Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 19th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Ayush’s first day in school

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 19th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ayush finally finds his class. Teacher welcomes him and introduces Ayush to class. She asks Ayush to introduce himself to class. Golu and other students mocks Ayush. Teacher asks him about his father and Ayush says he’s no more. Class starts and Ayush is bewildered. Dev is restless in his office when Vicky gives him a file to check. He looks at so many coffee cups and asks if he’s fine. Dev finds it’s difficult to stay waken up. Vicky says that he’s going to pick Golu and will pick Suhana and Ayush too. Dev agrees and Vicky leaves.

Sonakshi is in similar situation in her office. She blames Dev for it. During lunch break, Ayush tries to be with Suhana and Golu but they ran away before he could catch them. Ayush gets bullied by other students. He sits alone to have lunch. At night, Ishwari brings juice for Suhana and Ayush. Ayush says he’s having few more works left and will have later. Suhana invites Ayush to play with her. Ayush asks why didn’t she spend time with him in school. Suhana recalls Golu saying that only he is her best friend. Suhana lies that they are together at home already and wanted him to make new friends. She asks whether he’ll complaint about her to Sonakshi. Ayush recalls Dev and Sonakshi fighting for him and says that he won’t as he don’t want then to fight because of him. Sonakshi comes there and Ayush complaints to her about students mocking him for his English. Suhana and Sonakshi laughs at the way Ayush complaint about English. Sonakshi promises to teach him Bengali and encourages him to learn English.

Dev once again goes to corridor to sleep. Sonakshi notices it and they both are restless again. Ayush comes there and Dev asks why didn’t he get sleep and asks if there’s any problem. Ayush is about to say about bullying in school when he notices Dev sleeping outside. He asks if he’s the reason for their separation for which Dev says that the problems between elders are big too and it will take time to resolve. He asks him to not worry about it and takes him to sleep. Dev tries to sleep using pills when Ishwari comes there. Ishwari asks if they are fighting because of her and asks whether she would want to go and stay in farmhouse with Baldev and Radha. Dev assures her that it’s not because of her and asks her not to think so. Ishwari says they got separated already because of her and she don’t want to repeat it. She wonders why can’t Sonakshi understand him.

Dev is searching for a file while Sonakshi is talking with a client. Dev calls Sonakshi but she cuts the call and Jatin notices it. He asks her to call back once her work is done but Sonakshi doesn’t call back. Dev is frustrated and takes pills. At school, Teacher gives an activity to students and separates them into two teams. Students mock Ayush for his vocabulary. Students bully Ayush and he gets disheartened. At office, Jatin advises Sonakshi to consult with a counsellor for their relationship problems. Sonakshi gets into thinking.

Precap : Dev takes care of Sonakshi when she’s hurt. Sonakshi senses Dev’s care for her.

  1. Nice show so far

  2. This was the first time in among all the 3 seasons when I actually found Issueworry being concerned for Dev, rather than being selfish for herself in the name of Dev, but aise khud door jaane ki baat Issueworry se sunnna is a very shock wali baat!!
    They played Kismat ke lekhe <3 🙁
    I am loving current track and is excited to watch how it unfolds!!

    1. Can we request for subtitle in English to benefit whoever is not able to follow Hindu?

    2. You cn watch on SonyLIV app, english subtitles r over there.

  3. Silvan Desouza

    Nice that the serial is trying to bring up modern things like Counsellor and all.poor ayush is being bullied in school and suhana is silent.

  4. Really feel bad for Aayush .

    Dev is a confused man .

    Sonakshi seems stressed .

    Suhana’s behaviour is not good . She is bit arrogant and looks jealous of Aayush for no reason .

    Overall no overacting and good story makes it perfect to watch the show . It should not go off air.

    Precap was good

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