Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 26th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 26th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Samar says this is a prank u are not Shobu go away, Shobu says yes it’s me Samar n now I am here for revenge n only u can see me, Samar says plz forgive me, Shobu says do what u can but I will always be with u, Samar closes eyes n shouts go away, receptionist comes n says Samar what are u doing down n ur appointment is canceled for today doctor will see u tomorrow.

Doctor comes to check baby n asks for medical history, Raj arrives panicked, tani says Raj I am sorry, Raj says if something happens to her I won’t leave u all keep in mind, tani says Raj plz don’t fire me, I can’t live without baby plz forgive me, Vidya se adoption certificate n says this is Rajs adopted child, doctor says apply ointment baby will be fine.

Vidya says Raj u

are forgetting medical file n I saw adoption certificate from Niketan orphanage, why u need to adopt a child, Raj says I usually don’t give anyone answers n u plz keep ur questions to ur self n stay away from me n leaves. Vidya says Raj adopted a baby why, why he needs a baby in his house n when he has no lady to look after.

Gosh says did I hear right paru was it Niketan,paru says yes she said Niketan now quite let time decide what to do so now no discussion abt this topic. Neel tells maddy n Rudra that I think Samar is falling for us n Samar always he asks me to forgive me, Rudra says that means Samar is culprit n has some secrets abt shobus death, maddy says sir how will we bring the truth, we have to keep this act some more days on n let Samar reveal the truth n have to proof Raj innocent n Raj is here all because of me, Rudra says maddy u aren’t at fault, maddy says no sir now I know why Raj is behind me n blames me, Rudra says maddy u n Raj got trapped in samars plans,maddy says sir I won’t leave Samar, Rudra says relax we will bring samars real face u go rest now.

Rudra says maddy is true friend n Raj is lucky to have him. Maddy comes home n Koyal asks where were u, maddy says I was busy with wedding arrangements, Koyal says maddy stop lying n stop feeling guilty abt being drunk u didn’t do it in ur own, n i shd be guilty because Raj is behind u because of me n what is it that is making u so uneasy, maddy says Koyal we will have to face hardships n our lives will be a whirlpool but the end will be happy one n as it shd have been , koyal says maddy u have to take rest n tomorrow office, maddy says I am not going I have to go with akka n Amma for the rasam n u go office n relax, keep talking leaves, maddy says Samar wait for tomorrow’s function.

Leela n venkat welcome Samar home, Leela says maddy will get Panditji plz take sit, Samar thinks I hope this Pooja wards shobus gosh away from me, maddy says Panditji do as I asked u too, Panditji says sure I will.

Panditji begins with Pooja n says before we begin break coconut, Samar is unable to break it, maddy says let me, maddy changes coconut n breaks it, Samar is surprised n says how did u, Panditji says this is a bad sign, maddy says relax Samar it’s fine, maddy in kitchen puts powder over cloth, venkat comes n asks maddy where is ghee, maddy says appa there it is, venkat says maddy u n Koyal are handling things very well in life,I am proud of u two, maddy says appa what if we fail, venkat says that will break u two n its u who have to support Koyal n not let her talent waste just because it hurts ur mail ego n so support her n her ambitions, maddy says ok appa.

Maddy hides powder below a plate n takes it to Panditji. Vidya goes to orphanage to get baby records, she says to head there madam I am here to donate gifts for kids here n also want to adopt a kid as I am getting married n so in what all cases baby comes here, head says we have lot of baby’s here like for example we have baby’s from unmarried girls, Vidya says I wish to have one of this kind n so Is it possible to know mothers name.

Gosh n paru in orphanage too, paru says good to know that orphanage will not share any information about the baby n now not a word n let’s leave before anyone sees us, Vidya sees them n says there is some connection, this gosh family is very suspicious.

Pre cap: maddy upset over Koyal n says are u trying to compare me with Raj n so got me a suit like he wears n that too from salary which he gave u.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Episode was average. Hope they reveal the shobu mystery fast(they should) and Samar revealing his truth. Precap is a little surprising, Maddy being upset with Koyal?

  2. what the hell vidya how iritating she is..always behind gosh family..whats her problm

  3. I think maddy want to unite koyal and raj…. But I want maddy n koyal….

    1. Me too…

  4. Plzz make koyal n raj ……

  5. Hey guys pls pls pls pls read my kuch toh hai tere mere darmiyaan ff I wrote any ff first time pls pls pls pls I need ur support pls guys I’ll be v thankful

  6. maddy nd koyal

  7. maddy nd koyel.

  8. I think Raj will end up marrying Taani

  9. Hmm…i think so raj will marry Taani at the end…

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