Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 24th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 24th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Maddy is thinking about samars words when he was drunk, Rudra says what are u so deeply thinking, maddy says sir u were with us while we were drinking , Rudra says yes I was, maddy says sir did u remember samars words I mean did u know shobus case, Rudra says yes, maddy says only I knew Raj was there for papers n we thought Samar was passing by chance n he made everyone believe I called police but I didn’t, Rudra says yes Samar has lot of answers for our questions, maddy says that means Raj is innocent, Rudra says what are u saying, maddy says sir I didn’t call police n Shobu was dead n so Samar is behind all this n if I have mistaken these things but I knew Raj was there for papers n there is some secrete that was cooking between Shobu n Samar, oh god what have I

done because of me Raj is in this state.

Koyal sees Raj with baby, Raj says so had get night, koyal says enough Raj stop pulling us down, it was bearable till it was with me n maddy but tani di, why are u pulling her in this game, Raj says Koyal why do u always blame me, Koyal says ask this yo ur self u killed my brother but see u are shamelessly back, Raj says Koyal this is not u but Maddys teachings n remember I will destroy the person who has made u against me, Koyal says Raj u can’t even look at maddy until I am with him no one can dare harm maddy, Raj says n u keep in mind I will destroy maddy, Koyal leaves in anger, Raj says this city has poison against me n I will show them the real Raj.

Maddy says sir Raj was right he wasn’t in all this, it was Samar n if this is so I am behind all this misunderstanding, Raj kept saying my best friend maddy will save me but I got tricked n made a mistake n now I will go to the bottom of truth,Rudra says we have to talk to Raj, maddy says no sir Raj wouldn’t understand these things so plz keep him away n give me a chance n it will be just between us two, Koyal lost her love n brother at same time n Raj his life n sir plz give me a chance n keep this a secret, Rudra says maddy I wasn’t wrong u are a true person I am with u n all I care is abt Raj n now we both have to find the truth n how will we trap Samar now.

Vidya says Amma wow yummy breakfast, u made it, Leela says yes I did, Vidya says Amma u work whole day n where is ur Koyal, Leela says Koyal is with maddy don’t always be suspicious, Koyal never hides anything I mean she also told me that tani is working with Raj n Koyal has promised me she won’t let Raj break us, Vidya says Amma tani is no one to us, Leela says she is n Vidya I love u for once listen to me n just concentrate on ur self n stop interfering in others life, Vidya thinks it’s abt maddy n so I won’t let it go n if tani is working for Rajs baby who is the baby’s mother, I have to find it.

Samar is in hangover, he calls Raju n asks for nimboo pani n breakfast, he reads news paper n reads horoscope n finds a note reading I know u are the murderer, Samar says who must have done this n gets tensed.

In factory, Raj is working n asks where is Koyal, Raj is being informed Koyal denied to attend the meeting, Raj thinks showing attitude I will look after u, n says the new project manager will be Koyal n she isn’t here today but we will soon arrange one more meeting today, Raj thinks Koyal u can’t stay away from me n I love u a lot n u will learn this soon n u will come back to me, Raj starts coughing n feeling uneasy.

Koyal is being told awara sir is may be having an attack he is feeling uneasy, Koyal says come lets check, Koyal sees Raj struggling to breathe, she remembers an old episode where Raj is with her n he starts getting uneasy due to allergy due to garlic, Koyal says oh god this is garlic sauce allergy I have to do something n runs to Raj n says everyone move aside n I will get a neem kadha he will be fine, Koyal gets neem kadha for Raj n says boss has allergy n so no garlic u have to take care of it, Raj asks everyone to leave except Koyal n says Koyal why did u save me, Koyal says because I am not a murderer like u, Raj says don’t lie Koyal this shows u still love me, Koyal says u knew u are allergic to garlic, Raj says I was thinking abt u, Koyal says so forget me u will live long life n leaves, Raj says never Koyal u are my only love I can’t lose u.

Pre cap: Samar says baby why standing away come close to me, the shadow approaches, Samar is shocked to see its Shobu.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Finaly samar will be xposed

  2. Precap looks very interesting

  3. Hope raj n koyal will be one…

  4. They could have shown such nice episodes from the beginning…then this show would not have been going off-air…

  5. That koyal is behaving like a great n devoted wife now. She is the main villain. Now she has so much trust in her husband n where was her trust wen raj was begging her to believe in him. N raj how can u love her even now. Just spoil her life.

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