Kriyam :An Unexpected Love (episode 11 )

Sayyam:(moves forward )
Krishna:(goes back) wht happened sayyam? Y r u getting close ?


Krishna:(tries to go back but gets pinned to the wall )
Sayyam:(goes closer to her until there was no space between them )
Krishna:(gets nervous and tries to go left but sayyam blocks her way , she tries to go right but Sayyam blocks the way again )
Sayyam:(puts his hand on her hair )
Krishna :(closes her eyes )
Suhani :(stands looking shocked)
Yuvaan and Baby:(are sleeping together under a blanket )
Yuvraaj:(comes and gets shocked , he’s about to go in )
Suhani:(stops him ) no yuvraaj . Don’t . (Her eyes get teary ) this is not the right time
Yuvraaj:but Suhani …..
Suhani: this is not the right time . It already happened . We r too late now . It’s all my fault . I couldn’t raise Yuvaan right .
Yuvraaj:(holds Suhanis shoulder)it’s not ur fault . Yuvaan is lucky tht he has a mom like u . But it’s such unfortunate that he couldn’t take advantage of his luck
Suhani:I’ll let everyone know my final decision this evening after Krishna and Sayyam return

Sayyam:(smiles ) done
Krishna:(opens her eyes and looks confused ) wht?
Sayyam:(moves his hands and shows her a feather ) it was in ur hair so I took it of
Krishna:u pinned me to the wall just for tht?
Sayyam:yah… y? (he looks at her suspiciously ) were u expecting something else?
Krishna:no….(she looks away ) but how do we get out of here ?
Sayyam: I’m gonna scream
Sayyam: bc it’s a mall and no one’s probably gonna hear me so no point
Krishna:try the lock again
Sayyam:(turns the lock and surprisingly it opens )
Krishna:(looks at Sayyam)
Sayyam:(looks confused ) I swear it was locked
Krishna:(looks at him closely )
Sayyam:wht u looking at ? If u don’t belive me then live with ur stupid lies like u always do . Ur life is made up of lies , thts y u belive in every lie (the words ring in krishnas ears )
Krishna:wht kinda person r u ? I didn’t even say anything n u start yelling at me
Sayyam:bc u deserve it
Krishna:I feel bad for Baby
Sayyam:why ?

Krishna:bc she’s ur girlfriend
Sayyam:she’s not my girlfriend
Krishna: y r u lying ? First time she came she gave u a kiss right in front of everyone and ur saying she’s not ur gf . Tht time I felt like ….
Sayyam:u felt like wht ? And she’s not my gf we broke up
Krishna:thts sad bc u will never get a girl sooner . I mean who wld like u
Sayyam:u want me to answer tht or do u wanna leave (he points at the door )
Krishna:let’s just leave (she tries to leave but her hair was stuck to the button of Sayyams shirt )
(people from outside look at them )
Krishna:(gets nervous and mumbles)we r dead today
Someone speaks: kids these days are so shameless that they don’t mind going in da same trial room as a stranger
Someone else speaks: true tht
Krishna :we r not strangers
Someone:but u r girlfriend and boyfriend right
Krishna:(get more nervous )
Sayyam: who r u to question our relationship?
Krishna :(speaks before the argument continues ) he’s my husband
Sayyam :(looks  at her with wide eyes )
Krishna:(mumbles ) just play along with me
(The people leave after tht)
Krishna:thank god
Sayyam:y did u lie ?
Krishna :bc I didn’t wanna continue this
Sayyam:take ur hair off
Krishna:o I forgot about tht (she tries to take it of her hair tickles Sayyams face )
Sayyam:(sneezes ) hurry up
Krishna:sorry I’m trying . I have to use my teeth
Sayyam:no let’s get a scissors and just cut ur hair of
Krishna:u can always take ur shirt of and there’s no way I’m cutting my hair (she uses her teeth and takes it of )
Sayyam:finally now let’s go home
Krishna:(nods )

Precap:Suhani:I’ve made a important decision , Yuvaan and Krishna will get married tomorrow which is the day of holi . Yuvraaj thinks:y is suhani saying this . Krishna:(smiles of happiness) everyone looks happy except Sayyam.


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