Kuldeepak 26th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Vidya prays help me in fighting this battle God. Sheila says I will come with you. Vidya says no keep an eye on shanaya. And vash take care of chiragh. She says Manjila I am going I will bring your son back. Give me blessings. Manjila gives her blessings.

Kamiya comes to the market. Vidya comes to her house. SHe opens the door. It doesn’t open. She says its me diwan. He says try to break the lock. Vidya tries to break the lock. Kamiya says where is this vidya. Vidy breaks the lock and hugs diwan. He says I am so sorry. You always tried to tell me her reality. I am so sorry. He says why she wants chirgah. She saays I will tell you but we need to go from here first. Kamiya is coming in. They both ide. Kamiya walks past them and stops.
Kamiya comes to diwan’s room and is dazed. She says Vidya I won’t leave that viddya. She took diwan from here.

Diwan says why are we hiding from here? She sis one we are two. Vidya says she is a devil. she iss not a human. Diwan says waht. Kaamiya comes out in anger. Her eyes glow and her face blackens. She says I wont’ leave you this time vidya. Kamiya’s phone rings. Vidya looks at her thread. She says I know what to do next. Vidyav locks kamiya in the room and ties the thread outside it. Kamiya says open the door. I will kill you. She touches the door and get a current.

Scene 2
Diwan and vidya come home. Manjila hugs diwan. Diwan says don’t worry I am home now. Chiragh comes and says papa. Diwan hugs him. Chiragh says wherre did you go? Everyone was worried about you. Ba.. if papa goes again you should scold him. Diwan says why did kamiya kidnap me. Why she wants chiragh? everyone is dazed. Manjila is crying. Diwan says why are you crying, I am safe and home. No one will take our chiragh. Manjila says nothing will go right. Manjila says my doubt about chirgah was right. He is a devil. Diwan is dazed. He says we can’t trust that. Diwan says we all saw how chiragh made vidya float in the air. Shanay says yes we all saw it. Alepesh says yes. Diwan says I dont’ wanna talk about this. Manjila says I know its not easy to believe but its right. Yashodin was right. Diwan says this is not possible. Vidya says ma is right diwan. You have to believe this fact. i know truth. I knew it for a long time. i didn’t want to lose him. But he is a devil. That is why she wants chiragh. you saw her devil face? our chiragh is like.. Diwan says enough. I don’t believe. You all are out of your minds. He goes upstairs.

Shanay is angry. She says you can’t defeat me every time Vidya. Shanay helped vidya. I won’t leave her as well. She calls on Shanaya’s number. Shanaya is scared. She throws her phone. Alpesh come and says why is kamiya calling you? shanaya says i don’t know. He says I have forgiven you once. Shanaya says I have nothing to do with kamiya. I helped her once or twice but I didn’t what she is. I have nothing to do with her. Trust me please. he leaves.

Chiragh comes downstairs. He says bhagat kaka and mili kaki lets play football. Manjila says they are not home. Go back to your room. Chiragh picks knife. Manjila is scared. Vidya says leave the knife chiragh. Manjila says would he listen. Vash says he is just playing. We all do that. Vash says to vdya do you also think chiragh is devil? No he is a little angry but we can make him better.

Precap-Chiragh pills down rope with his powers. He tries them around alpesh and shanaya. Vash says stop chiragh.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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