Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 12th February 2019 Written Episode Update Sikander decides to abandons kulfi.

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Amyra stops breathing, all in shock, sikander asks what happened, doctor says calm down, sikander says wake up amyra I promise we will stay together, lovely we will stay together for our daughter no divorce, Lovely says shut up she is my daughter we aren’t coming to you, sikander says I will beg you don’t do this, Lovely says you are just scared all will leave you, doctor and nurse scold them to leave.

Lovely says Sikander you don’t keep promises, amyra is unlucky to have you as a father, and if something happens to her, even I will kill myself and you will be responsible for both of us, sikander falls in her feet and says I will do whatever you say, Lovely says you will have to abandon Kulfi completely, will you be able to do it, decide quickly, Sikander says what games you

keep playing, both girls are mine, I can’t live without any of them,i can’t abandon kulfi, Kulfi hears them and says baba Wong abandon me and leaves, and says I can’t call him baba I agree, but he won’t abandon me,and me and amyra will grow up together happily.

Lovely says to Sikander, you have to if you want amyra. Kulfi prays to god and says baba said he won’t abandon me, now please cure amyra so we can go home,Kulfi hears a boy cry on fear of losing his mother,Kulfi says she won’t go, believe in yourself. Sikander says I break promise to kulfi, lovely says you will loose Amyra then,Send kulfi boarding be with her, otherways, look this is India’s best boarding school, sikander says you have planned so much, lovely says someone has to, sikander says what are you saying I can’t live without her, Lovely says Amyra will die without you, and if you want her you have to send Kulfi away.

Sikander misses amyra and spending time with her, and walks heart broken. Kulfi talks to little boy and motivates him, and asks him to believe that his mom will be fine, Kulfi says like I believe me amyra and Sikander will stay together. Sikander walks to a darga,thinking about kulfi and Amyra, Sikander walks on lighted coal. Lovely waiting for sikander. Sikander breaks down, baba hands him Kulfi. Lovely says I’m sorry amyra we lost, I tried hard but we lost your dad, I’m so sorry, your dad didn’t return, Lovely removes poison from her purse, and says baby I’m tired fighting and now want to sleep beside you for ever in peace.

Lovely opens both bottles and says baby I promised I won’t leave you alone and be by your side,I love you baby, amyra says mom, Lovely removes her oxygen mask and hears music, sikander enters singing song. Amyra opens her eyes, Lovely starts crying, amyra says dad, Sikander hugs amyra. Amyra holds his hand, Sikander says my princess, amyra asks you won’t leave me right, sikander says I will die without you, sikander says never, Lovely asks did you make decision.

(Sikander says baba why this, Baba says take it what god is offering you now because what was yours will always be yours. )

Lovely asks Sikander what decision he made, sikander says I will abandon kulfi and be with amyra, Kulfi hears that, Sikander says I won’t talk to Kulfi I promise, but I need some time,so I can send her boarding, Lovely says okay.kulfi breaks down hearing that.

Pre cap : Kulfi says why is my father sending me away, and if your my mother come save me I’m standing in middle of road come save me.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. How is it that this big witch gets away with every evil plot. She didn’t receive a punishment for killing Nimrat, she put Amyra’s life in danger on the train tracks and didn’t get punished for that. Now she convinced Amyra to take drugs to endanger her life. Seriously both mother and daughter are such big manupulators just to get what they want. If the writers are going to keep the secret from Sikander just end the serial. The only thing we see is that both mother and daughter can’t change at all and trutfully even if they change it would be too awful. They’ve done so much evil, it wouldn’t be fair to give them a happy end by ‘lets all forget and forgive all the evil they’ve done’.

    1. Please this serial needs to be pulled off the air — we don’t want young children getting influenced by this hopelessness. What the heck is it teaching kids? Is it ok to harm your health and risk your life? Why is it ok to be stupid and naive like kulfi? I can’t believe it’s gone from being the best serial to the worst

      1. Yes you are true how the director allows such stupid acting with these two girls, no mother in the world can give poison to her own daughter ,lovly should punished by her own daughter amaira,amaira should tell everybody the truth.

  2. This lovely and her father Tony, her mother cutie, is very very ridiculous, very bad, very mad, very irritating, they should go to jail. And for lovely, she should go to mental asylum also but after jail. And for this, that Tony, cutie, should get expose in front of amyra. And especially that lovely should get expose in front of amyra, and in front of sikandar and his family. And then please make that Tony, cutie and especially that lovely to realise their mistake for which they had done with sikandar and his family and especially with kulfi. And now with amyra. Or make them eliminate and out of this serial kulfi kumar bajewala. Because I hate that Tony, cutie and especially that lovely, because they are not telling sikandar about kulfi that kulfi is sikandar and nimrats daughter. And not telling amyra that amyra is tewar and lovely’s daughter. Instead of this that Tony, cutie and especially now that lovely is throwing kulfi out of sikandars life, using her own daughter amyra while giving poison. And not accepting that kulfi is sikandar and nimrats daughter and amyra is tewar and lovelys daughter. This is wrong, this is very very wrong. Because of amyra and her kulfi will not go anywhere especially from sikandars life. Someone should go that is lovely, but after getting expose. And kulfi is sikandar and nimrats daughter and this truth is will always truth and never change. And amyra is tewar and lovelys daughter not sikandars daughter. And this truth is will also always truth and never change.

    1. her mother kutie

  3. OMG!!! sikander is so confused with fat evil pudding!! Why are u dragging this drama. We are not watching this show to see the extra amount of weight in lovely . If you don’t have anything more to show other than the fatness then please end this drama. It’s just enough of mother and daughter. Why can’t Tevar come and take them both.

  4. Lovely’s fatness overloaded . Please we don’t want to watch this fat pudding 😭

  5. the writers of this show are trying to say that evil always wins. both mother and daughter plan to keep the innocent trusting kulfi away from her father. Why can’t Sikander tell lovely that if Kulfi is not his daughter(according to the story he doesn’t know), then Amyra is also not his daughter as she is Tevar’s daughter. Why should he take the responsibility of Amyra and not Kulfi. they are just stretching the story unnecessarily. the wrong people should be punished. Lovely is forever planning and plotting. She should be thrown out. She is a very careless mother. No mother puts her own child in danger. She has done it twice. punish her. she is just teaching her child to be manipulative like her. Kulfi should get justice.

    1. Sikander cannot tell Lovely he is not Kulfi or Amyra father because Sikander is a weak man and naive man. Whatever Lovely does, he is okay with it. Sikander cannot think for himself, Sikander is one of the dumbest men I have seen in these series. Kulfi will be better off without him. In fact, television will be better off without this serial.

    2. Exactly !! Lovely betrayed sikander . I wonder how she acts so superior while sikander knows all the truth. Why can’t Tevar come and try to get his daughter’s custody

  6. True am with you for that

  7. Just finish this serial it’s getting worse

  8. Please now stop this nonsense and show some decency towards goodness .why can’t amyra be told that she is illegitimate and why is sikander ‘s family watching injustice towards the real daughter and not telling sikander the truth.such illogical track must stop now

    1. yes agree now the story is heading on a very unethical path, regulations should now allow it

    2. Sikander’s hopeless family. The fact won’t change dat Amyra is Tevar’s daughter . And illegitimate. Amyra shuld know her truth. It’s her right

  9. I used to love this show as it was away from all the usual “saas-babhu” dramas.. but hate the turn it has taken.

    agree with all the comments above.

    Please end this show. Let Sikandar know Kulfi is his daughter. Sick of Lovely and her mental issues!!!!!

  10. All views about this show is correct, this has gone on to be a terrible show. On top of that Mohendar and Bebe know that Amayra is not Sikander’s child. At least mother and brother are supposed to support her son, but is going on with this lie. I think little Aakriti (Kullfi) is much too sweet to act in such a show.

  11. What a disgrace to women! Can women stoop so low? And Sikhandar is so weak, both mentally and physically? Domestic violence? And what about child abuse? Cruelty to animals is condemned (Salman Khan). But what about the mental torture they are putting Kulfi and Amyra through?
    How can Sikhandar live with someone like Loveleen?

  12. What a disgrace to women! Can women stoop so low? And Sikhandar is so weak, both mentally and physically? Domestic violence? And what about child abuse? Cruelty to animals is condemned (Salman Khan). But what about the mental torture they are putting Kulfi and Amyra through?
    How can Sikhandar live with someone like Loveleen?

  13. This serial shows triumph of evil over good. What message is it sending to society… that you can do any evil deed play with other’s life and still grt away with it without paying a price.

  14. Sasha Goorapah

    Director, it’s time to change as our favourite tv show is becoming a nightmare for us. Fed up of Huge jealousy and this show will put more jealousy in people’s head showing that a woman can even kill her daughter because of this huge jealousy. Finish with this show on a good note and let Sikander knows Lovely’s truth about the drug and Kulfi is his daughter and that of Nimrat and let Tevar wins Amyra alone and send Lovely and family to Jail. This will be such a Happy Happy ending, otherwise the TRP will be low.

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