Kumkum Bhagya 11th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Pragya gets Tanu’s confession

Kumkum Bhagya 11th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pragya telling Tanu that Abhi is marrying her, as she asked him. She says your maang will be filled due to my favour. She says you have so many stains on your forehead even temple tika can’t be enough to hide it, leave the sindoor. She says Abhi will never love you for the seven births, and says everyone hates you. Tanu says let everyone hate me, but nobody can harm me. She says you stopped Abhi and my marriage, and that’s why I threw you out of his life. She says Abhi kicked me out from his house, and that’s why I am marrying him and will stay in his house. She says I want to take revenge from both of you. She says Abhi wouldn’t have married me easily and that’s why I accused him of rape. She says I have submitted the fake proofs in court, rubbed his laundry clothes with hers to take his DNA on her clothes. She says it was not difficult for me, recording was till the camera fell down. She says it was very dark, I ran from there and Abhi run behind me, he thought some game is going on. She says everyone believed me that I was raped, tells that she didn’t get anything from her love, but getting everything from her plan. She tells that her plan is successful and asks her to sit there, till she goes and marries Abhi. She asks Pragya if she knows about truth serum injection and tells about it, tells that if it is given in more quantity then the human can faint. She asks if you want to try this and tries to give her injection. Pragya shouts for help. Tanu says nobody is here. Pragya tries to stop her, and the injection gets injected in Tanu’s hand. Tanu faints. Pragya takes her mobile and leaves.

Aaliya asks Abhi why he didn’t get ready yet? Abhi says he is waiting for Pragya’s call. Aaliya says if Judge and lawyer comes. Abhi says I am not his relative. Pragya calls Abhi. Abhi asks where is she? Pragya says work is done. Abhi asks which work? Pragya says she gave bridal dress to Tanu and got her confession too. He gets happy and asks if I am dreaming. Pragya says she has confessed how she showed fake proofs to take revenge from you. Aaliya says I will inform everyone. Pragya stops her and asks her to just tell the family members. she says first we will marry in the mandap and will show video to the Judge after that. Aaliya asks about Tanu. Pragya tells that Tanu got the injection mistakenly and fainted. She says she fears that Mr. Singhania will go to Tanu’s house. Aaliya says she will send someone to take Tanu from there. Abhi tells that he is happy and can marry Pragya every month. Pragya smiles.

Ranbir thinks today is Chief’s marriage and tomorrow is mine. He thinks to do something to stop his marriage. He packs his clothes. Aryan asks what is he doing? Ranbir says I won’t let my life ruined. Aryan asks what do you want? Ranbir says Pragya aunty is trying to stop the wedding for her true love. He says even I have to do something for my true love. Aryan asks what is his plan? Ranbir says I will tell later. Aryan says he will also come with him and takes his clothes.

Rhea gets upset with Mitali and asks her to get the decoration done by Prachi. Aaliya comes there and tells that Pragya has taken the confession of Tanu. Rhea and Prachi get happy. Aaliya asks them to go and get bhai ready. She asks about Pandit ji. Mitali says Pandit ji haven’t come. Aaliya says she will call him. Ranbir leaves. Aryan thinks to inform Aaliya, but then stops himself thinking Ranbir’s life will get ruined because of me.

Ranbir is driving the car and thinks of Prachi. Manmurade plays……He hits a car and gets down from the car. He says I am so sorry bro. He sees Pradeep in the other car. Pradeep is drunk and tells that he had a fight with Tanu and she betrayed him. He sees him and realizes seeing him in Abhi’s house. Ranbir tells Pradeep that he can make Tanu lose with his truth and then she can’t betray him. Pradeep says I will come with you and will reveal Tanu’s truth to everyone. He says I know Abhi don’t want to marry. Ranbir asks him to get down from his car and come in his car, says we will expose Tanu.

Rhea comes to Abhi and says she heard Mom. Abhi says your Mom has done this and tells that she knows how to change the game and do miracle. Prachi comes there and says she is very happy. Abhi says he will marry Pragya again, as you both will be with us. Rhea takes turban and tries to make him wear. Abhi asks Prachi to come and tie brooch. Prachi and Rhea help him get ready.

Mitali asks Pandit ji to check the stuff. Aaliya gets judge’s call. She picks the call. Judge tells Aaliya that he couldn’t be present there physically, as Mr. Singhania asked him to attend the wedding as Tanu sees father figure in me. Mitali thinks what? He asks can I attend the wedding on video call. Aaliya says ok, we will connect your call to the screen so that you can attend her wedding. Judge says ok. Aaliya asks Mitali to call Bhai. Judge calls Aaliya and says decoration is beautiful, asks about everyone. Aaliya says everyone went to get ready.

Ranbir asks Pradeep not to drink much. Pradeep says if he drinks then will say the truth. Ranbir gets worried. Abhi gets Ranbir’s call and tells him that you will not believe whom I met? Abhi asks who? Pradeep says I met him, Tanu’s husband. Ranbir tells Abhi that he is bringing him there. Mitali comes to Abhi and says Judge came on screen. Abhi asks Ranbir to bring Pradeep there. Ranbir thinks he knows how to make Pradeep get rid of drunk. Pragya comes there. Abhi says we will show proofs to Judge. Pragya says not now, first we will marry and then show the proofs. Prachi says they are lucky to see their parents’ wedding. Mitali asks Pragya to get ready. Abhi takes phone from Pragya, kisses on her cheeks and goes. Pragya prays to God to make everything fine.

Precap: Abhi lifts the ghunghat of the bride and gets shocked to see Tanu as his bride. Everyone is shocked too. Tanu smiles.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. OMG THE PRECAP!!!!! HOW??? where’s Pragya?? some1 tell me it’s a dream omgg if it’s true then godd I’m mad scared abt the Rhea and Ranbir now o god I’m rly terrified now… HOW??? like wat is going on how did Tanu get there???? OMG plz don’t let Pranbir be the same o plz!!!!!

    1. Where did you see the precap ??
      It’s not uploaded yet on zee5 as well

    2. It’s uploaded on zee5

    3. It’s on Instagram it showed Abhi and Tanu got married!!! Pragya wasn’t even there!!! O god I’m mad nervous now abt Pranbir o god I rly hope it was a dream cuz now I’m rly scared abt Rhea and Ranbir!!!

    4. @EM,I doubt if the wedding will be concluded because pradeep is still around in the house to stop the wedding and then it could be a dream no one can tell.But am very sure the wedding will not be concluded Is either Abhi will not apply the sindoor or pradeep will show up.

    5. Mimi are you sure cos the writter has made the wicked people to be steonger than the teuthful people and this breeds negativity without moral lesson being taught. I pray is Tanu’s deeam cos no one is sleeping that shd ve such a dream

    6. TBH if this is true then it’s actually good news for PRANBIR……now imagine , if Tanu has really succeeded in getting married to Abhi then who will have any excitement for Rhea’s marriage…….. they will now get busy in finding Pragya and getting rid of Tanu , and Ranbir and Rhea’s marriage will most likely take a backseat.

      And suppose Rhea demands her marriage be commenced next day as decided ??
      That will only reveal her selfishness that she only wants her happiness even if her beloved dad has suffered such a great tragedy. At least Ranbir has an excuse , a valid excuse to delay marriage

      So in my opinion this development , if true , can actually act as a lifeline for PRANBIR. At least more time for Ranbir to find out reason behind Prachi’s behavior

    7. @colin,I don’t think he will apply sindoor in Tanu forehead.but am suspecting that something is wrong with Pragya may be they might Kidnapped her or something else.but sure the wedding will not be concluded.

  2. It is uploaded on Youtube

  3. In Zee 5 official channel

  4. Also , stop worrying about ABHIGYA……..even if Tanu has actually managed to marry Abhi , it’s not permanent for sure , show is definitely not going to end with Tanu as Abhi’s wife. It’s done just done to increase number of episodes.

    OR it could be that they prolonging Tanu’s drama because they are not yet sure about how to progress on PRANBIR track. LOL

  5. I dont understand why everytime their 8s evidence it is never revealed and allows the culprit to find out and erase it. In the real world with such evidence I would leak it to the very press that tanu was using to malign abhi and let everyone knows what tanu is including the judge. But no let’s keep it a damn secret smh

    1. Omg Abhi and Tanu did get married….she was wearing Mangalsutr and sindoor in precap…. just saw it on zee5 app…..now for sure they’ll blame Pragya for it …
      Now Prachi better back of from the deal…as her parents aren’t together. . Rhea didn’t do her part of deal …..but I don’t think that Mahan Parchi will fight for her love…. hopefully at Ranbir make use of this chance in a right way….

  6. Apparently the Pranbir fans r going 2 start a world war 3 2 stop Rhea and Ranbir’s marriage it’s all over instagram some ppl believe those news r true so looks like Pranbir fans r gonna go all out on the makers yikes… Well let’s c wat they do…

  7. I said yesterday that even if there is evidence on Pragya’s phone, it will be erased. LOL. What else can we expect from the writers of this dumb serial. It’s so laughable and boring.

  8. It could also be a nightmare constructed by Abhi’s subconscious mind…. I mean , it’s Kumkum Bhagya , and entire wedding with all the rituals got completed in single episode ?? Unheard of. 😂😂😂😂😂

    Also , Ranbir has , FINALLY , stopped moping around and looks like he will be doing something to stop his wedding with Rhea……..it’s also a good development I guess. If worst comes to worst , he may still go to Abhi and tell him everything

  9. I am happy for 1 thing that Ranbir decided to fight for true love like Pragya now we can hope that Rhea’s truth will come out soon…..And about Abhigyan I think that it is a dream Tanu might have kidnapped Pragya and locked her somewhere and she might be dreaming this, this same thing happened in Kundali bhagya as well means that was not marriage track but that was honeymoon special in which it looked that atlast Mahira won but later it was revealed to be Preeta’s dream in the same way there are chances that this might also be a dream…..As Tanu and Abhi will never get married…I know that in this show criminals are not punished but their crimes are revealed infront of everyone……
    Let’s see in tomorrow’s episode that is it a dream or real…..in reality I am not much bothered about Abhigya I am more interested in Pranbir and I am very happy that Ranbir decide to fight for his true love….

  10. @Colin
    oh, hello what is good about Tanu and Abhi getting married. 🤔🤨
    The Pranbir fans are just as selfish as Rhea, they only think of how they can stop the wedding between Ranbir and Rhea so that Prachi and Ranbir can get married. 🤮
    So what is the difference between Rhea and the Pranbir fans nothing they both think only about each other and not about the consequences.
    Oh! and by the way, since when does Ranbir need an excuse to stop his marriage with Rhea. He has a mouth he can talk

    1. If Abhi and Tanu are really getting married then it is only fair to the Abhigya fans that Ranbir and Rhea should also get married.

    2. Difference between ABHIGYA and PRANBIR is , ABHIGYA have lived their lives……… but for Ranbir and Prachi it’s just a start of their lives , so it’s more important for them to get together than Abhigya

      And if you could enter KKB universe and talk with Abhi and Pragya , I am sure they will agree with it…. they also love their kids and if a choice is put in front of them they will every time choose happiness of their kids

    3. You abhigya fans are just selfish as tanu

  11. @Mimi
    Tanu already carries Sindoor and MS in the precap

    1. @meli Singh, really that means it must be a dream

    2. @meli Singh,no I don’t think so.How will he applied it without knowing that is Tanu or wearing the MS chain without knowing?I don’t think so.let keep our fingers crossed and see wat the episode hold for us

    3. @Mimi
      I have no idea, let’s hope it’s a dream because there is still the news about the leap.

  12. As everyone knows it well nothing goes on happily and smoothly in KKB. This time the writers -with sligtly deflection from their rutines- may surprise us by letting AbhiGya to get married in front of a formal audience and family properly. If it is the case then the spoiler should be Tanu’s dream while she is waking up from nonconsionness

    1. The character Ranbir has lost the chance to a hero by accepting to get marry with his ex’s sister. If that character is expected to be respected by people he shouldn’t get marry with either Ria or Prachi. He can’t do with Ria because he don’t love her, he can’t do with Prachi because he made an unforgivable mistake by accepting to marry with Prachi’s sister. To be a right bold character requires some border lines. Nowadays he is appering as a shameless man with his interactions with Prachi an Ria. Even he is not respecting Pragya and Abhi contrary of his claims. If he was respecting he had to act in accordence with his promises. He is living with them and flirting with both sisters

    2. He is definitely not flirting with Rhea , rather he is shown getting uncomfortable by her advances but doesn’t know what to do or how to stop.

      He agreed to marry Rhea in a state of mind when he was thinking clearly , his mind was a haze , his heart broken by Prachi acceptance of that MMS with other guy. I am sure he must have realized his mistake but I cannot go from “I am ready for the marriage” to “I don’t want this marriage” in single day. Also he was waiting for Prachi’s recantation of not loving him. But since she is still not showing any sign of revealing the truth he has finally decided to go proactive and stop his marriage with Rhea

    3. Yes Colin, he doesn’t have romantic moments with Ria but he is going to get marry with her and meanwhile he doesn’t stop to pressurize Prachi and to explain his love whenever they meet. To have that right firstly he has to put an end his relation with Ria then he may deal with Prachi (at all circumfrences Ria and Prachi are sisters so he can’t think that to marry who accepts him ) If Prachi accepts him he will leave Ria other wise he will marry to Ria. What a shame. He always says that he respects to Abhi. If so how can you do this to Ria !! The character Ranbir has been introduced as a good person in other words as a candidate to be a hero so that I am criticizing him.

  13. @Colin
    lol I did not ask what the difference is between Abhigya and Pranbir.
    I asked what is the difference between Pranbir Fans and Rhea.
    Exactly both choose the happiness of their children. And both choose the happiness of their kids, Abhi and Pragya see Rhea happy like that and if Ranbir and Prachi don’t open their mouths then it’s their fault because Abhi and Pragya can’t read minds.
    Do you really think that Prachi and Ranbir are living a happy married life while Abhi is living in hell and Pragya is suffering? As I said, the Pranbir fans are selfish just like Rhea because Pranbir is more important than anything else.🤮

    1. @Meli Singh
      When did I say that PRANBIR will live a happy married life while while Abhi and Pragya are suffering ??
      I literally said , so long as Tanu’s problem will not get solved there will be no wedding of Ranbir’s , be with Rhea or Prachi. Ranbir has said so time and again that he doesn’t wish to get married so long as Abhi is in trouble , and we need not say a word about how much Prachi loves ABHIGYA pairing. She has literally sacrificed everything she holds dear so that Abhi and Pragya could live together.

      I only said that if this marriage is real then it’s good thing for PRANBIR because this will give them time to recover and react…… and even if Tanu does gets married to Abhi , separating her from Abhi will be easier than rescuing Ranbir from Rhea’s grip since Tanu is a certified villain so entire family will stand with Abhi and Pragya to fight against Tanu , but Rhea is darling daughter of Mehra family and loved by Ranbir’s mother. If Ranbir and Rhea get married and even if it’s revealed later that Ranbir doesn’t love Rhea , still the family will most likely insist him to not break the marriage and Rhea’s heart and to get adjusted and try to love Rhea…….

      So yeah , plea of PRANBIR IS greater than that of ABHIGYA

    2. Please @meli abhigya has been the epitome of a TOXIC relationship from the jump, I understand you’re a believer in their “love” but this had been going for 6 years meli, 6 years we’ve been watching their love fail on every level, how many times have they been married? Too many to make sense. But Ranbir and Prachi, they haven’t even had a chance to breathe properly in their love. Please meli, please, make it make sense

  14. @Mimi
    Have you seen the precap Tanu wears a veil so that he can not see her face

    1. @meli singh,yesshe was wearing a veil but applying the sindoor he has to unveil her and lift the jewelry covering the place he will apply the sindoor.hope you are getting wat am trying to point out.the precap is some how fishy because leap is coming after 2years and Abhi and Pragya will meet again because according to some post on Instagram Pragya will be declared dead but Abhi will not believe that.so they will reunite after the leap

    2. @Mimi
      What does that post say about PRANBIR ??

    3. @colin,pranbir to get married

  15. when will rheas crime will be revealed🙄….She have done a lot..tried to kill prachi….created prachis fake video…and she made ranbir arrest for molestation case along with maya…and she made deal with prachi to sacrifice her love to reunite their parents….this means rhea dont love her parents….her parents must know what her daughter does behind them….otherwise its not a good mssg…Rhea should realise what she has done

  16. @Colin
    1. i didn’t say you said it i said it ” you really think that Prachi and Ranbir are living a happy married life while Abhi is living in hell and Pragya is suffering”?
    2.Prachi sacrificed everything or Ranbir said this and that, this is irrelevant as already said Abhi and Pragya are not mind readers.
    3.Abhi will be easier to save from Tanu when the two are married.
    Wrong, it will be more difficult because Tanu will never sign the divorce papers, and she can take him back to court or jail.
    4.Abhi is not Ranbirs Mother so if Abhi knows that Ranbir loves Prachi and Prachi sacrificed her love, then would he Ranbir not force to stay with Rhea.
    He did the same with Purab, he didn’t force Purab to marry Aaliya or stay with her even though he knows he doesn’t love Aaliya.

    5. ABHIGYA is greater than Pranbir.

    1. @Meli Singh
      I have to disagree with you on 3rd point
      As I said Tanu is an established and publicly hated criminal. Even if she has somehow managed to marry Abhi that doesn’t mean her victory is complete or irreversible. She has done a criminal offense of falsely accusing an innocent man of raping her , and proofs against her can still be gathered , family members can still conspire against her , she cannot stop them. She is alone in a house where every single person despise her and hate and can’t wait to get rid of her. What Pragya did of drawing confession out of her , it can be done again and once it’s shown to court and police and proven that she was lying , it doesn’t matter that she will not sign divorce papers willingly , she’s anyways going to jail after that and court will grant Abhi divorce from Tanu purely on the fact that she trapped him falsely.

      That’s not the case with Ranbir and Rhea. Rhea has just blackmailed Prachi into leaving Ranbir and so far as I know that’s not a criminal offense ?? Moreover Ranbir’s mother knows that Ranbir loves Prachi but she wants Ranbir to get married to Rhea , so if Ranbir and Rhea do get married and even if it later gets Rhea what all she did to get married to Ranbir , you think it will matter a whit to Pallavi ?? After all she wanted her son to get married to Rhea and Rhea fulfilled that wish , what’s it to Pallavi if Rhea blackmailed Prachi / made her MMS / tried to kill her to accomplish that ?? Pallavi already hates her. So if Ranbir and Rhea get married , Pallavi will oppose their separation even if then Abhi would be in its favor.

      This is why Rescuing Ranbir from Rhea , if they get married , will be much more difficult than rescuing Abhi from Tanu.

      The only way by which Ranbir’s family too starts opposing Ranbir and Rhea’s union is if they find out that it was Rhea who trapped Ranbir in fake molestation charge. Otherwise Pallavi will never let Ranbir unite with Prachi

    2. @Meli Singh

      And if after marriage , Rhea somehow manipulated Ranbir to get physical with her ??

      We know he will never do that willingly , but there ARE ways for Rhea to achieve that , her aunt is expert in these kind of things… If their marriage got sealed with physical relationship then it will become 10 times more difficult to separate them.

      And god forbid , if Rhea got with Ranbir’s child ?? You can forget about PRANBIR then. Ranbir can wish to leave Rhea , but he will never be able to shake off responsibility of a child. If that happens , even Vikram , who is looking at least partly in favor of PRANBIR will advise Ranbir to stay with Rhea for child’s sake.

      There’s no such possibility in case of Abhi and Tanu : another reason it’s easier to separate them than Ranbir and Rhea

  17. @Mimi
    yes i understand what you mean. But still the precap is strange because he lifts the veil and she wears Sindoor + MS, and he is shocked, if it is a dream why is he then shocked.

    Whatever, let’s hope it is a dream and the leap is without wedding between Abhi and Tanu..

    1. @ Meli Singh
      But if Abhi and Tanu didn’t get married and Abhi and Pragya are still together then why is there a leap at all ??

      Leap doesn’t occur for no reason. It always occurs when something drastic event has taken place , first time it was after Dadi’s death when Abhi asked Pragya to leave , second time after Kiara’s death when they separated by mutual understanding.

      I see no reason for any leap here. If , Tanu has got exposed and Abhi and Pragya are together then they will be preparing for Ranbir and Rhea’s marriage. How does a leap figure into this ??

    2. @Colins, the leap is all about Abhi separation due to the death of Pragya but she is not dead they will meet and unite back though everyone in the mehra house believe that she is dead except Abhi.so their love story will take another shape which I believe it will be interesting with the help of Dolly coming into the show as Pragya mentor on how to deal with life

    3. @Mimi
      I dunno from where you are getting all these spoilers.
      Pragya is not even missing , how can she get presumed dead now ??

      And who is this Dolly , and since when did Pragya of all people start needing lessons on how to deal with life !!

  18. @Esie
    Three children resulted from the toxic Abhigya relationship. And please show me a couple that lives happily together all the time. You’ll never find a pair like that in ITV.
    Besides, it doesn’t matter how many times they got married, because they are not the only couple to get married more than once.

    1. @meli, I don’t know how it goes down with marriage in Indian culture but with the little knowledge I have it is really not normal to marry the same person 57 times 😂, isn’t there like a limit or something. Haibo man, about the three kids, none of them have had a normal childhood with both parents in a complete home, Kaira was happy and healthy until abhigya reunited then it was kidnapping and death, Prachi only turned out okay coz she grew up away from the Mehra’s and Rhea? I think that one is self explanatory, having s*x that results in kids does not make that relationship healthy,trust me I should know coming from a “happy” marriage. It’s your opinion that they should stay together and I respect that,but completely denying that their relationship is toxic? And this they are not the only couple to get married once? Christ💀💀

    2. @meli one soldier army🤣🤣 we will all die on these hills💀

  19. @Colin
    you know that Ranbir is emotionally blackmailing Prachi. Not with words but with what he does. Besides, if Prachi doesn’t want to say anything or admit that she loves him, that’s her decision, he has no right to force her to confess.
    If Prachi decides to marry another man then Ranbir can’t force her to marry him just because he loves her,
    like: Ranbir decides today I will marry Prachi in the temple without she knows about it. 👎

    1. But last minute he back out from the marraiage

  20. Leap bhagya😂🤣🤣

  21. @Krishdha
    oh “back out from the marriage in the last minute” is of course an excuse for him trying to marry her without their knowledge. 🤦‍♂️
    Also, it does not change the fact: such a decision involves both bride and groom and not only one of them.

  22. As I mentioned before, in this show nothing goes on being appropriate to the expectation of audiences, the solutions of logic, rules of moral and common sense. Always the most unexpected immoral things occure. It is understood that to expect some rare exceptions will be a measure of our stupidity. Let’s thing what are the worst things in the perspective of audiences: 1. Abhi and Tanu’s marriage 2. Ria and Ranbir’s marriage Both of them will happen

    1. this show should just shut down cuz if the tanu and abhi is true pretty sure Abhigaya fans r dropping now and if the ranbir and rhea is gonna happen pranbir fans will drop and never watch the show again and that’s just gonna kill the TRP and close the show just watch

  23. Well it seems that Tanu is dangerous and very smart that she has Pragya captive in order to marry Abhi. Then there will be the next fiasco Rhea and Ranbir wedding. Heaven help everyone

  24. Wow. Aliya backstabbed Abhi and Pragya for property and shares promised by Tanu !!!!!
    Guys that was not a dream , Tanu has gotten married to Abhi for real , now Pragya and Prachi both will be out of the house. Again.

    1. Any news on Pranbir????

  25. But at least Pragya is not missing and not presumed , will likely go back to Sarita’s house for time being.
    So that rules out possibility of any duration leap

    1. not presumed *dead

    2. Wat abt Pranbir??

    3. @ meme
      Nothing about them yet. But as I said yesterday , Ranbir has got an excuse to deny marrying Rhea at least the very next day. And he will most likely take it and say he doesn’t want marry in such an environment , when his chief has suffered such a great shock

  26. @Colin
    it doesn’t need a reason for a leap. And who says Tanu gets exposed?
    this could be one of the reasons for leap and the separation: accident + the suspicion that Pragya is dead, Tanu feels betrayed and puts Abhi in jail. Misunderstanding between Abhi and Pragya- the reasons for this are the kids etc…

    Besides, it is clear that if they show Abhi-Tanu as a married couple before and after the leap, that the show will lose more and more viewers, most of all the Abhigya fans, and they are in the majority. I don’t think EK wants to take any more risks because the TRPs are already terrible.

    1. @Meli Singh
      Yes , Tanu is not going to get exposed immediately so Pragya will leave the house and both Abhi and Pragya will again try to deal with the situation , and this all will obviously start immediately , so how does leap fit in this scenario ??

      There’s no reason for Tanu to try to get Pragya killed now. She has succeeded in marrying Abhi and in her eyes her victory is complete and Pragya is not a threat anymore so why would she bother to kill her ??

      She’d rather like to keep Pragya alive and inflict mental torture on her by living as Abhi’s wife

  27. I am guessing that now might become Purab’s reentry , and likely Disha’s as well. Pragya needs someone at her side desperately , and who else other than Purab and Disha !!!

    Also , Aliya’s betrayal has opened way for her and Purab’s separation , so maybe now Disha will come back as well.

    Another side effect of Aliya’s betrayal will be , once it gets revealed she is definitely going to get dumped by Purab , and maybe Aryan will cut off ties with her as well , he will not tolerate her two faced mother who preached “family family” for all her life and then backstabbed her own brother for money.

    This will also make way for Aryan-Shahana , since now Aryan will not care about her mother’s opinion

  28. But why is everyone (abhi) blaming pragya for it, i mean she was kept unconscious..everytime some bad thing happens n blame goes to mother-daugther..crap
    N i think aliya’s truth will not be releaved in front of everyone, she may thinking it in her mind(flashback)..

    1. Obviously !!!!!
      But for how long will it stay hidden. It’s such a stupendous truth that it has to get revealed sooner or later

  29. lol i am really excited to see if Madame EK managed to gain 1.4 TRP with this drama because this week was 1.3 TRP

    1. @Meli Singh
      Kumkum Bhagya will never fade out of popularity
      Fans who have been following ABHIGYA’S story since beginning , have formed an emotional bond with them. Irritated they might , but they will not stop loving the show , at the true diehard fans will not abandon it. They will want to see the end where ABHIGYA is united forever.

      For them it’s more than TRP numbers , it’s emotional attachment for them !!

  30. I honestly don’t understand why this show just keeps on moving in circles.
    This show should just end of tired of the bs.

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