Kuldeepak 31st July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Chiragh is asleep. Shushu and Vidya do some mantra on him. He moves. Vidya holds him. Shushu puts a herb in his eyes a black smoke comes out. Chiragh faints. Shushu says he has died. Vidya wakes up. It was her dream.
Vidya goes to temple and says what if something happens to him God. Manjila says I knew that you are scared. You have to test on chiragh. Manjila says he will kill us all. Vidya says what if something happens to him. Manjila says you have to choose either chiragh or our family. If you can’t do this then leave this house with him. Vidya says okay I will take him from there. Diwan says what are you saying vidya. Ma how will you let him go from here? Manjila says vidya is reluctant to take that test on Chiragh. Diwan says thats my decision too. I will go with them too. Vidya says no you wont. You will stay with your family. Diwan says you are my wife and he is my son. I can’t leave you both. He is my son no matter what. We all three will leave this house tomorrow.

Scene 2
Diwan and vidya are packing. Vidya says please think once again. Ma would be so hurt. Diwan says you and my son are my responsibility. Vidya says never knew I would live without these people and this house. Diwna says chiagh would be so upset. How will we answer him when he asks why we left the house. Vidya hugs him.

Scene 3
Kamiya calls two kidnappers and asks them to kidnap chiragh. She says he is a powerful child.Be careful.
Vidya is worried. She goes to chiragh. SHe says you are my son. No matter how you are, I will always stand by you.I don’t know how will he react when he gets to know we are leaving this house. Vidya packs his stuff.
Chiragh wakes up and says mummy why didn’t you wake me up. I had to go to school. Vidya says you have holiddays for a few days. Why are you packing? Vidya says we are going to live ion a new house. Chiragh says no I won’t leave this house. I will live here. I will talk to ba.

Vash comes in and says why are you leaving. I will miss you. Vidya says we will be back in a few these. Chriagh says to everyone please ask mummy papa to leave me here. I don’t want to go from here. Shanyaa says we all want you to go from here. you are a devil. Chiragh says no I am a ogod boy. I won’t go anywhere. This si my house. Chiagh comes in garden.

The kidnappers comes in and kidnap chiragh. Vash sees them. She says chiragh use your power. Chiragh shoves the kidnappers with his powers. They pretend that they are going. But they attack and kidnap him. They kidnap vash as well. Churagh falls from the van while they take Vash. He says who were these people? They took vash. I have to tell mummy.

Precap-Kamiya calls vidya and syas bring chiragh here and take vash. Or I will kill her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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