kriyam – u r my strength Episode 151

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Episode 151
Krishna n sayyam Reached Birla Mansion Entrance n The Entire Family Welcomed The Two Love Birds with Happiness n Excitement. As soon as Krishna n sayyam Stepped Inside The house The Two Lovely n Innocent 5 years Kids Came Running n Hugged Both Krishna n sayyam in Excitement n Started To Talk to with Them in Excitement n in Childish Tone.
Girl : ( Runs n Hugs Sayyam in Excitement ) Paapaa..Finally U came… ( Kisses sayyam’s Cheeks Lovingly ) Missed U Soo Much Pappa
Boy : ( Runs n Hugs Krishna in Excitement ) Mummaa..Finally u also came.. ( Kisses Krishna’s Cheeks Lovingly ) n I Missed U Soo Much Mumma..
The 2 Kids who Ran n Hugged Both Krishna n sayyam were None Other Than Their 5 Yrs Kids Suhana Birla n Sohan Birla ..The 2 Lovable 5 Yrs Kids were Really Happy n Excited to see their Parents Back in front of them after A Long Holiday becoz even it was A Short Holiday fr Elders bt fr Kids like Suhana n Sohan Staying Away from Their Parents fr Only 1 Day was Like A Week..
Sayyam : ( Hugs Suhana Back ) Aww My little Princess..I Missed U too… ( Kissed Her Cheeks too ) Love U..
Krishna : ( Hugged Sohan Back ) Aww My little Prince..Missed U too ( Kissed His Cheeks Back ) Love U..
While The Kids n kriyam were Having A Cute Family Bond The Rest of The People who were Present in BM Adored n Admired The Family Bond n Blessed them with their Wide Smile on their Face.As kriyam n Kids were Hugging Each other Another Kid of Around 6 Yrs too Came n Hugged kriyam Happily n Showered His Love too…Seeing The Kid Coming Towards them kriyam too Hugged Him Back n Showered their Love too on The Kid Happily..
Kid : ( Ran n Hugged kriyam Lovingly ) chachi n chacha..U Came Finally..Nt Only Suhana n Sohan bt I also Missed U both Finally U both No One Informed Me about ur Arrival ..Not Even Maa n Papa.. ( Sees yuvvan n kushi with Pout Face )
That Kid who Hugged kriyam was None Other Than kushi’s n yuvaan’ Child Rohan Birla…Rohan was One Yr elder than Suhana n Sohan…All 3 kids were Really Intelligent n Smart…
Sayyam : ( Smiled n Hugged Rohan Bak ) Awww My Baby..chacha n chachi too Missed U too Beta..
Krishna: agr apko kisi ne nhi bataya toh kya…. Now We came bback na So We, U,Sohan n Suhana all Together will have soo Much Fun ok na ??
Kids : ( Happy n Jumps in Excitement ) Yaaayyy…
Soon Finally after Having a Some Cute n Family Moments kriyam Headed towards their Room…

Days passed
BM was decorated..
As Everyone to their Respective Rooms to get Ready kriyam Along with their Kids too went to their Room to get Ready..The Moment The Kids Entered their Parent’s Room Both Sohan n Suhana Ran n Jumped on their Bed n Started Jumping on The Bed as They Likes The Softness of kriyam Bed n Krishna seeing them got Irritated n Started Scolding while sayyam Smiled n Went to His Work on Laptop Like Any other Men would do..
Soham : ( Happy n Runs to the Bed ) Yaayy..Mumma..Ur Bed is Soo Comfortable…Loving Ur Bed
Suhana: ( to sayyam ) Papa..Plzz We too want Same Bed in Our Room Plzzz.. ( request While Jumping on Bed )
Sayyam : ( Smiles ) Ok Done My Kids..Kal tak U will Get ur Dream Bed in Ur Room..N that’s A Promise of Ur Father..Ok na ??
Kids : ( Happy n Excited ) Yaayay..Love U Papa..U r The Best..
Sayyam : ( Laughs at their Childishness ) Papa too Love My Kids..
Krishna : ( Irritated ) Wowow..what A Love of Father n Kids..Bas Haa.U guys only know hw to Mess Up Things n don’t know hw to Mend it Later…Its Me who always Mend Things after u a Messing them..Nw its Over ( To Kids ) Abb Chalo tum dono… ( Points Towards Her ) Come Here Ryt nw..n get in Washroom One By One…Will Make U both Ready n get Ur ( Sees sayyam in Anger ) Papa Ready..
Sohan : ( Laughs ) Papa A Kid that U have to Make Him Ready like Us ?? ( Innocently n Unknowingly ) toh It means U might have to Give Shower to Papa na Like us coz According to U He is Kid na. ( Giggles )
Suhana : Haa Na Mumma..We r ryt na ?? Do U give Shower to Papa every day like U give Us..Bolo na ??
Krishna n sayyam who were busy in their Own Work got Embarrassed n Red on Hearing Their Innocent Kids n Avoided Each other’s Eye Contact n Tried to Divert The Topic making the Kids Confused.
Sohan : Bolo na u Shower Papa too ??
Krishna : ( Blushes ) Bas Karo Bachcho ..Come On ( Shows The Washroom ) Get Inside The Washroom One By One.. Abii…. ( Angry )
Kids : ( Sad ) Ok Mumma ( Runs Inside The Washroom )

Soon Krishna n Kids went inside the washroom n krishna made them bath n made them ready for the party while sayyam kept smiling throughout the procedure of making the kids ready while doing his some important work on his laptop n on the other side all that krishna could do was only avoid eye contact with sayyam.soon the kids got ready n both the kids were looking really adorable n admirable in their new birthday dresses which were gifted by their parents only…sohan wore a 3 piece suit with simple yet fashionable hairstyle same like his dad with same attitude n manner while suhana wore a pink colour frock looking gorgeous n elegant like her mother..both the kids really depicted as the younger version of their parents with same attitude n same manner of their parents…as soon as the kids got ready both krishna n sayyam stared n admired their own kids n blessed n showered their love on their kids with teary eyes filled with tears of happiness.
Krishna : ( Teary Eyes bt Smiles ) Aww..My Babies..kitne Pyaare lag rahe ho tum dono..God Bless U My Kids..Mumma Loves U.
Sayyam : ( Gets Up from the Sofa n Stops His Work n goes Near Kids ) Papa too Love U Bacchoon..( Pats their Cheeks Lovingly ) U both r Looking Really Good ..Happy Birthday My Kids..God Bless U ( Kisses Their Forehead )
Kids : ( Happy ) We Love U too Mumma n Papa ( Kisses kriyam’s Cheeks Lovingly n Ran Out of Room )
Krishna n sayyam seeing their Kid’s Childish Behaviour Laughed n Admired their Childishness
Krishna : ( Smiles n Side Hugged n Kept Her Head on sayyam’s Chest with Love ) sayyam….Thank U fr giving Me such 2 Wonderful Kids n Thank U fr Giving Me Such A Wonderful Life..U were always there with Me whenever I needed U… U gave me strength to fight with all problems… U r truly my strength whenever I am weak…Thanks Alot..thankx for coming in to my life ( Teary Eyes n Kisses sayyam’s Palm )
Sayyam: ( Feels The Tears n Cups Krishna’s Face n Wipes Her Tears ) Ohh Come On Princess..kitne baar bolu I Hate Tears in ur Eyes..chahe it’s of Sadness or Happiness..I just Don’t Like Tears in ur Eyes..So Come On Wipe U Tears..Warna u know main kya karunga as ur Punishment ( Winks Naughtily )
Krishna on hearing sayyam’s teasing words blushes n immediately wipes her tears while sayyam smiled naughtily n leaned towards her rosy lips seeing her bluishness..seeing sayyam coming near her lips krishna feels shy n closed her eyes giving sayyam a positive sign.. sayyam leans towards krishna n kissed her passionately..
Screen fades away…

It’s been 1 Hour n party has almost started n almost all the guests had arrived including rahul naina maan yuvaani… .soon all were waiting for the cake cutting…as it was the time for the cake cutting krishna called both suhana n sohan to cut the cake as it was the birthday of suhana n sohan… . everyone present in hall clapped n wished both kids for their special day…soon cake was cut the cake was distributed among all the guests…
After sometimes
Krishna announced a family photo session making everyone happy n excited..listening to the family photo announcement everyone including elders of all the families were made in front while the second generation were made to stand back of elders n the third n latest generation were made sit on ground in front making the pic a complete n a perfect family photo with all the people present in the photo were happy in fact super happy seeing their entire family happy n blessed…
Photographer : say Cheese…
Family Members : ( Smiles ) cheese..
Story ends with the family photo…

Finally Done with The Last n Final Part of Kriyam- u r my strength..Thanks Alot for The Immense Love n Support U All Provided n Showered on Me n My Work..Hope u will Like The Last Part too..Hope it Reaches Ur Expectations…Do Leave Ur Valuable Comments n Let Me know Ur Views about The Last n Final Part of My story….
I hope everyone(including silent readers) will comment on this as this is the end of my story…
Thank you so much everyone who helped me n support me I love u all…
With love Shaani( Uththara )
Bye… Bye..

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