Kuldeepak 21st April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Everyone is worried and looking for Chiragh. Yashodin says on call to the clown I informed Paresh but they still didn’t listen to me. Only one hour is left. He says I was scared of this. It has all started.
Dai ma says today is the same dark night as 5 years ago. Chiragh says I wanna go home. Dai says don’t be scared. I am doing all this for you. You are the king of this place. Today you will meet yourself. All the witches come out. Chiragh gets scared and hides behind dai ma. Dai ma says don’t be scared. Chiragh cries and says I wanna go to mummy.. Dai ma laughs.

Vidya asks the boy who gave him Chiragh’s costume. He says I don’t remember. Vidya is crying.
Chiragh says they are all scary. Dai ma says don’t be scared of them they will serve you. Chiragh says I wanna go to mummy. Dai ma says be scared as much as your want. After tonight the world would be scared of you. Chiragh says why would the world be scared of me? Dai says because after tonight you will become lord of the dark. And everything would be under your feet. I waited 5 years for this moment. Chiragh is crying. Dai ma says see devil I brought your king. She calls all the black powers and laughs. Winds start blowing. Chiragh is crying.

Manjila is crying and home and praying for Chiragh. She says please God give us our Chiragh back. Diwan and Paresh are busy contacting police and everyone. Diwan says please alert every police station. Please look into the matter. Please help me find my son back.
Vidya is crying. Chiragh says don’t worry. We will find him. Manjila says if you had listened to Yashodin this won’t have happened. Diwan says why you bring him in between? Paresh says because he warned that Dai will take him tonight. Manjil says we are all suffering because you didn’t listen to her. Alpesh says I think we should talk to him> Diwan says we don’t need to. I will find my son back.
Yashodin calls Paresh and asks where was chiragh born? Alpesh says let me talk. He says Chiragh was born in jungle. Near a bridge. The line hangs up.
There is a storm raging out. He asks his assistant if I die please go to head Guryu and tell him everything.

The witches dance around Chiragh. Dai ma is throwing red powder on him and says come inside Chiragh black powers. She is calling all the black powers. Chiragh’s eyes glwo.
Vidya and Diwan meet police. Inspector says for now we have no clue. Vidya says now I won’t stop. I will find my son.
Dai keeps doing her black magic. yashodin is on his way.
Alpesh calls Diwan and asks what happened? He says Yashodin was asking where was chiragh born? Diwan says why does he need to ask them.
Vidya says what happened? Diwan says Yashodin called home and asked where was chiragh born? Why was he asking that? Vidya says what if dai ma has taken him therE?
Yashodin’s car hits a tree and he gets bruised. He says only 10 minutes are left. I have to find Chiragh.
Dai is about to make Chiragh wear a red cloth. She is about to apply some red color on his head. Yashodin comes and says stop. Dai looks at him angrily. Yashodin says you can’t take Chiragh to your dark world till I am here. Dai says why are you inviting your death? You lost every time. You are nothing in front of our powers. This is my last warning. Go from here. Or your are dead. Yashodin says I am not scared of death. Give me Chiragh or I will kill you. Dai says Chiragh is only mine. Vidya and Diwan are on their way. Yashodin says what will you get by ruining his life?
She says I am making him the ruler of this world. This is my duty. Yashodin says I won’t let this happen. Yashodin walks towards her.

Precap-Diwan and Vidya come to jungle and looks for Chiragh. Vidya sees his clothes near trees. Vidya says where did she take my baby.
She is crying.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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