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Recap : kunj realise his feelings and twinkle won miss amritsar..

Episode 16
The episode starts twinkle going to her make up room to change …
Twinkle pov ….(my readers wish??)
Today was the bestest day of my life ..
Kunj he is too cute yaar i mean yeah he came when i saw him my happiness knew no bounds i just wanted to run and hug him as tight as i can yaar yeah i know he is too hot ??i don’t know why i wanted him to be with me today i don’t know but yess i want him to be around me ..Woah these feelings babaji plzz help me …
Pov ends …
After sometime twinkle along with all goes back to TM…
Y : i said u all nah just Bhabhi will win ..
T : yuviiii…
Ab : yeah we knew that my twinki will win …
kab : yeah all hugs twinkle…
Kunj smiles and looks at them abeer pulls him too in hug ..
u : leela g now we will take a leave ..
L: Okay usha g but u all to coming tonight for dinner …
RT : yeah monu we will celebrate ..
L :and as well as only 1 week left so well discuss about mibir wedding functions too ..
Ba : okay ..
T : byee maa bye babee …
Ba : bye puttar ..
Twinj looks at each other when the some unknown happiness in their eyes and then sarnas left …
After sometime leela asks twinkle to rest and she went to her room and was thinking all the things that happened today and she hugged her pillow tightly
Next scene::::
Leela along with servants are in kitchen preparing dinner twinkle comes there too …
T : maa I’ll help u ..
Ab : no maa she’ll not help u but instead she will increase ur work ..
T : bhaiii…
Ab : huh i know i am ur brother ..
Kab : abeer don’t tease miss amritsar
Ab : huh what miss amritsar they have given her title becoz they knew that she will cry and whole Amritsar will drown so they made her win ..
Kab : i think its true ..
T : u both are na very bad see nah maa and she hugs leela ..
L : how many times i have to tell u both don’t tease u will know her value when she will get married …
T : ha then it will be late huh ..
Abeer and kabir makes emotional faces then they both laugh and says maa don’t make us emotional we feel pity on kunj how will he bear this drama queen..
T : huh i hate u both just get lost ..
L : now u trio go from here and don’t increase my work ..
T : maa i wanna prepare something too and now u both don’t u dare say a word
Abeer and kabir laugh and says u will prepare something let’s see ..Saying this they left from there ..
T : maa I’ll prepare sweet dish ..
L : but twinkle
T : no ifs and buts maa I’ll prepare and u will help me …
L : okay my princess …
Next scene ::::
kunj was in his rooms when yuvi and misha comes there …
k : u both ??? any work ???..
y : can’t we come to ur room without work bhai …
mis : yeah kunj .
K : no guys i didn’t mean that ..
Y : Misha Di I know someone was so desperate​ to see Bhabhi competition
Mis : yeah yuvi i saw that too ..
K : i have a call I’ll come soon ..
Yuvi and Misha holds him and pushes him and says we know u don’t have to do any call …
K : really guys ..
Mis : huh kunj I’ll not talk to u ..
K : ok fine ..
Mis : so u like twinkle …
K : noo how can i like her ..
Mis : lie ..
Y : yes lie .
K : ok fine i like her…
Y : like or love ????
K : just shut up only like .. and he throws pillow at yuvi ..
While yuvi throws back at him kunj hides and it hits Misha then the trio had pillow fight and then all went to get ready ..
@ kapoor mansion ..
Meher was on call with abeer when mahi comes to her room to ask her what to wear …
Meh : wear anything now go ..
Ma : Di but ????
Meh : okay wear that orange dress
Ma : i think u are bzy with jiju ..
Meh : it’s nothing like that ..
Abeer was on call listening to their convo and was smiling ..
Mahi comes beside meher and says hi to abeer ..
Ab : hi mahi ..
Ma : hey jiju ..
Meh : mahiii ..
Ma : what Di he is my jiju nah ..
Ab : yeah u can call me dat mahi well i had some work I’ll catch up later ..
Meh : byee …And she ends call ..
Ma : nice choice Di ..
Meh : huh mahiii
Ma : now plzz select a dress for me and she takes meher to cupboard and they both select their dresses and went to get ready too ..
@ taneja mansion..
Twinkle has prepared sweet dish with the help of leela and leela ask twinkle to get ready too ..
Twinkle went to her room and thinks what should i wear i had to look good today …She took out several clothes and them selected a purple colour anarkali ..
After sometime …Twinkle got dresses up and left her hair open ???????…
Twinkle pov :::::
This dress looking good on me Umm yeah purple this is the favourite colour of kunj yaar today i wanna look perfect i had yelled on him sooo badly what should i wear with this Umm these bangles perfect yaar Umm I am sooo happy today yess i missed kunj in these years i used our fights and everything i missed him sooo badly i don’t wanna waste a single moment now to be with him it’s feels good to be with him i feel happy I don’t know why i am feelings like this but yess i don’t want to miss any single chance to be with my sadu sarna my monkey she looks at kunj pic and says look how hot he is looking i feel like kissing him just come soon i am waiting for u my monkey…
Pov ends …
Sarnas along with kapoors came to TM and lert welcomes them …
L : welcome everyone..
Kunj touches leela and RT feet and took their blessings …
Kabir and abeer too comes there and meets everyone …
U : where is twinkle …
L : she is in her room I’ll call her ..
Meh : no aunty u stay me and mahi will call her ..
L : ok beta …
Meher n mahi was going upstairs when twinkle came there …
Kunj was sitting their when his gaze felt on his lady love coming from the stairs looking extremely gorgeous …
Twinkle looks at him too he was wearing maroon t shirt and jeans looking too hot both look at each other followed by cute eye lock …(sun mere humsafar plays in BG …….)
Twinkle came down and meets ushar n others leela takes them all to the lawn as dinner was set up there …
Twinj look at each other wanted to talk but couldn’t​ as everyone was there ..
Screen freezes on their desperate faces ..
So how was the episode …
Do comment …
Ba byeee ….
Love u all …
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  1. Simiyy

    hey Sameera
    Sorry for not commenting on the previous one
    I really enjoyed this part
    Post soon
    Loads of Love

  2. Sohi

    Too cute episode
    Liked siblings bond very much
    Twinkles pov was awesome
    Plz don’t end this ff so soon
    Do continue

  3. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing awesome cute lovely epi

  4. Hey di it was amazing fabulous nd loved twinj desperation hehe…
    Post soon…
    Luv u…

  5. What the hell u had written sameera this show is already finished twinj finished than y ff on them seriously u all r too fool..twinj r so stupid couple hate them…

    1. SidMin23

      If u hate them then why are u read twinj ff and come into fans and throw some bullshit comment on other writing and if your not interested then don’t wast your time in twinj and we all like twinj we came here and u it seen like u don’t like twinj then stat away and don’t say this to twitter as they are writing for us so we can read story of their imagination and if you have problems stay away and stop giving bad comment on them and their writing skill or in twinj okay. And yes sameera don’t listen to this shit and they are just attention grabber from other and I really enjoy today scene and twinj desperate to talk and yes important don’t end this ff as it was my fav and we will wait until for this ff. Hater stay in your limited and don’t interfere in other life.

    2. Sameera

      Thank u soo much for ur opinion but none asked u about it and bdw if u hate twinj then why u opened twinj ff reading it’s title and plz i don’t wanna fight with u and go to hell i don’t care whoever says anything what i have to do i know better so no need of your opinion u can keep it in your pocket huhhhh ??????????????????????????????????????????

    3. Presha

      Yes samy I totally agree with u…
      Nd u miss shhhhh plz stop ur drama if u dont like them its ur prblm but we love them nd its our choice so just get the hell out of here…. Do u get that…
      Poor girl didn’t u read the title if u dont like twinj so dont open there Page…..
      Nd keep ur blo**y suggestion in ur head….

    4. Ohh hello …..Who are you to say anything like that ???? Show is finished so what….We love Twinj and yaaa apna opinion apne jaeb me rakho aur yahan stalk karna band karoo? ??you are soo funny……

    5. Hey u blo*dy shhh..just keep ur nonsense on urself..for me twinj r my life so stop telling shit about them..nd samu di is amazing fantastic nd tell me if u hate twinj than y u opened tei ff..we all know tei is ended but twinj r still in our life..so get lost..

    6. SidMin

      She is writing it coz many people like you who hate Twinj as well as love them are reading it …
      I don’t get it if you hate Twinj why the hell did you even read it ???

    7. Jasmin

      Really?? If this show finished then y the hell r u surfing tei section..?? Come in tell us..just be in ur limits man..kf u dont like something dont see it or read it..if u dont like it there r a hundered of people who love this ff..do whatever u can..we wont stop writing..n yes we r fool..n its good to be fool rather n jist being a srs fellow like u..n dare u say anything about this ff n twinj..they r my lofe..n i cam do anything for them..n now..for god’s sake..dont u dare comment..n if u dont love some1s writing n wanna bash just for once write something n post..n i m not sayin that once u write n post it u have the right to bash any1..n plzz do a favour..when u write do tell me coz i wamt to bash u no no no how can i..i didnt forgot my manners u know..but i want to say that staop badhing coz if u bash there r many persons to oppose u..u r ruining ur image urself..n sameera dii..dont give a shit to this comment..there r many who love ur ff love twinj n love u..n Shhhhh dont u dare comment on any ff..got it??

    8. Anshikajainn

      Heyyyy shhhh just go to hell and Sameera you are just awesome i am in love with your ff so pls don’t listen to these haters you are just awesome sameera

    9. Amaya Bhardwaj

      Hey shhhhh , if you don’t like Twinj then why did u even open tei page….We all love Twinj so stop saying nonsense…..They are bestest couple for us….. So keep ur bl**dy mouth shut u idiot…..
      And don’t u dare say anything about sameer…..She is an amazing writer….. keep ur opinion to yourself none asked u for….Don’t show up your face….. . Just go to hell .

    10. Baby

      Acha shhhhh….naam jaisa haina vaisee hii shhhh…rhe samjhi it wuld b btr fr u…….luk if u dont like twinj or if d show has finished den wat d hell r u doing here haan…..
      Jst shhhh….ur mouth n dont do jyada shhh…shhh…dont u piss off in ur pants…..hhahahhaaaaa……
      Luk gal didnt askd for ur opinion sooooo plsss keep it to urslf b dar eu speak ill bout any body on dis site I gonna kick d hell out of u….
      How can u ppl b sooo well waste of time n I dont hv mch time….bt last warning…miss….shhhh…..
      Odr wise u ll forever get shhhhhhhh…..pissed……well bye bye…hope to c u nvr agn…..
      Lolz dii dont feel anything coz of dis basher she is mad….n u miss. Shhhhhh….dare speak ill bout our my twinj I ll tell u den who I am if agn heard a word n dont show ur face here agn….stupid nincompoop moron….. 🙂

  6. Jasmin

    Diiiii!! How can u dii..how can u..how can u do this..how can u write an episode with soooo cute moments..i mean ki cuteness overloaded..i dont know that whats there in this ff which is in none other ff..i have a different kind of feeling..whenever i see ur ff i jist smile soo brightly n broadly that sometimes its difficult to handle the situation when i m in public..they think me as maniac..i m in love with ur ffs..not only this but each ff u wrote..its not that i dont love any other ff..n its not even that ki i m buttering u..its just that i dont want my smile to go..i know that there r many other ffs which can bring smiles to my face..but ur ff has the speciality to bring thay smile which can make my cheeks hurt..ur ffs have that cuteness which not every ff has..u know what once i commemted that i save the ffs for offline reading as some1 always comes to disturb me..n trust me when i read ur ff its sometimes too difficult to read further as i just cant handle too cute epi yrr..n i dont want to loose my smile..i m selfish n i know that..soo dare u end ur ff..ouch!! Itna bada comment kar diya h..ek reply to kar dena..n end ni karna apna ff..samjhe..pata h ki bohot bol liya..issliye byee..love u!!

    1. Sameera

      Awwww Jasmin thank u soooo much year for ur cute comment glad that i manage to bring a smile on your face yaar ok ok I’ll not end it i am very happy that u all are liking it yaar …
      Love u ????

  7. Nooo ??????plz don’t end I can wait jab tak whenever u free than post the episode plz its my humble request plz plz don’t end sami ?????????

  8. Presha

    Too awesome yaar…
    Loved it…
    Twinj desperation to talk..
    There eyelock just amazing…
    Plz dont end it..
    Jb time mile tab post krna but dont end it plz plz…
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  13. SidMin

    Aww just loved it … Awesome . .. the episode was too sweet the brothers teasing Twinkle and UV and Meher teasing … Kunj …?? was so sweet …
    Love you post soon ❤

  14. Rashiverma2199

    Wow….Sammeerraa…..It was fabulous…. Commenting after so long….Super awesome….???

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  17. Ariya

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  18. Kruti

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    Nd the epi was amazing…..the siblings bond was just awwww….Twinj r ??….loved it

  19. Sam
    Plsshhh plsjhhhhgb don’t end it or else I’ll cry
    I love ur writing from start n don’t u give any kind of importance tto her
    Dey r just here to bash az dey don’t knwo anything
    Anyways who else on d earth want to talk about such people
    It’s awesome amazing bith r falling for eo howw cute n deseparate foe eo
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    Love u keep smiling

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  21. Aamna_2690

    Hey Sameera!

    How dare u said to end it haan??u r not gonna end it ok??It’s not a request from ur lovely reader??but an order??ok…

    Well episode was lovely??n cute??Twinkle’spov was awsum??Haye Twinj getting teased was lovely??

    Plz don’t end the ff??I am ok with irregular updates☺☺sorry for this late comment ??post when u r free☺☺loads of love??

  22. Shalini15

    Sammu my sweetness ki dukan sorry for late comment ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? nd episode was awesome mind blowing fabulous superb as always. Twinj were getting teased by their siblings so cute ??????????? nd twinkle was getting ready for kunj aawwwwww so sweet episode. Loved it so much ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? post next part whenever you get time but please don’t end.

    Love you ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

  23. Amaya Bhardwaj

    Heyyy Sam awsm fabulous fantastic mind blowing superb episode yrr…… Soooooooooo cuteeeeeeeee sweeettt and lovelyyyyyyy yrr. . Everytime I read ur FF I end up falling in love with it more & more…..Twinj desperate…..Tw Kabir & abeer Convo was amazing……I loved it to core yrr…..
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  24. Baby

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    Love u lods dii…. 🙂

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