Kuch Rishtey Aise Bhi Episode 9-truth exposed

real part of story:-
next morning:-
sunny-tring tring time to read
shivanya-i will read
story part:-

suraj-oh god jungely billi came now my work will not be completed
suraj-what,what are you doing here miss jungliy billi
chakor-sorry i should not call you suraj you are jalkukaro mr. angry young man
suraj-what does it mean miss billi

chakor-chakor came down anyways mr. angry young man i came here to give vivaan his notebook but i saw you and thought to give you
suraj-did he sayed you illu
suraj whispered-i love you
chakor couldn’t say anything but just brooded her eyes and went away
suraj-give the answer
laksh-suraj my bro
suraj was about to go
laksh-not so easily as i heard your illu and i am gonna tell all our bros
suraj-wait what no
laksh was gone

at corridor:-
karan(blocking the way)-no
rishi(holding tanujas hand)-first tell me when a boy paroses a girl why he holds her hand
tanuja-ASif she dont says yes then she would slap
bihaan-and this means rishi shocks and tanuja rocks
karan-anyways is today blue day
nania-no not at all
karan-so you are blue why
nania-so that you become pani pani

kunal-and the result that girls ne mara chake pe chaka
thapki-lets go
sanskar-yes lets go
everyone settled and after that when lunch was over one lady came came
lady-a parcel for for tanuja and shivanya and one more for rishi and ritik
all got up and ready to go but then the lady stopped
lady-please only four of you come its personal
both took wrong boxes and were about to open just then
lady-excuse me this is yours and this is yours

when they read the letter they were shocked and went to their rooms
other side:-
everyone were talking but karan realized nania silent for the first time
karan whispered-nania what happened
nania-not here in lawn
they both went to lawn and everyone got new topic to talk
karan-now tell
nania-karan you know tanu and shivanya

karan-yes so what
nania-today i felt worried when miss told the box was personal.as i felt there is some past. and if i say the truth they dont even have paternal mom and dad
karan-like ritik and rishi bhai
nania-if these two pasts are connected then oh god
karan-we have to find out putting ears
nania-then lets do it

karan-lets go
in room:-
rishi-which contains are whole past
shivanya-they were wrong
ritik-even today they feel we are wrong
all-who knows where they are
tanu and shivanya-i dont even want to see them
rishi and ritik-if we meet once then i promise i will clear all our misunderstandings
tanuja-now i cannot handle it anymore
rishii wanna spoke it out
FB 13 years back:-

(said by tanu)
tanu-rishi no cheating
rishi-tanu not me ritik
ritik-not me shivu
khayati-you all cheaters
all burst out to laugh
shivanya-we both are going to take water bottle from our mom
(said by rishi)
khyati-you both listen to me
ritik-you with us that to want to talk
khyati-its important

rishi-what that you are made
khyati-the thing is i am dying and i can not die in front of them so i am going
rishi-sshsh you are not gonna die and you are not going anywhere
as we were fighting they saw only our fight nothing else
tanu-rishi why were you fighting and and why she went
rishi-i dont know
shivanya-if something happens to her you have to pay for it
ritik-shivanya stop..

precap:-new girl enters
sorry guys exam still going
with love

  1. Sukorlover

    Interesting update. Waiting for next

  2. Nice! loved sukor nok jhoks and laksh teasing Suraj. Waiting for next.
    Good luck for your exams!

  3. Jasminerahul

    Suraj chakor nok jhok was funny,cant believe that he said ILU to her.Tanshi dialogue was funny.Tanu Shivanya’s past related to Rishi Ritik?Were they childhood friends?Did the girls misunderstand the boys bcz Kyati left?Is Kyati their friend n a dying patient?i’m confused.sad 4 the misunderstandings

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