KriYam-a unbreakable bond of love (Episode 19)

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Its morning..
Krishna (thinks) yesterday he told he won’t talk because he has to come here today.. then why hasn’t he come??)
Suhani sees her
Suhani: what happened Krishna.. why r u looking at door?? Are u waiting for someone??
Krishna: no aunty..i wasn’t.. just like that.
All come and have breakfast..
Krishna is waiting for Saiyam..

He comes..
Suhani : arey Saiyam beta..u here.
Saiyam: ya aunty.. just had some work around..
Suhani: ok sit and have breakfast..
Dadi: but why Suhani..he isn’t family.. then why would he eat with us..
Krishna feels bad
Suhani: no dadi.. he saved our he is our family
Dadi rags go
Saiyam sits..
Suhani serves him..

Suhani: beta take this ice cream
Krishna: aunty.. don’t.. he has cold
Suhani: what?.. but how do u know Krishna??
Krishna gets nervous.
Krishna: aunty i..i actually
Yuvani: mama.. i just met Saiyam yesterday on the beach..and he told me.. and i told Krishna.
Krishna sighs in relief
Suhani: ok

Krishna: Saiyam u wait i will make tea for u..
She goes
Suhani looks on..
Krishna makes tea and gives it 2 Saiyam..he drinks..
Kriyam smile at each other
After sometime.. Krishna is in. Her room.. while yuvani brings Saiyam..
Krishna: u
Yuvani: shh…slowly.. look i know u both want to talk so u talk i will keep. Everyone engaged..
She goes..
Kriyam exchange looks.
Saiyam sneezes..
Krishna: again?? Wait.
She gives medicines he takes them..

They spend some quality time..
Saiyam :but no need to take so much care of me..
Krishna: why?
Saiyam: coz im not worth it..
Krishna: what?
Saiyam: i mean..nothing.. i am not used to it..(Suhani comes).u don’t need to get so close to me Krishna.. what if we get separated some day..
Krishna puts her hand on his mouth
Krishna: shh.. don’t say this..

She cries and hugs him
I luv u Saiyam.. i really luv u.. i just can’t live without u..
Saiyam: i love u 2 Krishna
Suhani gets shocked..
Suhani: (shouts)krishna!!!
They both get shocked and break away..
Krishna: aunty.. i i was.. i was about to tell u..actually
Saiyam: krishna.. stop..let me say…aunty i love Krishna..we both luv each other..we were about to tell u..plzz trust us..we really luv each other..i will keep her happy..and ya plz don’t scold her..shr has no fault..
Suhani : go

Saiyam: but aunty..
Suhani: i said just go from here.. i need to talk to my daughter..
Krishna is crying..

Precap: Saiyam: before leaving ..i want to tell u something

Krishna had not gone 2 any wedding..she was with me in mumbai

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  1. So good.

  2. Aarti32

    Oh no..Ab Suhani Kya kregi?? I’m worried

  3. Hmm devil suhani-.-

  4. Suhani uss love birds ke beech kyu aa rahiho?? Yaar plz update soon…

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