Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 25th February 2019 Written Episode Update Sikander finds the truth.

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Sikander reads the diary ahead, nimrat reads I aimed her as we wanted sweet and what matters us most, I named our daughter on our sweetest memory,sikander finds the page where name written burnt, nimrat shouts it’s Kulfi, Sikander thinks of Nimrat and runs to his room, and removes his handkerchief gifted by nimart and realises kulfi is his daughters name, nimrat happy and says yes our daughter kulfi. Sikander reads ahead, nimrat writes, our daughter sings just like you, she has beautiful voice, sikander remembers meeting Kulfi and how she described her father,Sikander very happy and remembers every moment with Kulfi.

Sikander says god my daughter was with me all the time,nimrat says and you couldn’t recognise her and smiles, sikander says this is why we are so connected to eachother

and I feel that pain when she is away from me,and somehow we get back together because she is mine, my daughter, nimrat says cmon get up go get your daughter, Sikander says I won’t let my daughter go away from me and rushes to get her.nimrat says go sikander get our daughter, get her back to her father, thank you god for reuniting kulfi and Sikander, keep my family happy and together and Nimrat leaves.

Sikander on his way thinking about kulfi all the time, and says kulfi you are not alone, you have family, your baba is here, my love will cure all your sadness, sikander finds the car but finds kulfi missing and other passenger in it. Sikander heart broken says kulfi dear your father is waiting to see you, sikander picks kulfis form and goes towards boarding school, excited to tell Kulfi that he is her father. Sikander reaches school, and asks for kulfi and introduces himself as kulfis father, Sikander carrying flowers and gifts for kulfi and eagerly waiting for her, he imagines himself being with Nimrat when Kulfi was born and by them when she grew up.

Sikander nervous, and says god I’m so nervous, and says What if Kulfi asks me all those questions she had been asked all these years what will I answer her, anyways she has to ask it’s her right, but how will I tell her she is my daughter and starts practising, and says we always felt the connection right, it’s because I’m actually your daughter, peon says talk to ma’am.sikander tells ma’am about kulfi, she says we have no girl named Kulfi, sikander says she must have reached just now, she says no ways, there no girl here, sikander shows photo, she says no she isn’t here, sikander shows form, ma’am says it’s not our boarding school and shows the original form.sikander confused.

Sikander remembers how desperately lovely wanted to send Kulfi away, Sikander goes home and sees lovely. Amyra ready to play with Sikander, lovely says cmon play, sikander acts for Amyra, amyra gets scared, and says thank you dad, after so long I feel homely,we will be like this right, sikander says yes go to your room I have to talk to your mom, amyra says you will fight again, sikander says no you go to your room, I will be there, amyra leaves.

Sikander says lovely without creating any drama tell me where is my daughter kulfi,.

Pre cap : Sikander says lovely she is my daughter I don’t need you to find my daughter, Lovely says you will never find her, everyone gathers, lovely says instead of getting upset over me why don’t you ask them why did they hide truth from you.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. This would be the perfect moment for Gunjan to tell Sikander that she told Amyra the truth about Kulfi. That way Sikander can show is devastating disbelief that his princess daughter is the same as her mother, that blood is thicker that love. Then devious daughter can fess up that her mother poisoned her to keep him with them.

    If only that would happen.

  2. Sikhandar’ stupid family as usual will be so dumbstricken that not a word will come out. They won’t be able to tell how Loveleen threatened them if they had told the truth. They still believe that Sikhandar, Loveleen and Amyra can have a happy family life all based on lies and threats. Sikhandar’s mother and brother have consciously deprived Kulfi of her rights in favour of Amyra despite they were aware that Loveleen has fooled Sikhandar into believing Amyra is his daughter. There is no harm in loving a stranger as your daughter. It is absolutely beautiful but being tricked into it and lied upon is not good at all.
    What a bunch of crap and despicable logic. No human being in their right mind will have these kind of logic and principle. Only in those crappy Indian serials. That’s why my friends I would advise you to stop watching these serials. They are downgrading women and Indians!

    1. Actually, Lovely didn’t threaten them, they made the decision themselves. She might have tried to act nice so they don’t reveal but there were threats. Gunjan is the only who didn’t agree to this secret and she fell, hit her head during the argument. When she got better her husband blackmailed her into not telling.

  3. sikandar must tell his family about amyrah not being his daughter and she is tevar and lovely daughter. amyrah must know she is an illegitimate child of lovely because she is very jealous of poor kulfi depriving her from her father’s name and love though being an orphan.

    1. I agree, as it is the story has always been revolving around poor Amayra Baby. Writers have twisted her character into a Jekyll and Hyde personality

  4. This is the perfect moment to reveal the truth that Amyra is an illegitimate child


    1. True, can’t take him seriously

  6. Sikandar’s family hai make problem they knew the true and watch the poor man suffering. For me i hate their behaviors

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