Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 30th May 2018 Written Episode Update

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Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 30th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Lovely picks up Kulfi as she has tripped and managed to avoid her meeting Sikander.

She takes her back stage, Sikander spots Amyra is is very happy that she came to the concert. Amyra says we have come to surprise you, Lovely come there, she tells him to go to the stage as he is yet to perform. Sikander leaves. Lovely’s mom come and says thanks God we found Kulfi, Lovely tells her mum to ensure that Roshan Kumar introduces Amaira properly. She takes Amyra back stage and tells her that its her big day and she should focus.

Sikander performs next on tumse milke dil ka hai jo haal kya kare. Kulfi’s mama wonders that Sikander is in a good mood all of a sudden, he was singing sad song earlier, he had assumed that Sikander was remembering his wife Nimrat and kulfi, but now with change in Sikander’s mood, he wonders can Sikander really help him to find Kulfi.

Sikander is happy that Amaira and Lovely have come for his concert and sens a love message to all his fans.

Lovely tells Amyra, this is the day we were waiting for so many days, today you will be a superstar, she tells to perform so well, that people can never say that Sikander’s daughter cannot sing. Kulfi is with the sound engineer and asks him why he has such messy hair, he should put oil. the guy tells him to worry about her hair. He again asks him questions about his equipments. He is pissed off.

She asks him if he knows her father, he is about to give details, lovely comes, Kulfi is shocked and starts coughing, Lovely is tensed. The host says today’s highlight of the day is still to come, we will introduce you the future of singing.

Lovely tells Kulfi to stop thinking about hurt, forces her to take meds and give water. She tells Kulfi that its only one song. Lovely pushes Kulfi to sing and says she has done so much for her, she has to sing, Roshan Kumar is coming to sound room while Lovely is emotionally blackmailing Kulfi for doing so many things for her. Kulfi hugs Lovely and says you are my good friend, i need your help. Lovely says if you are my real friend, then sing now, now.

Roshan Kumar stops as Amaira is called on stage. Sikander is shocked, he fumes out of anger, his brother hugs him and tells him not to do any show down. Kulfi’s mama is shocked to see Sikander’s daughter Amaira. Amyra says this is all for you papa, sikander hides his anger while he is in tears as media is watching him. Kulfi’s mama breaks down. Amyra hints she is ready, Kulfi tells Amyra to sing.

Kulfi sings with much pain in her throat. Amyra’s Dadi says this is not Amyar’s voice, Kulfi’s mama recognizes Kulfi’s voice but thinks that Amyra could have same kind of voice.

Amyra is lip syncing to Kulfi’s voice, Kulfi is singing song about friendship and trust. Kulfi is pain as she sings. Sikander is unhappy with the betrayal. Kulfi cough Lovely still makes her sing. Lovely is happy that her planned worked, Amyra is shocked to see everyone applaud, Lovely comes on stage and is siling while Sikander is sad, Amyra can see her father is sad and is not standing like others.

Media asks Sikander if this was a surprise for him, how is he feeling, they asks if Amyra is trained by him, he goes on stage, Lovely is tensed.

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  1. I hope kulfi run out on stage n start singing or they ask amyra to sing it back

  2. Will this stupid lady be caught or not

    1. I don’t think that she will be caught because this serial is seems to promoting injustice of the worst kind BLACKMAIL!!!!!!!!!

  3. Jyoti Krishnaa

    Lovely to kulfi “Tum mere liye gaana gaogi”…lol gaogi….fr them he is a boy….thn how c said gaogi…

  4. This storyline is like other serials it’s jus dragging and the same boring way of taking it why don’t u all bring a change and make it interesting

  5. Amaira is not sikanders daughter.. She is lovely’s daughter whicg she had with her boyfriend, and that was the reason why she married sikander

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