kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi-I always knew you were perfect for me-OS

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sona’s POV

Someone gently tapped me as I huffed and puffed about the important documents I had to submit to Mr Jaisingh,My boss today.I was already very late and I still hadn’t filed it properly.i was as nervous as hell.I turned and saw a young man in a suit.he seemed as perplexed as me.I was staring at him while maintaining my balance on one knee.As I lost my balance and was sure I was going to land on the floor,I tightly closed my eyes.i squinted them for too long until I realised that person was holding me.I stacked up the papers,made my dupatta alright,and tucked my hair locks behind my ear.i quickly said a quiet thanks which I was sure no one could have heard.Hi,I’m sonakshi Bose and I’m a senior reporter of KCC,one of india’s top leading journalism companies run by Khalid Jaisingh.His Son,Dev jaisingh,on the contrary was as rude as how nice khalid could be,and trust me,Khalid is the nicest person on earth and dev Jaisingh..eww..Mr rude..Obodro types?He is the Editor in chief of this company and he keeps termination letters ready.One mistake and you’re out.huh*miffed voice*oh yes,that guy…arae the perplexed one..ya..that’s dev jaisingh..and he was staring as if I bumped with him on purpose..it was a front facing accident man…

he never says sorry.ugh.And,of course,how can I forget,after all he fired my Sister sunaina,just because she handed in her data for that day 9 pm news(by dev)5 mins late.I mean he needs to understand that we are middle class people and we get stuck in Mumbai traffic..I mean all of you know how Mumbai traffic is right..Anyways,my sissy has a really good job now..I walk blindly until someone bumps into me and almost pours coffee onto me..he seems that he was trying to catch my attention.yes,it was my bestest bestest Friend,Varun.non stop chatter box.he does everything.learns guitar,bakes cake early early in the morning,drinks coffee at 1 am in the night,he never ever used to study in school,but always came first,(because of my notes)?,thank god,he was a nerd..but now..oh god name the girl and she would fall for him…my Best Friend since childhood,Varun Singhania.He Swung is arm around me,and we walked down the pathway of the cubicles,as if there was a red carpet..Like Everyday,As I passed Sonia Jainsingh’s cabin,I read,everyone welcome other than sonakshi Bose.Varun and I laughed at it,like how we do Everyday.Sonia jainsingh,Khalid jaisingh’s youngest and most pampered Daughter.she wears high branded clothes from channel,those tight skimpy clothes,with those 7 inch heels from Prada which she can’t even walk in,And that ugly looking Gucci bag which seems she bought from a roadside sale.she looks high class,but always acts like a sadak chap tapori with her fake American accent.

I don’t know why she hates me,but the most comical moment was the first time I met her,in the enterance of the office,where her heels made me trip of her and her expensive expensive properties fell down..I still laugh at that..I came back at my desk,where I stared at my family photo,consisting of me,my mom and my younger sister.dad passed away when I was 4,and I have no reason to miss him.next to that,was my photo with Varun,with me and Varun at college prom.huh..what days were they!!varun comes behind and passes me his file..I flip through it and demand 40 rupees.he says 20,and I say 40 again.U must be wondering what is this 40,20,40,20..well ever since grade 1,Varun has never done his homework and now even.he hasn’t filled his bullet points for today’s 7 pm news with that sadak chaap gucci tapori…ya ya…Sonia jaisingh..so every time I fill I ask for 20,and this time since I know he wouldn’t have finished for the next 8 pm show bullet points with Malvika that’s another 20 so that becomes 40.so I got 40 rupees from him and finished his work and passed it to him.I was in charge for doing the bullet points for dev for 9 pm show,and I did it..I left it on his cabin desk at 6 pm itself..as he flipped thru the perfect classification of my organisation of documents,he left a note in a yellow post it saying:Thank you for your perfect work ms bose:).i noticed that smile there.what?mr Obodro and smile?i had to cut it and put it on my desk.the tiny smiley made me cut my finger and the next moment was blood on my hand.Just then Varun came to my rescue while dev was walking across my cubicle.As Varun was bandaging my injury sitting infront of me,I saw that different dev.The jealous one.his eyes were filled with jealously as Varun dressed my injury.unknown to myself,I gave a blunt smile to dev.for the first time,Dev requested to drop me home and ..for the first time..I said yes to me Obodro..so there started our silent journey..once I stepped into the car..you know Varun always dropped me home and we always talk about the latest gossip in Bollywood,like kareena Kapoor’ pregnancy and etc.there always used to be fun in tha laughter and comedy in the smiles.but now it was just pindrop silence between me and dev.Maybe just because we didn’t have anything to talk about.kaha he thinks about high fine dining and where I think about road side gol gappa and chaat.the journey home was Long,because I lived really far from office.

just then dev got a call and it turned out to be his mum.His mum was scolding him for dropping me as we lived opposite directions and he was getting late for his younger sis’s birthday.i didn’t realise I was getting impressed with the dev jaisingh I hated.From what I had heard about dev,family always came first and then everything else.But today,someone he also didn’t like made him change..I was..amazed..You know how they say if you’re in love…then ganti bajegi..ya..I felt that bell ring in my heart..but then I came out of my desires for a Long time love story land and realised that it wouldn’t be possible because 1.i hate him and 2.we are so different.im a middle class sweet girl and he is rich CLASS spoilt person.i won’t say brat tho.but seriously,like how my Sister Elena teased me,I had actually started to fall in love with Dev.I denied it a million times,but the truth is always the truth.all my dreams were just dev dev dev.I really..really started to fall of him..So,now,the question was whether Mr Obodro would be so dumb not to realise my love for him.Oh God,my life became a comedy rollercoaster.

Everytime I bumped with him in office,I used to stare at him with a stupid smile followed by my other Best Friend trisha just dragging me away.The times I fell into his arms because of my clumsiness were the best moments,because I could see his eyes,which were just alike to two drops of amazing coffee..I just started dreaming myself to be Mrs sonakshi Jaisingh.But my dreams,which were built with much difficulty was broken when Khalid sir announced dev’s engagement with Business tycoon Karan Mansingh’s Daughter Siya Mansingh.I managed to peep in a photo about how she looks,those dark brown eyes just like dev’s,that wavy black hair..she was no less than a princess and I was no more than that princess’s servant.i didn’t realise that dev deserves better than me,better than my class,and better than my love.you know when Dev’s maami first came to this office and commented on me,she wasn’t very positive about me.she kept on calling me bengalan.but like I said,the truth is the truth.being born in Bengal is not wrong.hmm..just as I was leaving office that day,I bumped into this really pretty girl.she was wearing a white thin sleeveless dress with a small waist length jacket on top.after examining her facial features,I realised that she was siya.i wonder why she understood me as the cleaner..but then I realised that I forgot to take out the apron that I worn earlier on while baking in the office kitchen during lunch break.After dev’s horrible introduction who i was,Siya apologised profusely,while I just nodded and went away..it was evident I couldn’t control my sadness for siya and dev together,and some how,siya understood this.

On the engagement day which was scheduled the following day,Siya called me at 7 am in the morning 1 hour before work and told me to come to Cafe cona,which was just a block away from office.So I got ready and left.As I desperately searched for her in my gloomy and sad mood because it was dev’s engagement after all.We took a seat,and siya told me that she is breaking the engagement because she knows that I love dev.My expression change was one in a million,I have never ever been this happy before.I hugged her so tightly that she begged me for breath and I walked off happily.Dev seemed more than happy that his engagement was being broken off,And his eyes read that he wanted to say something to someone.It was just seconds after that Siya broke the engagement and dev came to my cubicle and fell on one knee before me to open my eyes to a beautiful ring,which I assumed it would fit me..tears were filling slowly in my eyes before dev even said a word and the way he proposed to me was magical.I hugged him and said yes a million times.He slotted in the ring and kissed it.I felt so special then.Everything blurred out and what I could only see was the love of my life infront of me.dev.i knew that my life would be perfect now.

Dev Jaisingh-shaheer sheikh
Sonakshi bose/jaisingh-Erica fernandes
Sonia jaisingh-Namita dubey
Khalid jaisingh-harman baweja(older look)
Siya mansingh-yami gautam
Varun-Varun dhawan
Elena Bose-prerna panwar.

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  1. Aarti32

    Awesome.. I knew dis would b perfect??

  2. Ngkrishnakumari

    Amazing story nice name dev jaisingh

  3. Awesome

    1. Erica

      thank u princess,nagkrishnakumari and aarti32

  4. amazing and superb effort……nishi ….. really loved it……
    sorry, no emojis…bcoz of laptop….
    well the OS was really great……

    1. Erica

      thank you so much maheela di!!!

  5. Manya

    Awesomeeeeeeee nishu?❣??????☺

    1. Erica

      thank you ayushi di!!!!lots of love!!!

  6. Ashi5

    Nice ?

  7. Are you a REPORTERS fan too….???
    As in a KaYa fan…..???
    BDW the os was nice…..?

    1. Erica

      yes I was a reporters fan but this idea wasn’t adapted from that!!!:)sorry I cant put emojis cuz my laptop cannot.BUT thanks for commenting shalini di

      1. You are most welcome dear….??
        And i know that the idea of this OS wasn’t adapted from the serial becoz its a different story from that one….but because of some characters name i asked so….as i too was a REPORTERS fan…????

  8. Niki645


  9. Rockzzzzzz

    Oh my god! It was just too good,it was perfect???…i loved it….couldn’t be better than this and yes keep posting such cute os?….made my day

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