Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 8th May 2018 Written Episode Update kulfi falls in manhole

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Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 8th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sikander Wakes up and goes to dining for breakfast,kulfi waits at corner with Jonny and says once he sees my gift his anger will vanish,lovely walks to Sikander and says I made your favourite breakfast,Sikander says wow really,lovely says yes aloo parathas and kheer and bread pakodas,lovely serves Sikander breakfast,Sikander says I’m happy you remember all this,lovely says yes I do and there’s something important I have to talk,Sikander checks kulfis plate and says goddess Saraswati who made it,kulfi about to step and say me,amyra says I did,Sikander says you,kulfi sees why is she lying,Sikander asks where did you learn,amyra says left right,kulfi says why is everyone lying,amyra says dada I heard you scolding kulfi and so I made this for you,lovely says aww my baby,Sikander hugs her and says I love you,and you proved that I’m not wrong.

Kulfi says why is she lying and now how will I apologise to Sikander sir,and leaves.kulfi goes to balcony,amyra walks to kulfi,kulfi says I don’t talk to liars,I thought we are friends but,amyra says so I did so,dada hates people who waste food,and he at times have scolded left right too and he won’t scold me and so to save you I did this to save you from his anger,kulfi says thank you for helping me,Jonny barks at amyra,kulfi says she helped me don’t be upset on her and now how will I talk to sikander sir,kulfi sees lovely and says she is amyras mom and moms always help may be she will help me.

Lovely walks to Sikander and help him while he is dressing and hugs him,kulfi walks and seeing them hug walks out and says let me wait out,lovely says I just talked to Roshan Kumar and he said amyra still holds chance and you just talk to him once and our dream will come true,Sikander says our dream will take time lovely,lovely says me and amyra are waiting since long,Sikander says dream is seen from long but practice is started from today and so we need to wait and I can’t lie to Roshan that will be cheating with amyra and music.

Kulfi by mistake breaks a vase,lovely and Sikander walks out,lovely scolds kulfi and asks what are you doing here,kulfi says I came to talk to you for Sikander sir,lovely says look at him,he is so uncultured,if amyra stays with him she will spoil,get out cmon,Sikander says don’t lovely,lovely says is it necessary to cut my every sentence,I said no means no,kulfi runs away,Sikander says why scold a little kid and listen for amyra we need to wait,lovely says look for a unknown kid you fighting with me,what relation you have with him,Sikander says humanity lovely and see lovely if we need to stand by this relation we need to resolve each other and then comes love but you,and he walks away.

Kulfi to Jonny says please I don’t want to stay tell me where my bag is,nanu please help,jagira says stop crying,what was in that bag,kulfi says a book,moms wedding chunari,jagira says May be the book has something written about your father and now go say sorry to lovely mam,and then you may get some more time for bag,kulfi says mom said not to stay in place where you aren’t respected and here no one wants me to stay too,I just want my bag,this dog isn’t saying anything,I don’t want to stay here not here for my bag,I’m going but this magical door,god please save me from this and enters the lift scared,but thinks about bag and runs and hits lovely and says sorry please forgive me,lovely says shut up and how dare you get out,kulfi says I want my moms bag and then I will go on my own,Mahinder sees that and follows,lovely gets in lift with kulfi and goes to security and says throw him out or else I will throw you out.

Kulfi runs away,security scares her away.two men drinking alcohol,kulfi gets near them,and falls in manhole.

Lovely gets home,Mahinder says why did you behave like this,jagira said he will leave soon but he is small kid why do this,lovely says it’s my house and not footpath and teach your brother culture and not me,and she leaves.gunjan says why talk to her when she misbehaves,I can’t see she always insults you,please stay away from her.

Amyra singing,lovely hears her sing,she calls her dad and says I need to see you right away,kulfi walks around in the manhole trying to figure out but gets scared,she calls out for help.

Pre cap: kulfi says it’s such a mess,I should be careful.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Maybe Amyra can’r sing and Lovely/family are going to make Kulfi sing and pass it off as Amyra’s voice? I feel like that might a track in the future. I wish Sikandar would find out Kulfi is his daughter. Maybe he will find Kulfi’s sack?

  2. I hope she forget her bag n sikander find it n recall his wife outfit n realize if kulfi is his daughter

  3. Kulfi is such a great artist for a small child. i hope she gets rescued quick from the manhole. Johny takes kulfi’s potly to Sikander & he opens it & finds whats inside.

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