Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 17th December 2018 Written Episode Update Kulfi gets her answers.

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Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 17th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Amyra tries to stop Lovely from signing but she does, lovely says baby you trust me right then all will be good. Sikander asks lawyer did Lovely sent it on her own, I don’t believe,lawyer says yes she did, Sikander says I need to talk to Lovely,I know her very well, lawyer says if you did I wouldn’t be here and find a lawyer better than Adi Irani who has till date lost no case,I’m waiting for your answer and leaves, Sikander in anger signs,Mohendar scolds him, gunjan says even after these papers you don’t understand,Mohendar says gunjan shutup and Sikander why do this, she is your wife, Kulfi watching all this,Mohendar says enough of this Sikander,I can’t let you do all this,Kulfi starts crying.

Sikander in balcony,Kulfi walks to him,Sikander says I scolded you a lot right,

Kulfi says Ma used to do same,first use to scold and then cry, if she can even you,Kulfi explains Sikander anger is not good and vent it out,so tell me what ever you have in your mind you will feel better and you will be able to sort issues, Sikander says elders issues are not so simple, Kulfi says patience is good, it helps,so tell me what is it that you are not able to forgive her, Sikander says this time she is not only who is at fault even I am, such mistake that till date I am not able to forgive myself and thinks about Nimrat.

Sikander says to kulfi I broke someone’s trust love everything my life’s biggest mistake, I couldn’t get out of it, I thought my Nimrat is happy but she left me she didn’t even forgive me,Kulfi thinks he stills remembers Ma means he is good man and hugs him,and says it’s not your fault,Sikander hugs her and starts crying,Kulfi says don’t blame yourself,you are not bad person,if Ma would be here she would forgive you,even I did, Sikander thinks you are so pure,even after knowing nothing you forgiven me,and says you are good person.

Kulfi very happy and starts playing with her toys,says I have all her answers he still misses my mother and wants to apologise, and says Ma you would forgive him and tell him about me right,Nimrat doesn’t answer,Kulfi says Ma please tell me,Nimrat signs,Kulfi says yes now I will tell him and call him Baba and rushes out,Kulfi runs to his room and finds him asleep,and says my baba is asleep,puts blanket over him kisses his forehead and leaves.

Kulfi talks to tevars picture and says I will tell sikander sir he is my father but I won’t forget you and still loves you, I’m missing you today, I don’t know how will I tell him the truth, Kulfi runs out of her room,and sees Sikander talking to Mohendar and is very worried and upset,Kulfi says I will talk to him in car. In car Sikander very annoyed,Kulfi says I want to tell you something ,Sikander says yes But before that,it’s about yesterday right,forget about it,don’t be worried about me,Kulfi says why not,Sikander says I don’t want you to be worried you and amyra be kids don’t be stressed because of me and Lovely,Kulfi says why don’t you listen to me.

Pre cap : Sikander says okay tell me,Kulfi says you are my Father.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Yeah good. I hope no twist about him knowing the truth.

  2. dream..

  3. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    It’s too much… yes, no, yes, no … can someone, anyone, please tell Sikander that Kulfi is his daughter ??? ?

  4. So why exactly is the reason Silandar mother and brother are fighting him to stay with ugly nature Lovely. I don’t get it! They’re all hiding Kulfi’s truth yet they want Sikandar to reconcile while Lovely is still telling lies, for example when he asked why she’s been so unjust to Kulfi she lied and then he started feeling sorry for her.
    What do they think? Kulfi truth will never come out? What will happen to him and Lovely when he finds out she knew about Kulfi along with her family, his family and and Amyra?
    I guess all this is just to stretch the story.

  5. Everyone in the family knows the truth except the one who is supposed to know. The kids are portrayed with so much knowledge that they behave like adults. The kids watching the show are taught to play politics at home. The show would be interesting if it’s kept simple and realistic.

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