KriYam-a unbreakable bond of love (Episode 11)

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Saiyam : why?? Not happy to see me.. I thought u would be happy…
Krishna : …yes I mean.. im happy but not like that.. I mean..
Saiyam : leave it. ? (He sits on the floor).. ur not happy
Krishna: (goes to him and sits with him).. no don’t be angry.. I mean I like u being here.i meant why u here such late.. r u ok??
Saiyam : ( looking away) hmm..
Krishna : saiyam!!! Plz na stop it ..look at me..
Saiyam looks but is still angry..

Krishna signals him to smile..he smiles.
Acha now tell me why u came here all fine? ?
Saiyam : ya.. just came to see if ur ok.. much happened today so I thought u must need me…
Krishna : (smiles) thanks..
Saiyam (playfully holds her shoulder) and also came to see u sleeping. I likw the way you sleep…… so calmly..
He continues talking while krishna looks at his hand holding her shoulder she watches him lovingly and thinks he is so sweet.
Krishna : u came here just for me??
Saiyam : any doubt?

They laugh..
Krishna : but how did you come here.. the door is locked. ?
Saiyam : what? U think I would come from door …. cool dudes like me climb the pipe to meet a girl. ?
Krishna : what? U climbed the pipe? ? Why ?? R u mad?? Did u get hurt?
Saiyam : no baba im fyn..
Krishna : u should not have done this,.
She looks away. ?
Saiyam : ok sorry .,,, leave it na

He signals her to smile…. she smiles..
Krishna : acha wait.. (she goes and brings his jacket) take this or I will forget again
Saiyam : u take it .. I want something else.. Krishna : what?
Saiyam : r u sure u would give me what I want
Krishna : yes I will try my best..
Saiyam : I want. ……..just 12 hrs

Krishna : what?
Saiyam : just 12 hrs from ur life.. in which there would be just us
Krishna : what? How saiyam….I just
Saiyam : I know u must be feeling awkward… its just that I have seen ur world I have known u ur family…. now I want u to come with me to mumbai meet my friends and visit the orphanage…. know where and how I was brought up.. plz krishna. ? I want u to be a part of my life…
Krishna : but saiyam. ? How can I..
Saiyam : I know ur confused … but Im not forcing u.. the choice is yours. K.. I must leave now… and I am waiting for ur answer.
He goess..

Precap : krishna : I don’t know yuvani how .. but ya I love saiyam
Yuvani smiles

Thanks guys for ur positive comments.
Means a lot

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  1. Rockstr

    Omg….i cant wait…its sad krishnas falling fr him wen he is using hr fr his revenge…though he is falling for her too…he is still after his revenge…shes too innicent man…im so addicted to ur ff…update soon…

  2. Zai

    Truly your ff is so addictive. Loving each part of it. And thx for writing so much in one day dear

  3. Aarti32


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