Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 30th August 2018 Written Episode Update Sikander reads the diary.

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Amayra locks herself in room. Lovely pleads Amayra to come out. Sikandar comes there and tries to meet Amayra but Lovely asks him to get out as he only cares for Kulfi and not Amayra. Sikandar pleads but Lovely asks him to get lost. Sikandar leaves and Lovely once again pleads Amayra to open the door. Kulfi feels very guilty that Amayra went away because if her. Mohender sees Kulfi and thinks that he has to tell Sikandar the truth about Kulfi. Sikandar’s mother stops Mohender and says that Kulfi and Amayra cannot live in one house as they will never be happy. Sikandar’s mother says that if Kulfi lives with Tevar then she will get a good upbringing. Tevar comes to the house and calls out to Kulfi. Mohender stops Tevar. Sikandar comes and Tevar tells him that he is taking away Kulfi. Sikandar ask him to wait. Kulfi pleads Tevar to wait as Amayra has left the house. Tevar starts laughing and tells Sikandar to be a good father for Amayra.

DNA test technician comes. Sikandar tells Tevar to giv
test to prove he is Kulfi’s father. Tevar agrees for the test. Sikandar’s mother worries that truth will come out. Tevar says that he cannot wait for test results as he is longing to take Kulfi with him. Tevar tells Kulfi that he is her father and they will go to Chiroli to find out the truth. A man comes bringing Nimrit’s potli. Kulfi sees the potli and says that it has the book where her mother has written about her father. Kulfi hugs the potli. Kulfi asks Sikandar to open the potli to know about her father. Sikandar sends away the DNA technician. Lovely comes and recalls throwing away the potli in the dustbin. Sikandar opens the potli. Tevar asks Sikandar to open the diary. Sikandar opens the diary and starts crying. Kulfi asks Sikandar what is written in the diary. Sikandar sees the locket and opens it. Kulfi pleads Sikandar to tell her who is her father. Sikandar says that this potli has revealed the entire truth.

Precap: Kulfi hugs Lovely and tells her that she is very nice. Lovely tell Kulfi that she has found her father and now she should live with him happily.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. ok….
    so now sikka knows that Khulfi is his daughter????
    Why wont the dadi just tell him??????? – personally i think she is selfish
    Khulfi has suffered enough in the serial…. hope she does not go to Tevar
    Lovely is always plotting something evil and surprising she wins all the time….

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