Kriyam- U r my strength (Episode 09)

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Episode 09
Krishna: Sayyam u can tell me if u trust me…
Sayyam never told about his past to anyone completely…he hesitate to tell it…but he want to get rid of this pain and fear…
Sayyam start the story of his past..

——-Flashback——-3rd person’s POV
Sayyam and another girl is walking in a beautiful path holding their hands..they are soo happy with each others precense.
Sayyam: Karishma we’ll get married after our graduation…
Karishma: Ok I have no problem with it sayyam.. I love u sayyam
Sayyam: I love u too sayyam .
They were popular couple among campus…but all of them knew about karishma’s possessiveness… Pir bi sayyam loved her very much… Becoz he thought still karishma trust him… Karishma’s frnds are also have a good bonding with sayyam…
It was karishma’s b’day early morning sayyam wished her…

Sayyam Gd mrng jaan… And happy birthday….
Karishma: Thank u sayyam ….sayyam today we don’t have morning lectures shall we go somewhere…we’ll come again for afternoon lectures
Sayyam hesitated a little( then he gets a call but he disconnected was noticed by karishma. then again a beep sound came from his phn which indicate a msg) sayyam: Noo I can’t karishma I have few work to we’ll go somewhere 2mrw.. I have to go huh bye…c u at the lectures…he left the place….

Karishma thought that he has a another affair with her frnd …she was suspecting sayyam for about a month…karishma felt that sayyam is having a affair with her frnd kvya..she determined to search about it…
She went toward sanjana(another frnd of karishma)
Karishma: Hi sanjana…how r u doing..?
Sanjana: Hi karishma …happy birthday..

Karishma: Thank u sanjana…shall we go somewhere becoz we don’t have any lectures till afternoon…
Sanjana:yeah y not…let’s go..
Karishma: Let’s call kvya also…
Sanjana’s facial expressions changed… Sanjana: Lets go karishma… Kvya won’t come…. She may be busy with work..
Karishma thought “that means sanjana also know about something…i have to solve this today it self…”
Karishma: No yaar kvya is also my frnd na..we’ll take her also…whr is she…oohh I forgot that I saw her a in L101 lecture hall come on sanjana let’s go…(she take sanjana with her)
In meantime sanjana gets a call from kvya she answered it and told that kvya I can’t stop her for a long time she is coming towards the hall…
Karishma:(think) All my frnds and soo called bf is betraying me..
When karishma went towards the lecture hall kvya came out and talk to her then sanskar also came out… That’s it for karishma …

Karishma: Stop it sayyam…enough is enough..i have caught u today…
Sayyam: What?…he is confused..
Karishma:oh god…look at ur acting sayyam…i know that u have an affair with kvya…
Both sayyam & kvya is shocked with this statement of karishma..
Kvya: Are u insane karishma? How could u even think about something like that..sayyam truly loves u..
Karishma: Oh just shut up kvya u r a black spot of the name of frndship…and u sanjana..i know that u r also involved in this…how could u??

Sayyam: No u r takeing us wrong ..i love u with whole my heart..
CHATAAK…karishma slapped sayyam..
Karishma:I don’t need to know anything …Arjun is correct about u… He informed about u n kavya .. And I also saw u both in canteen together one time also..
Kavya: Are u in ur sense karishma?. They is nothing between us…
Karishma: U just shut up …i don’t want to talk to u… (she turned towards sayyam)
Karishma: And u sayyam…i didn’t loved u ..u r just a ATM machine for me.. (karishma said in anger)

Sayyam stood with his head bowed down… His eyes filled with tears..
Then more frnds come out from the lecture hall karishma saw the incomplete decorations… Kavya pulled karishma and give a tight slap…
Kavya: This is wht u wanted na? r u happy? We r here to celebrate ur birthday… He planned this all becoz it’s ur 1st birthday celebration post ur relationship with sayyam..yeah it’s true he spent sometime with us..not only me…

but with everyone…and not only with girls also with these boys..from past 3months he is planning a surprise for u… Now r u satisfied? Do u know how sensitive and emotional he is?.. He can even die for u? But u didn’t even trust him for a once..
Krishna:(she is feeling guilty now) where is he now..? I want to talk to him?..
Kavya:after saying that much to a person will that person bare the pain?.. It’s like an arrow passing through the heart …i don’t know whr he is.. Go n find him by urself..any of us want help u..
—–Falshback end—-

Precap: Emotional kriyam scene..(may be,may be not)

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  1. Aarti32

    Sad story..But it’s OK as it wud help Kriyyam story develop..??

    1. Shaani

      Hmm..let’s think like that… Thanks for reading Aaru…i have submitted upto 11 episode.. Read them also…

  2. Poor sayyam?

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