Kuch iss tarah 2 (Episode 45)

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Kuch iss tarah 2


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Recap : SwaSan wedding. Swara pregnant.



Sanskar went into kitchen for preparing Breakfast for Swara. He saw Annapurna, while entering…

“Good morning maa.” He wished her.

“Morning beta, and happy anniversary,
May God bless you and Swara.” Annapurna wished him and he took blessing from her.

“Vese, what are you doing here?” She asked.

“I just want to prepare breakfast for Swara, she must get tired na.” He said and started preparing breakfast.

“Beta, always take care of Swara this way. That girl has golden heart, she had done a lot for us. She is the reason why we accepted you again, she gave Sparsh the love of mother, she has spreaded happiness in our lives.” Annapurna said, blessing Swara mentally.

Sanskar, smiled and prepared breakfast.


Sanskar came in and put the tray on side table. He kissed her forehead.

“Swara, wake up.” He said softly.

She opened her eyes and smiled.

“Happy anniversary.” She said in sleepy tone.

“Happy Anniversary, now get up and have your breakfast.” He said making her sit on bed, while adjusting pillow behind her back.

“What happened? Are you alright?” He asked in concern seeing her heavy eyes.

“Nothing much, just headache.” She said tiringly.

“You were still taking stress about what we talked last night. Weren’t you?” He frowned while massaging her head.

“Hmm… (sighs)… Sanskar, I still can’t trust myself that I won’t be partial. No matter how hard I’m trying, but still a part of me is not ready to trust me in this matter.” She said.

“Swara, leave this will talk about this later and have breakfast.” He said passing the tray to her.

She looked at him in disbelief after seeing the breakfast.

“Are you kidding me? You want me to have these sprouts now? Don’t you think I deserve something good in breakfast on my anniversary?” She said in anger.

“They are very nutritious for you and baby, plus I have squeezed lemon in this so you will like this.” He said proudly.

“Sanskar, don’t you think you have changed dramatically since when you have read my reports. I mean it’s not even 12 hours, and you have became overprotective.” She said.

“Swara, you have no idea what this baby matters to me. Till day I regret, because I missed the initial 4 years of Sparsh’s life. Now, I won’t even miss a single second of your pregnancy and my baby’s life.” He said sadly yet hopefully.

She took the bowl and started eating that without any complaint.

“Tell me if you ever want anything. Okay?” He said strictly.

She nodded cutely.

“Don’t you crave for any special thing?” He asked.

She nodded no.

“From Now onwards you are restricted from going out alone.” He instructed her.

Before he could spoke anything again to irritate Swara, the moment he opened his mouth she put the spoon full of sprouts into his mouth.

“Stop irritating me. And tell me did you think how we are going to disclose this news to the family?” She asked.

“No, but I will think something soon and be ready, we have appointment with doctor in afternoon and then I have planned something for you.” He said.

“Nooo! I don’t wanna go anywhere. I just wanna sleep.”she said with a puppy face.

“Did I tell you that you look irresistibly cute with these expression?” He said leaning towards her, she closed her eyes, feeling his warm breath on her face and waited for his rough lips, but her wait went in vain as he kissed her belly instead.

“Papa loves baby a lot.” He said to tease her.

“Huh, papa only loves baby na? She pouted.

“Ummm… No. Papa loves Mumma too.”he said leaning towards her lips to kiss her, but the angry lionesses put the pillow Infront of his lips.

“Do the hell with your love. Don’t you dare to kiss me now! Or else you will see my worst side.” She said angrily and moved towards bathroom.

“It’s not fair Swara!” He shouted.

“You should think about this before teasing me.” She said in attitude.

“Are yaarr!” He slammed his hand against his head.



“Hmm… So Swara, your blood reports aren’t fine, your vital parameters are extremely low, which isn’t good for you, You need to take care of yourself properly. You are in your 7th week, so come back on 28th of next month for checkup.” Doctor said seeing her reports.

“Doc, I wanna ask you something.” Sanskar asked.

“Yes, you can ask your doubts.” Doctor smiled.

“Actually doc, Swara has asthma, so would it affect the baby?” He asked.

“Hmm, there are chances that your baby may born with asthma inherent from her, plus you need to be very careful about this, I have seen her previous reports and her lungs are very weak, I don’t think she can bear any asthama attack.” Doc said seriously

“Don’t worry I will take care of her.” He said confidently, squeezing her hand.

While sitting there, she was just listening to their conversation.

“I’m prescribing you some vitamins and calcium have them regularly. Take rest and eat well.” Doctor smiled.

SwaSan thanked the doctor and left.


“Sanskar, stopp!” Swara shouted.

“What happened? Are you alright? ” He asked worriedly.

“I will come in 5 minutes.”she said

“Where are you going?” He asked but she stepped out of car.

Soon she came in with a packet full of chocolate, pastries and other things which Sparsh likes.

“What’s this?” He asked.

“Nothing, actually before we left he asked me to bring these things.” She said happily.

Sanskar, gave her unbelievably look and started driving.

When they reached Maheshwari mansion they saw RagLak along with AdNi present there.

“Happy anniversary Swara.” Ragini said hugging her.

“Happy anniversary Bhabhi” adiraj spoke.

“Adiraj!”Swara said sternly.

“Come here” adiraj Said inviting her for hug. Swara, without wasting any moment hugged him.

“By the way guyz, what plans you have.” Avni asked.

“We will go on dinner with Sparsh, tonight. You know he will love the new Chinese restaurant, opened nearby.” Swara said happily.

Everyone was giving blank look to her.

“Swara, why only Sparsh we all will go with you both.” Dp said to tease Sanskar.

“It would be best dad, So everyone please be on time. We all are going on dinner tonight.” Swara said excitedly and everyone slammed their hand against their head.

“Sanskar, how you manage with this behnji? I mean seriously Swara? It’s your anniversary and you are taking everyone on dinner! You can’t take everyone” Ragini said in irritation.

“Ohh, I can’t take everyone? Then Sanskar and Sparsh will go with me. We three will go on dinner.” Swara said with an ear to ear smile.

“Utha le bhagwan! ESI bivi di hai.” Sanskar murmured overdramaticly

“Swara, we won’t bite Sparsh if you leave him with us!!” Laksh said

“Rehne do Laksh, Sanskar, I’m really sorry on this idiot’s behalf.” Ragini said hopelessly.

“Don’t worry Ragini, ab to aadat par gayi hai mujhe.” Sanskar said dramatically.

“Swara, beta only you and Sanskar are going on dinner. Sparsh, will stay with us.” Annapurna said to her.

“But mom–” Swara resisted but she stopped seeing Annapurna’s stern look.

Sparsh came running to them.

“Mumma, did you buy what I asked you ?” He asked cutely.

“Yes, I have bought all the things.” She said while passing the bag to him.

“Yayyyy!! Thank-you Mumma” he said happily.

He took out toffees and distributed one to all and two to Swara.

“Sparsh, this is not fair! One toffee for us and two for Mumma, why this partially.” Avni pouted.

“No Masi, one toffee for Mumma and one for baby.” Sparsh said innocently.

“Baby?” Everyone shouted together.

Before the situation went out of control Sanskar tried to control that.

“Are beta, if you want to give toffee to Naman then give this to Ragini Masi na, why are you giving this to mumma.” Sanskar smiled sheepishly and took one toffee from Swara and gave that to Ragini.

“No papa, that wasn’t for Naman, that was for the baby which is in Mumma’s tummy, who will come out when I will pass god’s test of being a good boy, and I didn’t tell this to anyone Because you told me not to spill the beans.” Sparsh said proudly.

Sanskar’s mouth touched the ground because Sparsh had spilled the beans badly. He looked at Swara was was fidgeting her dupatta in nervousness.

“Swara, tum?” Ragini looked at Swara who was flushed in shyness. She covered her mouth with her hand in amazement.

“Swara tum! Oh my god!! I can’t believe this!” Ragini hugged her tightly.

Adiraj and Laksh looked at eachother other and hugged eachother first.

“Congrats to mamu-to-be.” Adiraj spoke while hugging Laksh.

“Hahah, Same to you dude.” Laksh said with equal happiness.

“God bless you beta.” DP and ap blessed her.

“Swara, why are you standing? Come here and sit.” Avni dragged her to the sofa.

“Avni, leave me.” Swara protested.

Sanskar, chuckled seeing that.

“Vese Swara, can I feel the baby?” Avni said, placing her hand on her belly.

“Avni, get aside lemme feel the baby.” Laksh said while slightly pushing Avni aside.

“Guyz, Swara has hardly completed her first trimester, you can’t feel baby now.” Adiraj said

“Sanskar, how long her pregnancy has been?” Ap asked.

“7 weeks ma, we got to know about this yesterday. We were trying to figure a way out to disclose this new but Sparsh spilled the beans.” Sanskar said, while smiling like an idiot.

Meanwhile, adiraj slowly clear his way and sat beside Swara, and spoke with an idiotic smile…

“Vese, lemme try to feel baby, may be I can feel.” Saying this he placed his hand on her belly and everyone busted out laughing.

“Achha, now stop this and let Swara rest. Sanskar, take her to room and I will send food in your room.” Annapurna said.

“Ma, but I want to have food with everyone. I promise I will take rest afterwards.” She said with a puppy face.

Everyone’s focused Suddenly shifted on Swara, everyone wanted to feed her with their own hands, everyone wanted to do anything which made her happy, and undoubtedly Swara was enjoying this attention.



Swara was getting ready for going out on dinner with Sanskar. She wore a white and golden gown, having a white plain skirt area, with light embroidery on top part. She was getting confused between the two pair of danglers.

Sanskar came and hugged her from back…

“So, Mumma Maheshwari is getting confused.” He asked taking the earing from table and putting that into her ear.

“And Papa Maheshwari is finding a way to romance, Haan.” She said releasing herself from his grip.

“Mumma maheshwari, do you know how unromantic you are?” Sanskar

“Papa maheshwari, should think about this before teasing mumma maheshwari in morning.” She said crossing her arms against her chest.

“Don’t underestimate Papa maheshwari.” Sanskar smriks.

“Let’s see then!” She said with attitude.

He moved towards her with an intense look towards her, she moved back seeing his intense gaze. She tried to escape but he stopped her and pinned her on wall, gently.

“You were saying something, Mumma Maheshwari.” He said huskily in her ear, sending shivers down to her spine.

“I-i w-was–” she fumbled and couldn’t complete.

He rubbed his lips on her face, making her breathing shallow.

“So, you still want to say something?” He asked with a naughty look.

“You better not tease me now.” She said heavily with trying to look angry.

“So, you want me to kissss you?” He smriks

She was speechless. Sanskar, without wasting any moment placed his lips on her’s. They both were engrossed in the deep, passionate, devouring kiss. None of them wanted to part, but Sanskar pulled off the kiss thinking about her condition.

“Abhi ke liye itana kaafi hai, Mumma Maheshwari.” He said and moved out, here Swara was completely crimson.


@Adiraj’s farmhouse.

“Sanskar, why adiraj’s farmhouse?” She asked.

“Because this is the place where we first met, not really first met but from where our new journey started somehow.” He said, opening the door of her side and offering his hand to her.

She stepped out of the car and he blindfolded her.

“Sanskar, what are you doing?” She asked.

“I have a surprise for you for that you need to be blindfolded.” He said and supported her from shoulders so that she won’t fall.

Sanskar, removed her blindfold she opened her eyes and was expecting to see beautiful decorations but to her diamay it was all black.

“Sanskar?” She called him.

But he was no where.

“Sanskar, look it isn’t funny. Where are you?” She called him in fear.

Swara’s heart sank due to fear but suddenly a projector started, showing a lady with her kids and husband.

“Aww, my Shona baby. You liked this dress? Dekha Shekhar I told you na Swara will love this dress.” The lady in video said seeing her hardly a year old daughter.

“Haan, Mishti I can se that how she loves that dress, now look at camera.” The man behind the camera said.

“Just a minute, let me wake Ragini.” Saying this Sharmishtha moved towards a small girl of 2 sleeping peacefully, while Shekhar was capturing each and every moment.

Swara’s eyes swam up with the tears seeing her parents, the blissful melody of her parents’ voice was enough to bring flood of emotions in her heart.

“Shekhar, come here na. Let’s have a family picture. I will miss this place, but I’m excited that we are moving to India, there I can make my daughters aware about it’s rich culture.” Sharmishtha said happily, Shekhar put the camera on table and took Ragini in his arms and all four smiled, wholeheartedly.

The video ended and Swara fell on knees while crying. Sanskar, switched on the light and hugged her to console her.

“Thank-you, b-but how? How did you get this video?” She asked while sobbing.

“First, stop these tears Mumma Maheshwari.” He said wiping her tears.

“I contacted to my friend in Singapore, and after tons of legal formalities they allowed us to take the belongings from your house. It took me nearly an year. And honestly Swara, I started doing this because of guilt, but when I fell in love with you it became my desperation, my desperation to give you those happy moments which you deserved.” He said kissing her forehead

“You know, no one can give better gift on anniversary.” She said lovingly.

“Ahhan, you have given me the best gift in form of this baby.” He said placing his hand on her belly.

“I love you, Sanskar.” She said.

“I know, and I love you too ” he said kissing her forehead.

To be continued…

Precap: truth revealed!

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