 generation was the reason don’t you think they would’ve given them less ss or not given them their own story? Stop believing your own assumptions for gods sake. And yes I know about the purab/disha/bulbul trio I also used to watch it that time then too but I have to say they were more of a supporting cast than parallels. Their characters were there as Abhigyas helpers. They weren’t given enough of their own screenspace not much as Pranbir is been given. Did they ever land in Top 5 of couples. Pranbir is important in this show not much as Abhigya I admit that. And I don’t think these makers given a damn about trp. It seems to me they are in a hurry to end the show because it’s clear they can’t write anything good week by week there’s something disgusting plotted by someone and showing same nonsense as we already seen years ago no one is interested in watching that crap.

    8. God u Abhigaya fans r mad violent sheesh like u guys blame Pranbir 4 everything and have u guys even bothered 2 give it a thought that maybe it’s bks ppl don’t like the track like 1 track is abt a man with 2 wives and the other is shows a devar and bhabhi romance so obviously ppl won’t like these and thr trp will drop ppl watch it 4 both abhigaya and pranbir I get u guys r Abhigaya fans but plz don’t blame everything on the 2nd generation and 1 more thing the 2nd generation has their own story purab disha and bulbul were mostly there 2 support Abhigaya that’s all I have 2 say so can u guys chill with the comments

    9. Honestly speaking I’ll say this. When kkb first started the trp was amazing I’ll admit that. Then apparently the makers wanted to give the show a freshness and a change by showing a generation leap which is normal and has happened in lots of other shows. The trp did decrease a bit but it was still stable and not in danger. But that doesn’t mean the second generation was the reason. Many Abhigyans quit the show because they thought Abhigya would be sidelined and the new gen would be shown more. I would say the trp only decreased because of people assuming things and leaving the show due to this. I have watched and loved Abhigya since the start and I would be sad if they were sidelined and showing others as the leads instead. But that didn’t happen. They just introduced the new gen as children of #Abhigya and giving them their own story whilst giving Abhigya their own too as well as showing them as parents. And in these last 2/3 years since #DusriPeedhi Pranbir although being supporting couple or whatever they are gained a lot of viewers and love even more than Purab and his love triangles. @Şimal you mentioned that trp chart is important right? The only job for the writers to do was to check the trp every week and give it a good consideration of what positive script they should write. Of course it all can’t be positive as negativity needs to be shown too. But that wasn’t the plan for them. It seems like they don’t even give a **** about trp or what viewers want. They show one disgustingly horrifying track and when that’s ended they straightaway introduced another one. Another reason is since Leena has returned she has been highlighted too much along with Alia and now Rhia also. They need to start showing something positive otherwise the show really will end. I would say it’s best if the show ends now because I don’t think there’s anything new to be shown, everything is being repeated from years ago, same villains, repetitive tracks etc. And they are losing many viewers because of this. The actors can do much better. I just hope they land another project soon so they can quit this show. Shabir and Sriti has given 7 years of their hard work for this stupid show. Many people want them to quit because they can see there’s no story for them and they are kept given disgusting script to perform. They are wasting their talent plus their story is over now what more can they show for them? They need to either change the script writer end this show with a happy ending.

    10. K.Lakshmi lavanya

      Who said they gained more love.purb and disha get more trp ratings. When dp track is enter that time trp ratings are decreased. No one interested in generation leap. They have that much followers why trp ratings are decreased. So still viewers are liking abhigya only. They are look like maa of abhigya especially prachi. Prachi is more aged than abhigya. When he focus on abhigya that time only trp ratings are increased otherwise this serial gos to end. They are waiting for 2k

    11. @Sumo
      this is not my own assumption it is a fact.
      yes fantastic the writers blame for the dropped TRPs.🤦‍♂️ the writers don’t give trp the viewers give it,
      And meanwhile everybody should know that Abhi and Tanu are not married so this excuse Abhi marries villain or has two wife doesn’t count anymore.
      stop making false accusations about Abhigya fans!
      Abhigya fans are not mad and they don’t blame Pranbir. The only ones who are mad are the Pranbir fans who every time criticize the writers or compare Ranbir with Abhi-Purab or Rhea with Aaliya and Tanu. If the tracks are separate why do you keep comparing the characters or if you don’t like the episode why do you watch or why do you scold the writer.
      Lately there are more Kohli scenes and Pranbir is part of the family than Abhigya scenes. But the Pranbir fans are only crying and why they want Pranbir romance and not Rhea scenes. 🤦‍♂️
      Firstly Rhea is a part of the story, and secondly KKB genre: drama/romance not only romance with only romance scenes.

    12. Pranbir fans are the only ones? You do realise how much some Abhigya fans hate Pranbir right and blame them for everything. They to criticise writers since two years and the actors. Not all of them do though and I agree with what you said about some Pranbir fans. Can you blame them? Every scene of theirs, Rhea is there. It’s not criticism but demanding more Pranbir alone scenes and to stop giving favouritism to Rhea because we all know she’s giving too much ss and favouritism just because she’s close to the CD.

    13. K.Lakshmi lavanya

      Exctally your correct. Still this serial is running because of abhigya grace. Still trp ratings standard because of abhigya secenes. That idiot director is weasting screen space on boring sasu bahu drama. Almost all viewers are stop watching this serial because of generation leap.

    14. Recently a vote on Zee TV’s twitter page was conducted and they asked which couples entertains more Pragya-Abhi or Prachi-Ranbir . Their share is as following:

      Pragya-Abhi 72 % and
      Prachi-Ranbir 28%

    15. K.Lakshmi lavanya

      So still viewers are liking abhigya. Why zee tv wweasting screen space on boring sasu bahu drama. When he focus on abhigya that time only trp ratings are increased

    16. Some Abhiga blame legitimately some Pranbir fans, should the Abhigya fans keep quiet and accept everything like only Pranbir scenes and copied Abhigya scenes?
      Don’t forget the fact that for the last 2 years also the some Pranbir fans blame the writers and the actors!!
      Some Pranbir fans should be happy that there are still some Abhigya fans who tolerate the 2nd generation and keep watching because of Shabir and Sriti. Without this fact and without Abhigya, how long would Pranbir survive?
      Some Pranbir fans are just looking for a reason to start complaining, if the reason is not Rhea then is the reason Pallavi and if the reason, is not Pallavi then is the reason Abhigya or Aaliya and Tanu. 🤦‍♂️

  5. Okay so Rhea will do something in order to get Ranbir to her room instead of Sid 🤣 seriously Alia is 50 something year old and giving disgusting ideas to her niece what the hell!! I’m sure Rheas plan will fail though. Nevertheless I enjoyed today’s episode it was a breathe to hear Kiaras name after a long time it makes me miss her even more. Finally something good happens to Abhigya. How long will this last though? On the other side, Shaina asking Prachi if she was pregnant and Rheas reaction was something I enjoyed 😂

    1. So Alliya giving Rhea advice on exactly wat she did to Purab and Disha?
      I hope that no talent Ektaa aint repeat that same dotish scene 20 years ago.

  6. Pranbir 😍😍
    I know Prachi isn’t pregnant but I don’t like the fact that pregnancy was mentioned. Don’t get me wrong I want to see Pranbir as parents but it’s too soon we need to see more of them as a married couple sharing beautiful scenes without any third person or any interruption which is always the case with them. And plus they are still kids themselves I feel bringing a pregnancy track will ruin things and it could mean another leap and so on so it won’t happen anytime soon. And the actors look so young to be parents I would say it’s best when the show ends then they can give good news. At the moment I’m enjoying Pranbir scenes can’t wait for more!!

  7. Well it seems Shaina has changed since college. But is it really necessary? She may try to get some sense into Rheas disgusting brain but It’s not like she will listen to her so what’s the point. Sometimes I wonder what it will be like if Prachi and Aryan were made twins instead. That would have made much more sense! Rhea is a double copy of Alia maybe even worse and Aryan kind hearted like Abhigya and Prachi. Maybe he got it from Purab. But there’s no way he can be Alias son. Prachi and Rhea should have been cousins instead of course there would still be a love triangle but they can’t be sisters🙃

  8. Honeymoon in Shimla? Why send Sid and Rhea there if Sid wants to get divorced, and why take a Pranbir. Since this track has already been removed and Prachi is still wearing with sindur and mangalsutra, hope that nothing irreparable will happen

  9. Finally the makers did a nice one episode

  10. Amazing episode
    but not ready for prabir to give birth
    I hope prabir love story doesn’t turn out to be like Abhigya’s story
    Well I hope that doesn’t happen

    1. That’s wat we’re all terrified abt we’re especially scared of Ranbir becoming an Abhi or Purab 2.0 if that does happen this show is gone and the makers will get an earful from pranbir fans they’ve all been going nuts abt that

    2. K.Lakshmi lavanya

      No one interested in generation leap. Please don’t compare with abhigya. Abhigya is legendary and dadasaheb phalke award winners.

  11. I want pranbir and sid-rhea separation to happen soon
    Once that happen a new story will be narrated
    Abhigya story is much than pranbir
    They love story is to boring
    I wish the makers can make prachi a Tv producer who want to tell the world her parents love story and Ranbir a man who own a channel
    Don’t take wrong i was just…

  12. was a great episode how dense and stupid is aalia not 2 know her own niece’s name Kiara Abi and Pragya first born daughter

  13. Esie

    The standards for what passes as entertainment in so so sad💀 lmao them writers really got no other story than love triangle and kitchen politics. This is all women are good for in these shows? Revenge and petty fights to win a useless man’s “heart” PATHETIC. I don’t think you guys realize how bad these disaster shows make you look to the rest of the world and I don’t understand why on Earth you tolerate these so called writers butchering your time, money and mental health with these demented, exaggerated and ridiculous “stories”. The fact that this is one of “the best zee shows ever” is simply embarrassing, really? Guys….If this nonsense where airing anywhere else it would not last one season. Raise them standards because you’re giving them power to distort the world’s perception of your culture and present day norms. And whether you believe it or not, there are people who believe that this trainwreck is really how people in your beautiful country behave and live in real life.

    1. LOL. I spent several years saying pretty much the same thing , word for word. and there was agreement from many other commentators! Glad I popped in to day to check out comments. Worst part is that you are able to witness similar attitudes in some of the diaspora population. This allows citizens in the host country to learn, “Well, all Indians must be like that.” An interesting question to ask is why would a supposedly intelligent Ekta Kapoor (heavy on the greed and the status seeking, not so much on emotional intelligence.. or she is ready to use the Indian population to their detriment for her own nefarious and malevolent purposes) encourage the shaming, the raising of the disgust/hate factor for her own people…. internationally? There is a reason, of course. Think about it. Understand your political leadership and its friendship with corporate giants and Bollywood. Nobody wins when you celebrate the non-stop lies, cheating and thefts… the utter misogyny, abuse, corruption and outright volatile stupidity of these painted (white) characters. A friend of mine in Quebec Canada went to work with other employees, for some wealthy Indian families and accepted the job at minimum wage. At the end of the work project, on the personal properties of several wealthy Indian families) the families then refused to pay minimum wage and demanded that they accept one third of minimum wage. He called me for advice on how to handle the situation. My friends boss had to threaten legal action and of course left the work site. I know darn well that not all Indians have this nature!! But the reputation that the Indian community is earning is disastrous. This production only acts like confirmation. In spite of the fact that India handled the Covid issue with excellence…which is not really reported on MSM. I accept and understand the emotional ‘venue’ that this provides for viewers. That can be and should be provided through entertainment. However, the Ekta Kapoor propaganda and indoctrination services need to be culled. The sooner the better. Indians are made to look as being all greedy, corrupt, STUPID beyond belief and as idiot lying criminals. Look at the Indian female politicians in American politics. Under their public veneer, they too are shown to be status seeking, greedy toadies with questionable attitudes and beliefs.

    2. Esie

      @Akituster it’s very sad my dear. But what can we do😪

    3. @Esie Keep speaking! Keep reporting! Born in India, living in the western diaspora. I do not know about where you live, but there is a palpable negative shift in the racism where I live. People tell me the stories because I’m Indian. What does one say… to explain? Their observations and experiences are impossible to explain away! Except of course and beginning with, “Not true! Not all Indians are like that!” This production does not help. The gov’ts greater goals of having an easy controllable nation of desperate people for slave labour won’t be protested internationally when the world thinks that India’s population deserves mistreatment because well, look at the kind of people they are!

    4. @Esie. I haven’t had time to do the research but my understanding is that India’s middle class is shrinking. this is frightening and hopefully only a symptom of the Covid phenomena. but if this is true then the gov’t is following policy which has already been successfully achieved elsewhere for the benefit of the billionaire class.

  14. So Alliya giving Rhea advice on exactly wat she did to Purab and Disha?
    I hope that no talent Ektaa aint repeat that same dotish scene 20 years ago.

  15. TBH I would rather Ranbir and Rhea be found together in bedroom than Rhea again spoil this tea party for Pallavi and give her chance to publicly humiliate and insult Prachi and blame her for lost chance of becoming chairperson.

    And in order for Rhea to get exposed , something major has to happen. Only when Prachi will see them together , see Rhea shedding crocodile tears , will she believe Dida’s warning , if even then. Otherwise Rhea will continue her planning and plotting from the shadows and make PRANBIR’s married life a hell without getting exposed

  16. Dida clearly asked Prachi a question : if ever time comes wherein Prachi has to choose between her husband and her sister , whom will she choose ??

    Finding Ranbir and Rhea together in bedroom will compel Prachi to tackle this question. On one hand Rhea will pretend to be victim and cry and tell Ranbir was not in senses and thought her Prachi etc etc.

    While Ranbir will tell Prachi that nothing of sort happened. Whom will Prachi believe ?? Will she believe her sister’s trust , or will she believe in her husband’s eternal and pure love for her.

    This situation will also decide whether she deserves Ranbir or not. If she , chooses to trust Rhea even a bit in this scenario then my respect for her will evaporate completely

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