Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 23rd August 2018 Written Episode Update : Cutie pays Nihalo to lie to Tevar.

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Sunidhi begins her performance, Lovely leaves the performance,Amyra and Kulfi enjoying the performance and ask Sikander to join them, Lovely sees them, Lovely gets a call she leaves dressing room,Cutie says you don’t worry your work will be done. Cutie with Nihalo and gives her a suitcase full of money,Nihalo very excited,and asks why did you ask me to lie to that man that Kulfi is Lovelys daughter,Cutie says just do what i asked to and this topic is closed now.

Pritam invites Aziz on stage to perform, Tevar on his way back thinking of Kulfi,Tevar says my daughter was near me but i couldn’t recognise her. Sikander breaks down thinking of injustice and wrong hebis about to do.Bebe says mohendar im worried for Sikander he wasnt doing well when we left home,if Sikander denies for show,Amyra will hate him and Kulfis truth someday will be out,Mohendar says Amyra should know her dad loves her a lot and Amyra for now hates Kulfi a lot.

Mohendar walks to Sikander he hugs him and starts crying and says I dont want to hurt anyone,how will i do this,im cheating my mysic,kulfi and hurting Amyra, Mohendar says look at me,dont cry its just a night one show,i know you are broken inside,but for your childs happiness just do it, Sikander says im doing this for my Amyra, you are with me right. Tevar reaches the concert venue.

Tevar starts looking for Lovely in dressing ro says Sikander Tevar isn’t here so you will perform next,come Amyra let’s get ready, Kulfi misses her mother and looks at Sikander and touches his feet for blessing,smiles and stops him from leaving the room,Amyra and Lovely watch them bond,Kulfi in tears hug Sikander,Amyra feels bad.Lovely says god this drama and after this concert Kulfi will be away from Sikander forever. Lovely hugs Amyra.

Kulfi takes Tevars blessings,and says long haired uncle you are very good singer will you bless me before my performance, Tevar hugs her.

Pre cap : Sunidhi performs patriotic song. Tevar sees Kulfi singing and Amyra lipsing in dressing room and thinks to make their daughter a star these people using my daughter.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. Now I think tevar will take kulfi to live with her so that amayra can’t use her voice as hers so this will sever lovely as she is lying to kulfi

  2. Waiting for the day when the father get know his real daughter. Why must everytime that cruel lovely do things ahead. oh oh…….

  3. Lovely dug her own grave. How the hell did Cutie get in touch with Nihalo. where did she get her number from?/ They have lost the plot in this show.

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