Kriyam- U r my strength (Episode 13)

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Episode 13
This fashion show is organized by designing unit and event management unit this is an project for both units…krishna and sayyam also a part of it… This fashion show is after few weeks… All r concentrating on this event… Krishna and sayyam meet most of the time becoz of this event…sometimes both of them forget about this even and spend some quality time together…they both have feelings for each other….

At krishna’s baadi. ..

Krishna’s POV —- this is one of my favourite event…every year I used to go for this event… Our senior batches did this very colourfully… This is the time which management students and designing student get to know each other…in my case….i have already knew few management students sanskar lucky dev and SAYYAM… Sayyam is changed I can feel it… I’m happy about him..

he talks with girls freely and very closely…but I feel little jealous… I must say now sayyam has a very crazy fans in campus after his makeover done by our sanskar…omg that day how much he tried to escape from the saloon.. Sanskar changes sayyam’s hair style.. And dressing style was changed by me n swara… Swara was saying that Sayyam looks nice in 1 costume..but for me it is not nice…and we argued over this matter and they all embarrassed me by saying that I look like sayyam’s wife… Actually I was happy to her it… I feel little jealous to see him with another girl…i get concern when he gets hurt… When he is near me my heart feels soo good. This is the symptoms of love fever..YES I’M IN LOVE …I LOVE U SAYYAM …I LOVE U SOO MUCH…I WANT TO LIVE REST OF MY LIFE WITH U…but what about sayyam… does he has the same feeling like mine… will he accept me…will his family accept me…

they are coming from a big family…will they accept a girl from a middle clz girl…No they will not… no parent will like their child to get married to a middle clz girl…becoz they are very reputed family… Will sayyam’s past let him love again…. Mee kya karu..mujhe kuch samaj me nahi aara… Shall I tell this to maa… No no..she will get disturbed.. She never wanted to hurt my feelings.. She will do anything to make me happy but I don’t want her to get trouble becoz of me… It’s better to keep quiet..but will I be able to control my feelings… I’ll ignore sayyam…if I go near him..i won’t be able to control my feelings… .but how can I do that also.. If I do that will sayyam’s heart break again.. Plz bagawanji mujhe madat karo…mujhe Shakti dijiye….

Krishn’s POV ended—-
Krishna realised her love for Sayyam..but now she get scared… There are soo many questions in her mind…

BM(birla mansion)

It’s night …sayyam is in the rooftop looking at the night sky
Sayyam’s POV —– I always think about Krishna…she is very Nice girl…cham girls ..she is not at all proud about beauty… I’m happy..i’m soo happy when I’m with her.. Idk about this feeling..this is definitely not love ..

becoz I know that I can’t love again.. But Krishna… Idk wht this feelings this is different…. I never felt these feelings before….not even for karishma…I don’t understand… Krishna is working hard for this fashion show… But sometimes she is looking sad… Whenever I ask about it she avoid it by saying work pressure or something…but I have to find wht is bothering her…after all she is my frnd.. She helped me to reduce my pain… She always cared about me… I have to find someway to help her..let this fashion show finish then she can’t escape by saying work pressure… Sayyam’s POV ended—

Precap:Another Kriyam moment…how sayyam take krishna’s side… Sayyam hold Krishna’s shoulders tightly and looking into her eyes…

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  1. Ahhh shani this one is too cute❤?

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much …it means alot…i have submitted next parts also.. It’ll be uploaded soon…

  2. Aarti32

    It’s vry shaani..U ended d episode in Kriyyam’s POV only..Clever girl

    1. Aarti32

      * u’re vry shaani

    2. Shaani

      Haha… Glad u liked it… Actually today mrng o was little demotivated becoz there was no comments….but after few minutes i saw there are comments…sooo i started to write again…. Glad u like it.. Thanks for reading…

  3. Rockstr too short…update asap

    1. Shaani

      Yeah I know I’m sorry about it…in mrng I was little demotivated…bceoz I didn’t got enough comments I thought that u guys don’t like it…but I got u guys comments little later…soo I wrote 2 more parts and I have submitted it… Soo it’ll be uploaded soon…thanks for reading n commenting…

  4. I must say shaani u r a brilliant writer keep it going..? we love your ff’s on kriyam

    1. Shaani

      Thank u thank u soo much…it means alot… I have submitted the next 2 parts it’ll be uploaded soon….rwad them also..

  5. Hey shaani I just can’t wait 4 the next episode as the precap seems to be romantic btw ur ffs r just superb….never feel demotivated because we love ur ffs..keep writing 🙂

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much means alot…yeah now I’m satisfied with my small circle readers… Thank u soo much once again…i have submitted another 2 parts… It’ll be uploaded soon…

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