Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 11th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 11th March 2013 Written Episode, Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 11th March 2013 Written Update

>> Dauda Dauda bhaga bhaga sa..

Nidhi runs around as Daksh chases her

She hides in a room

Ashu tries Nidhis number n Daksh gets a clue! She sneaks out to receive the call n Daksh sees her in time..!

Nidhi tells Ashu her location n Daksh cuts the call..! She asks Daksh to stay off n ends up falling on the bed!

Daksh tries to close in n Nidhi makes a dash out of the place..! The chase sequence goes on .. n Nidhi locks the door n Daksh tries to break the door! He manages to do so…n closes in on Nidhi!

>> Janejan ..tum kahan?

Ashu asks the folks around for the address .. but based on Nidhis incomplete message… passes by an isolated house n spots Dakshs car n makes a heroic entry!

Daksh slaps Nidhi n as he tries to go further .. Ashu enters n screams out his name.. but Daksh points a gun!

Ashu continues to move close n Daksh fires a bullet on Ashus arm! Ashu acts that he has passed out n Nidhi goes along! As Daksh closes in on Ashu .. Ashu grabs him n fights him hard… !

A few punches here n there n finally Dakshs case is DONE!

But before AshNi can walk out safe.. Daksh again points gun at Ashu but Nidhi hits him on the head in turn!

>> Jaisa Kameena beta. .waise Kameena baap

AshNi drive Daksh to his home .. n his dad is shocked to his state!

AshNi share the dirty deeds of Daksh to his dad ..! Ashu shares ..his disgust about Daksh .. n say.. he din inform cops for the hosp

Daksh’s dad says..he will teach Daksh necessary lessons! Ashu agrees to keep mum!

>> Past Konnections !!

AshNi on their way out..spot Aradhna-Divyas pic… Getting to know they r Daksh’s mom-sis … duo r left speechless!

Nidhi wishes to seek answers .. n Ashu suggests they better keep off! In the car Nidhi suggests to tell Aradhna about Daksh-Bharadwaj .. !!

She calls up Aradhna.. after Ashu finally relents! She asks Aradhna n she is left alarmed..! She asks Aradhna the truth.. n she says yes.!

Aradhna shares about Bharadwaj’s misdeeds.. to get them murdered to usurp her property! Aradhna tells Divya they need to rush off!

Precap — AshNi return home n call out to Aradhna.. n discover ..empty guest room! CS says.. the mom-daughter duo left. .! AshNi are left speechless!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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