Kumkum Bhagya 11th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Abhi decides to leave house with Purab-Disha

Kumkum Bhagya 11th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Purab telling Estate agent that he will come with his wife at 2 pm. Taya ji asks why did you want to see the house. Purab says you know about Aaliya. Tanu hears her and goes. Dasi asks Disha if she knows what Purab is doing. Abhi asks Aaliya to give too yumm chips and promotes it. Aaliya likes the taste. She asks Robin to get too yumm chips for her. Tanu comes to Aaliya and says Purab is leaving the house. She asks how you will live? Aaliya says she is not like her and can’t bear to see him romancing with Disha. She thinks to create misunderstandings between them. She says Abhi got married to you because of his misunderstanding with Pragya. Tanu says family is stopping him. Disha tells that they will be near the house. Mitali asks who will receive my courier? Disha asks her

to give her address. Raj says how can we live without Sunny. Purab says it will be good for Aaliya.

Aaliya says I will never forget your favor and asks if he is stumbling not to go. Mitali says he didn’t call us and says she can value relations and loves ones. She says I have heart and not heartless like you. Aaliya asks Mitali to pack her bags and leave with them. Dasi shouts. Aaliya asks when we have decided that they will leave then why you all are interfering again. She says I told clearly that I have problem with their stay and can’t bear to see them together. She asks why they are stopping them. She says she feels pain to see someone belonging to him with someone else. She asks Purab to leave. Suwarni Dadi and Dasi ask her to stop. Aaliya says they have to leave. Raj says if they leave then family will break. Dasi says she is shameless. Purab asks Dasi not to say anything.

Aaliya asks him to just get out from here. Disha says we will leave just as we get the house. Aaliya asks if your name is Purab and says you came here as a refugee. Disha says I will interfere as you are speaking to my husband. Aaliya holds her hand angrily. Purab asks her to leave his wife’s hand. Aaliya tells Purab that he got habitual to luxuries which belongs to her brother. She says you are burdened by my brother’s favors. She says this is Mehra Mansion,, my house and asks him to get out. Dasi shouts. Aaliya says we are your blood and not him. Purab says I will leave now itself. Aaliya asks him to do this favor on her. Purab says he can’t bear any more insult now and asks Dasi to let them go. He says it is matter of Disha’s respect now and they have to leave. Dasi asks Mitali to call Abhi and says he will only stop Purab. Dadi scolds Aaliya. Aaliya says she made her life simple.

Dasi says do you think we will let you live peacefully. Aaliya asks what she will go. Purab and Disha get ready with their stuff. Dasi and others try to stop them. Abhi comes there and asks Purab to stop. He asks Aaliya what is your problem with purab. Aaliya says I already told everyone and tells that she is right. Abhi says Mitali bhabhi told me everything and says you asked him to go as you love him even now. Aaliya says she used to love him and not anymore. Abhi says you both are very important to me. He says Purab doesn’t do any mistake and won’t let me do mistake. He says you always do mistake. He says he will do something which will make her happy. He asks Disha to wait for him. Abhi brings his stuff. Purab and Aaliya ask what is he doing? Abhi says I will not tell you anything, and tells that he is leaving the house with Purab and Disha.

Dasi says we will also come with you. Abhi says we will shift to a new house. Pragya tells Pragya that she has promised Sunny to go to his house.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I’m a huge fan of Kumkum Bhagya. Love Abhi and Pragya but truth should unfold about Kiara being Abhi’s daughter and that Pragya is not really married. Abhi should know how loyal Pragya really is.

  2. Abhi ke ghar wale tab kahan mar gae the jab abhi ne pragya ko jaane ko kaha tha useless people goid for nothing fasool ki episodes dekha kr drama ko keench rhe hain

  3. Really end the series eventhough it’s fiction relaly I m suprrise how Abbi has change dthis much after leap always behind Lia and believing her and his mitress so. Called wife they did many things to hm bit what happens to hm really plz find if theserie can’t see this junglians really the abhi who admired a lot has died for me I accept the fact that pragya also had hidden many thing and didn’t share anything to him but can’t see this story without abihay he rlife got hell really and also pragya also change all made pragya life a hell relaly I think he is really happy with dishrab and his sis and his wife why can’t abhi be at least like his so called dbro who does nt give up disha and alw Beng supporting for her as actually dishrab should get best pair award ecuse from first they had no secrets between then they sahred even the same bed not like abigya alwz separate even Ruchi and vin are married they shared same room and same bed when I see them I can’t see abigya Alex sleeping serperately now tolrally pissed off with this series

  4. Kkb the disguting serial ever seen what is the prob of Alia and tabu with pragya I can’t understand really what makes Alia hate prgaya now also that bicth tanu k leave it I didn’t care her how come abhi s so cheap anyway plz find if the series can’t see disgusting to the end only one line mad eme tears in my eyes that is both Alia and purab are important and also

  5. Uff.. Once again it was Aliya all the way.. No abhi no pragya.. Don’t know why the serial is called kumkum bhagya.. How can any writer be so sick in the mind.. Showing so much negativety and to what extent.. To the extent of being so shameless and no value for any relationship…. How else can u explain the aliya track…. And abhi can’t he just slap aliya and throw her out.. She is the cause of everyone unhappiness.. But abhi being abhi has no brains and is a crass and by no means a man

  6. Pragya is better off without this stupid abhi… Sirf size is become big… Lekin not fit tobe called a man… Could not stand up for his wife and now does not have the guts in his balls to punish and kick out aliya.. At least one evil less…

  7. Just lovely. Today Abhi and the Kim Kardashian wannabe are made into actors for advertisements. And the promos and precap were the episode. The alcoholic Tanu toy appeared to be her usual self, stuck in a pink and brown hazed drug induced euphoria. She is looking more and more ‘stoned’ each episode. Is that her mediocre talent or is she now just stoned all the time.
    So is the Kim Kardashian wannabe being set for a job at the UN? Mind you, they’ll likely want the Kim Kardashian wannabe to do something about her nose and her thighs. Lucky, that you don’t have to be a good actress to get the job. Just obedient. Easy for an Indian woman.
    Oh Ekta! Brilliant, you are not!

  8. when will the family members show some courage, hire goondas and dispose of the problems. The kim kardashian wannabe and the stoned pink and brown addict simply need to be in a car ….that blows up. Then perhaps the actual show KKB could begin.
    Now what could you advertise while the car blows up Ekta? Electronic s*xual devices? They allow you to exist, Ekta, so why not? Psychopathy, s*x and dehumanising violence… all just perfect, right Ekta? You and your two pet actresses would have a riot!

  9. why so drama to suppress female its like husband wish.yes,when he say yes.no,when he say no.if husband say go then wife will go.why they r playing with female emotions,its nt fair

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