Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 20th June 2018 Written Episode Update lovely proposes Sikander to marry again

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kulfi says you called me to talk about village,mahinder says actually im missing my village so i thought even yiu must so i called,kulfi says mama asked me not to share,im sorry,i dont want to lie,mahinder says kulfi you must be having someone that you talk to and dont feel bad and not break promise too or else your stomach will ache,kulfi says yes god jonny dog ma,mahinder says let’s go to temple and you can speak your heart out and the temple we are going is famous fir fulfilling wishes so let’s go.

dadi asks maid is mahinder home did he get anyone home,she says no he is talking to kulfi,dadi walks to him but he leaves with kulfi.cutie in pain,amyra upset not being able to scare kulfi,cutie starts thinking why did mahinder come alone and then leave with kulfi.cutie calls

lovely but she cuts the call, lovely says Sikander i have a surpise.

mahinder and kulfi reach temple,kulfi says wwoe uch big temple and so pretty,mahinder and kulfi walk in and dadi arrives temple and says why is Mahindra’s car and walks in, Sikander and lovely arrive, Sikander asks why temple we are going movie and lunch date right, lovely says Sikander we are married 7 years now and i want to give us a fresh start and marry again.

kulfi asks mahinder to get her two black threads, mahinder asks why 2, kulfi says one for me and one amyra,i know we are on no talking terms but still.mahinder says ok you go inside i will wash hands and join you.sikandery all this, lovely says when we married we werent happy and didnt want but yesterday when you said we should move on i thought why not take this step, no one is here just us and this will be for us for amyra,so will you marry me again, Sikandar holds her hand,both walk in.

dadi calls kulfi and thinks where is mahinder why is he alone,mahinder puts recorder near mushak (rat) and says i know this is wrong but i need to do this to find the truth,please forgive me god. Sikander is being Snapped at temple, lovely asks where are you lost, Sikander says i hope you are sure what you are doing,its scary we need to stand by it, lovely says even im scared last time we did we were forced, this time it will be for us and will make our own woes.lovely distracts Sikander by allowing fans meet him.

dadi says i will have to asks kulfi where is mahinder,dadi hears fans cheering Sikander and sees him and says oh kulfi was just a reason to meet herebthese bros used,and sees lovely and says oh god this means Sikander doesn’t know about mahinder,i have to find mahinder and talk to him.

lovely thinks marrying is only reason to secure mine and amyras future, Sikander thinking about nimrat and all the confusion.

pre cap : kulfi tells truth in mushaks ears,mahinder later hears all the recording.sikander and lovely take phera.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. I hope mahinder stop the wedding n play the recording for him

  2. Loveing this shows so much

  3. Lovely and Sikinder : jodi is weird .
    She is so manupilative 🙁

  4. Lovely and Sikinder : jodi is weird .
    She is so manupilative 🙁

  5. I hate this lovely, and on top of that Amara is not Sikandar daughter . When will he find out. His mother should stop the wedding

  6. Now show is losing its theme. kulfi & sikandar should be reconciled why are they stretching current storyline…. love the show but can’t handle these over melodrama any more ????

  7. Why aren’t we having written updates for the 21st and why does it take so long to get it when we do get it? This has happened several times with this serial? Please don’t get me wrong. I am just wondering if there’s a specific reason.

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