Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 26th April 2019 Written Episode Update Sikander won’t give up on Kulfi.

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Kulfi walks away, sikander starts singing to cheer her, Kulfi turns around and finds him missing, sikander surprise her and makes her laugh, Kulfi starts enjoying the song, Kulfi tries to join him sing but unable to,falana recording them, kulfi very upset, kulfi remembers the accident and starts crying, Mia tensed too seeing live recording.

Sikander and kulfi together, Sikander says stay here I shall get back. Sikander looks at star and says nimi I know you will never forgive me but atleast help me for sake of our daughter we don’t have much time, Kulfi sees a car approaching Sikander, and tries to see, sikander sees the car and gets aside, sikander sees scared Kulfi and rushes to her, Kulfi hugs him and starts crying.mia says I have an idea, I am so brilliant. Kulfi walks to her friends, her friends ask her to sing or speak , Kulfi doesn’t, she hugs her friends and starts crying.

Mia shows Sikander video where kulfi does have some voice but for her to recover we nee do put you in danger I have an idea. Friends try to calm and cheer kulfi, Akash says nothing is gonna work winner is Akash, I was anyways gonna win, Akash says kulfi stop crying, sing or else leave, let’s see your guts say a word I shall never trouble, Kulfi tries hard, but couldn’t speak so leaves, Akash says I tried so that she can speak, I’m sorry I was trying to help. Sikander asks Mia how could she shoot without permission, Mia says I did it for betterment, and the act I’m suggesting is all to help Kulfi please try an understand and I have a daughter too, I know Kulfi isn’t your daughter but we could help a kid, whole life she will have to spend without voice, please take this risk for this kid.

Next round begins, rocket says we have no song, no rehearsals, Kulfi can’t sing we will be eliminated. Lovely looks at Kulfi thinks her state doesn’t look good how will she sing. Harsh calls Akash on stage, Akash begins his performance,harsh asks judges to score Akash, chittu says he was so good, sikander looks at Kulfi and smiles, Kulfi thinking about elimination.

Sikander having water, Kulfi walks to him and signs him, sikander says speak I don’t understand,sikander says stop I know you can sing, no one will make fun of you,Kulfi gets paper and pen and writes down when I don’t trust myself why do you, and I’m no one to you so why do you trust me,sikander starts crying and pulls her close and says and about to say I’m your, sees Amyra and stop.

Pre cap : Sikander singing on stage, Kulfi tries hard to sing, Kulfi sees Sikander on stage singing and chandelier to collapse on him.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. Same track on repeat mode..kulfi goes away..sikander crying for her..when she returns back..disowns her..kulfi reaches hospital every now and then..she is about to die..all of a sudden becomes perfectly alright..then all of them cry cry and cry..then again she goes somewhere returns back and so on..

  2. Same dragging story..same track on repeat mode…kulfi goes away from sikander..everyone cries .sikander desperately wants her back..when she returns to him..he disowns her again..cries again..same hospital track every now and then where kulfi will have near death experience and suddenly become fine within a day..same evil amyra..always wants her dada to stick to her like a glue and not even look at anybody else..(actually behaves more like an overpossessive insecure gf and not a daughter)..the same gill family who have no role to play..they all are just puppets and no matter kulfi lives or dies or whatsoever injustice is done with her all they can do is cry for her and care only for their ammu(who is not even related to them by blood)..almost a year and not even a single change in track..character and our hopes even when everyone knows the truth now and as per the current track it seems till the time amyra is there sikander won’t accept kulfi and without amyra the makers will not be able to show anything bcoz they have to repeat the same story so the best solution is to stop watching it or not to hope for any good for poor kulfi

  3. Agree. Story line is repetitive. Sikander treats Kulfi like a yoyo. Continually crying for her and continually rejecting her. Never seen a serial with so much tears , everyone cries And cries. And everyone knows that Sikander is Kulfi’s father but will still perpetuate the injustice to Kulfi and……..cry. Their tears have lost their effect. And Kulfi must still wait until Sikander develops the courage to acknowledge his daughter to her face………

  4. Why is so much crying..surely Shikender is not helpless.Face the truth and wicked lovleen to tell her spoilt daughter about her real dad.Shikender should stop inflicting pain in multi his own child.Is he blind that Amyra is just acting of being ill.Why is Shikender still allowing lovleen to be with him?? She has killed Nimrat and torchered kulf I and he isi willing to still be part their lives…why.Sorry but Shikender should either walk away or own up throw lovleen out and sorry but she does not deserve forgiveness. Shikender stop torchering your own child and let her go to a better life cos all you have given her is pain .

  5. f**k off kulfi…I hate aakrithi sharma with my full heart…she is a real b*t*h…and why is she always comming behind sikandar…I pray every day that aakrithi sharma should die…go to he’ll..your acting is stupid and you dress like a begger…I HATE YOU KULFI

    1. I agree with u Ellen..u r speaking true…I totally love that cute myra aka amyra..she and siken look like a real father and daughter…..I watch this show only for myra and mohit… not for that b*t*h aakrithi…God make her die in real life..

    2. WTF you two are telling she is the best child actress I ever saw.

    3. wtf dudes yaĺl are sick it’s just a character. Chill the f out tf wishing her death. Get some serious help.

    4. If all other b*t*hes speak ill about lovely and amyra nobody stops or opposes them..infact they appreciate…they’re also characters no? So before reply shut the f up and think…if you reply this to the people who hates Amu and love then fine..anyways I’m a medical student and I can take a better care of myself..

  6. I hate you…you look like a Cecil..infact u r a cursed child….i don’t know many words to scold u…anyway I should better learn….you are indeed a dirty girl…..Krishna please get her away from sikandar and a mayra lives…

  7. Omg! I’ve never seen a ugly girl like aakrithi sharma ever…..

  8. I’m pregnent now and the doctor told its a baby girl…I want my baby to look just like Myra singh…she is a real Angel in the world..oh my God what a cutie..God bless you child.. I feel so happy when I see sikandar and amyra together…I watch this show only for that cutie..

  9. If I got to know I’ll have a kid just like aakrithi b*t*h then I’ll obviously abort it…I’m damn serious…her mother should be so unlucky to give that ugly creature in this whole india

    1. Oh God…You’re Such A Stupid Girl
      How Did You Even Get To Be A Medical Student..
      No Brains At All..You’re So Insane And Stupid
      How can you even say things like that..Are you even fit to stand in front of Akrithi Sharma??Crushing Such Small Innocent Girl For A Show Unreal Show..you said you’re a medical student so please get yourself a medical check up..you really need a psychologist..
      I feel you’re mentally sick..Don’t know the difference between Reality And Fiction..Such A psychopath
      Do you even know how she is in the real life.??Can you even act like her???

    2. I don’t wish death upon anyone, specially not f**king characters, that’s just weird. It’s fine to not like a character, however you can’t relate them with the actors playing that lol ?

  10. If i get pregnant and get to know that I’ll give birth to a girl like that aakrithi b*t*h I will abortion it….such a ugly face and begger like talk…I don’t know how her mother first touched kulfi aka aakrithi…way too ugly I will never touch a girl like her

  11. Plz stop speaking nonsense ..u people doesn’t deserve to comment….so much hatered….

  12. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    Helen, Divya.D, Priya, Thinu, Santhya, Aisha ??????????????? all of your names have the same symbol ???? you’re ALL the “same” person ????????? omg omg ????????? lolololololololololololololol

  13. All of sudden why all starting to hate kulfi , before all you hated Amyra now kufi such a stupid all you are ,i am surprised all you like Amyra a nagative chrecter daughter

  14. All of sudden why all starting to hate kulfi , before all you hated Amyra now kufi such a stupid all you are ,i am surprised all you like Amyra a nagative chrecter daughter

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