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Sikander scolds Kulfi for injuring her hand and making it worst, kulfi says I wanted to memorize, Sikander says you make rotis right,we have to get the correct heat similarly we have to be patient, im their for you, kulfi says i know when you teach me i do remember but what about when you aren’t, Sikander says i am there, you say right im your baba in your dreams so think your baba is helping you, amyra hears that. Sikander says i know you wont forget anything tomorrow.

Amyra goes to her room and is very angry, and shatters everything and says now you will see what yiur daughter can do. Tevar says this is very less, manager says you are very famous singer, why do all this, Tevar says time,can you lend me money,manager says sorry i cant.

Sikander helping kulfi study, kulfi

asks where is amyra and she must be waiting for you and also needs to study, Sikander says she stands first in class and lovely is with her dont you worry. Sikander sees lot of amount debited from credit card, and says card is at home whats wrong i will come back and goes home.

Sikander asks lovely what nonsense is this shopping, lovely says i didnt ,bebe says calm down your card must be robbed. Amyra shows card to Sikander, Sikander scolds her,amyra says you have no time for me, so i went home and got whatever i want,bebe asks what you bought,amyta says i threw it, amyra starts insulting Sikander. Kulfi stops Sikander from scolding amyra,amyra leaves.kulfi says i will talk to amyra, Sikander says you go study go home.

Tevar gets home, his legs paining and very tired.akad bakad say your legs are swollen. Tevar says nothing, akad bakad say first car then work how will you manage fees, Kulfi rushes to him. Kulfi asks I didn’t see your car,tevar says i returned it, you tell me did you study,kulfi says Sikander sir is helping me and your trouble,tevar says managing. Kulfi says i know my baba can do anything now you rest i will go study, Kulfi sees tevar worried and says good he didnt see my wound or else would have felt so bad.

Sikander talking to Amyra, and asks why did she do that, Sikander says you could tell me i would take you shopping,amyra says just like that, Sikander asks whats wrong with you,i know my princess is very good and smart she has reasons, bebe says Sikander batra is here, Sikander says okay i will be there, amyra says just like that, Sikander says im going now but you will have to tell why.

Batra says we couldn’t see for so long,and you are busy,amyra says he isnt busy he is just home, Sikander says go in, amyra says you have no song or shows and breaks glasses, Sikander says amyra get in,batra says i will see you later, Sikander asks lovely did she do anything, Lovely says thats good if she does wrong ny fault.

Kulfi decides to call Amyra.amyra doesnt answer. Sikander thinking about Amyras behavior, Sikander sees her breaking all instrument’s, Sikander scolds her all are shocked, amyra says just like that, Sikander about to slap,bebe stops him,amyra says just hit me thats what you want, Sikander says have you lost it whats wrong,tell me, amyra says nothing and runs away and locks herself.

Sikander breaks the door and says theres a limit, amyra says you are just bothered about kulfi, Sikander says we are here why kulfi,amyra says you love kulfi as much as you love me you broke my promise, i heard you talk.

. Pre cap : Sikander asks Amyra whats wrong when she was friend’s with kulfi why is she behaving this way,amyra says because then i didnt know the truth.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. I am so curious to know what will happen. All this hungama is happening because of Bebe. She should have told the truth to Siki. Now no one is happy, including the witch Ugly. Her parents are absolutely nauseating. At this point, even if kulfi learns that Siki is her real dad, can she leave Tevar? I don’t think so. She and Tevar have a strong relationship and they truly love each other. If she leaves him, Tevar will die. The thought of her knowing the truth and yet chooses not to leave Tevar, is killing me.

  2. What a brat
    Even Tevar is so good hearted
    How come this Brat is so insolent
    I mean sikka is your father, not a toy. Come on kiddo he can’t be with you all the time
    And her English is so artificial
    She’s learning 12+2=14+2=16
    And she’s saying English like an expert huh

  3. Do u really think that Amyra is Tevar and lovely daughter, I don’t think so cause Tevar is good at heart and lovely is cruel, sneaky , b*t*hy, fatty like her parents that’s how amyra is.

    Amyra can’t never take place of Kulfis place.
    Everyone should have a daughter like Kulfi.

    Producers, Directors, story writer please bring the 4 culprits (amyra, lovely, mr/mrs Chadda). out in open. LMAO what a name cutie lol
    πŸ’© this is what chadda family are with the granddaughter. They r full of shits.

    Please let Kulfi & Sikander know that they are father daughter duo.

    Sikander mother is a a*sh*le too.

    1. Yes, Amyra is Tevar’s daughter. Her evilness comes from her mother. I hope Ugly is happy now since she has created a monster in her child. She is putting so much crap in her head that she might become a mental case. Why did the brother just listen to Ugly and leave? Why is Bebe robbing her own son’s happiness. Bring the whole truth out and let everyone deal with it.

  4. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    In my country, there is such a thing called a belt 😁 it’s for spoilt children and Amyra needs a few to control her ego …

    Kulfi brought tears to my eyes when her hand started to bleed 😒 she is so innocent in her ways 😍 … I truly hope she finds out about her papa … and the brat about her papa too … then we’ll see her turn that hate towards that so-called mother of hers 😑

    I am so in love with Tevar now 😍 trying his best to take care of his precious daughter (sigh) … Kulfi may end up loving both papas the same πŸ’•

  5. It is not Amyra’s fault, little girl is so confused that her anger comes out in form of arrogance. She loves Sikandar so much and that’s why she is jealous of Kulfi getting all his attention. Whenever she tries to forget everything and love Kulfi, her b*t*hy mother increases her insecurities. She is not doing this for Amyra if she thinks she is then she is fooling herself because in all this, Amyra’s mental health is getting affected the most, poor girl doesn’t know if she should be friendly with Kulfi or harm her. This all tantrum is just her way of getting her father’s attention.

    1. well said.

    2. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

      This is called a tantrum and should not be tolerated becuz the children eventually take advantage of it so it is best to end it right away no matter the situation… She is a spoiled arrogant brat since the beginning of the serial 😑 Kulfi is the one who will teach her manners no matter the situation πŸ˜βœ”

  6. kulfi is sikandar daughter

  7. I don’t know if the crying jerk kulfi is 7yrs kid or 70yrs dadi. I can understand amyra’s pain. Why the hell sika everytime with tevar’s daughter leaving his own daughter alone (he doe7n’t know the truth). Anyway precap is misleading and wont reveal the truth. I’m not excited. I just want tevar to know the truth of amyra

  8. Kulfi is such a sweet child. I wish there were more children like her.

  9. There is no point comparing Kulfi and Amyra. Children are not ready made products with defined characters from birth. They become how they are brought up to be. Kulfi had her mother who gave her good values and taught her to be a good person. Even in her village, Kulfi’s aunt mistreated her and her mother, but Nimrat always encouraged Kulfi to find good in others and take care of others. That is what Kulfi had learnt and therefore she is such a loving, caring person right now.
    What did Amyra have? Grandparents like Mr and Mrs Chadda, a mother like Lovely and an absent father in Sikander. Both Sikander and Lovely are responsible for Amyra’s insecurities. Lovely is the worst mother i have seen onscreen. She is herself insecure, greedy, mean and selfish and she is actively trying to make her daughter the same. Whenever Amyra is happy in her friendship or happy with Sikander, Lovely brainwashes her into believing that her father doesn’t love her. Lovely uses every opportunity to misguide Amyra. How is a little child supposed to see through her own mother’s manipulations? And its not like Sikander is not at fault. Amyra’s questions have validity. Where was Sikander during her school admission? On her first day of school? There are numerous times when Amyra has accused Sikander of being absent when she needed him, and every time Sikander has no answer. Why doesnt he spend time talking to Amyra about her feelings, about her problems, about what she wants and what she is afraid of as he does hundred times with Kulfi?
    Amyra has goodness in her too. She realizes that Kulfi has a heart of gold, and Amyra genuinely enjoys spending time with her. But if things continue like this, I am sure Amyra will grow up to be exactly like Lovely. Maybe when she grows up, I will hate Amyra and consider her a villain. But right now, I only feel bad for her. Her tantrums come from fear and not from arrogance. Her childhood is getting destroyed because of the adults.
    This entire situation is a mess created by the adults. Sikander can cry all he want but he did leave his first wife for a second woman, for money and fame. People say Sikander deserves to find out about his daughter. Well, he wouldn’t have needed finding out if he didnt leave them in the first place. Lovely too left Tevar for a comfortable life. Amyra, Tevar and Kulfi are the only victims here. I just hope the writers dont turn into a full fledged evil character when she grows up.

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