Kriyam: Kyun karte ho muhjse itna pyar (Chapter 41)

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Before the chapter I just wanted to thank everyone for all the lovely comments for Chapter 40. My apologies for not responding to each of you separately.
Special shout out to shivani, Thank you soooooooo much for your kind words. This was my first ever fanfic that i shared. I’ve been writing stories and such as a hobby for a while now and your apprecitiation of this Fanfic really means a lot to me.. and please don’t compare me to Shakespeare he’s every story writer’s idol and I don’t even come close…I just do what I do. God bless you too dear

Another shout out to Shaani, dear thank you so much for constantly supporting my ff and reassuring me that I won’t be abandoned by the readers…Stay blessed and keep writing yourself.

Krishna and Saiyyam were still lost in each other, completely oblivious to the fact that the entire family was celebrating. Finally they were brought down to Earth by the sound of…music…Raj had started playing Pehla Pehla Pyar Hai…Peheli Peheli Baar Hai.. on his phone and now was dancing around them….Krishna and Saiyyam exchanged looks both clearly very happy but very embarrassed at the same time…Then suddenly Saiyyam stopped Raj and hugged him
Saiyyam: Im sorry yaar…main bohot bura dost hoon. Par mera yakeen kar maine yeh sab jaan booch ke nahi kiya..main sach mein tere aur Krishna ke bale ke liye ye h shaadi karva raha ta..mujhe bas apni feelings ko samajh ne mein todha waqt lag gaya…I’m really sorry Raj…I know tere saath bohot ghalat kiya hai maine..i’m sorry….( im a very bad friend..but trust me I didn’t do all this on purpose, I really thought getting you and Krishna married was good for the two of you..i just needed some time to understand my sorry Raj I know ive not done right by sorry)

Raj was silent for quite sometime..and saiyyam was about to start speaking again when raj burst out laughing..
Raj: Saiyyam, tu itna senti aur emotional dialogue mat maar..dialogue maarna mera kaam hai..aur tujhe na guilty feel karne ki bilkul zaroorat nahi hai..mujhe toh pehele din hi pata lag gaya ki yahan e kuch kuch hota hai chal raha hain aur mujhe rani mukerjee nahi chill ( saiyyam, no need to get all sentimental and say all these emotional dialogues…saying dialogues is my thing…and you don’t need to feel guilty..i knew from the first day that you and Krishna were the hero heroine of this movie and I didn’t want to be the villain.)
Saiyyam: Kya? par tujhe yeh sab bataya kisne….( What but who told you all this)
Then suddenly everyone screamed in unison

Saiyyam went and hugged yuvraj and suhani
Saiyyam: Maa aapne sahi kahata…mujhe ab Krishna ki ahemiyat samajh aagayi hai…thank you maa..( you were right maa now I understand how important Krishna is.. thank you maa)
Yuvani: Hello…humne mi kafi madat ki ti okay…( Hello we also helped a lot okay)
Saiyyam went over to yuvaan and yuvani he hugged yuvani and moved to hug yuvaan but stopped himself..

Saiyyam: Yuvaan, aaj tak hum dono ne ek doosre se dang se baat tak nahi ki..par yeh jo tumne mere liye kiya isse tumne saabit kar diya ki tum sach main mere bhai ho…and I promise you ki future meh main bhi har kadam pe sabko dikhaoonga ki main tera bhai hoon……Thanks bhai..( yuvaan we’ve never even had a proper conversation but what you did for me proves that you are indeed my brother..and I promise you that in the future I will show everyone through my actions that I too am your brother..thanks brother.)

Yuvaan and Saiyyam shared a hug
Bhavna: Agar yeh sab baatein khatam hogayi ho toh main yaad dilaadoon ki aaj sangeet hai…..kuch tayaari karni hai ki nahi..chalo sab..(If all this talk is over, may I remind you that today is the sangeet..dont you wwant to do the preparations..everyone lets go)
Saiyyam: Par ab toh Krishna aur raj ki shaadi nahi ho rahi hai toh yeh sangeet kyun..( But now Krishna and raj aren’t getting married so why the sangeet?)
Bhavna: Par tumhari aur Krishna ki toh shaadi ho sakti hai na….( but you and Krishna can get married)

Suhani: aur waise bhi shaadi toh karni padegi..gusse mein akar divorce paper jo sign kiya ta dono ne. aur rk baat jab talk shaadi nahi ho jati tum dono ek doosre se nahi miloge..aaj sangeet ke baas seede shaadi mein milna.Krishna shaadi yuvani ke kamre mein hi rahe gi.( and anyway you must get married, you signed the divorce papers in anger and one more thing before the wedding you to will not meet each other, after the sangeet you will meet directly at the wedding. Krishna will stay with yuvani until then)
Raj: Suhani aunty,, nahi aunty nahi madam,ab mera kaam toh ho gaya yahan..toh main soch raha ta ki main ab wapas chala jaata hoon( Suhani not aunty madam, I was thinking my job here is done so ill be going back now.)
Suhani: Lekin raj kyun jana hai tumhe..apne dost ki shaadi tak toh ruk jaoo..humein koi takleef nahi hai..(but raj why do you want to leave..wait until your friend’s wedding..we don’t have a problem)

Yuvaani: Haan raj agar tum rukh gaye toh sab bohot khush honge..please ruk jao..(Yes raj if you stay everyone will be very happy..please stay)

Saiyyam shot yuvani a perplexed look and went over to raj..
Saiyyam: TU KAHI NAHI JAAEGA…teri wajah se hi toh yeh shaadi ho rahi hain aur tu hi nahi hoga…dekh main bol raha hoon agar tune jaane ki koshish ki toh main tujhe rasi se band doonga…( YOU WONT GO ANYWHERE.. you’re the reason this marriage is happen and you yourself are telling you if you try to leave I will tie you up with ropes..)
Raj: bas bas mujhe damkane ki zaroorat nahi hai..aur waise bhi main kahi jaane wala hi nahi tha..teri shaadi koh chod ke toh bilkul nahi..main bas chahta ta ki koi mujhe rokh le..acha khasa dramatic scene ban gaya ta ki nahi..(now now there’s no need to threaten me..i wasn’t going anywhere anyway..i just wanted someone to sto me..didnt it make for a nice dramatic scene…)

Everyone laughed at his antics and dispersed…Raj went over to Yuvaani..
Raj: Waise yuvaani ji..mere jaane se aapko bada dukh ho raha ta..( seemed to be pretty upset I was leaving..)
Yuvani: Oh please..maine kaha na ki ghar main sab tumhare aane se bohot khush hai bas isiliye…(Oh please like I said everyone at home is very happy that you came so…)
Raj: Sab..ya….ab umm tumhare bhai aur behen ki shaadi ho rahi hai…tumhara shaadi ko lekar kya khayal hai yuvani ji..(Everyone..or….now..umm your brother and sister are getting married..what are your thoughts on marriage yuvani)
Yuvani: Tumhara dimag kharab hai kya..mujhe tumse shaadi karne mein koi interest nahi hai ok..toh yeh faltu ke khayal tum apne dimag se nikal do..( Are you mad..i have no interest in marrying get that useless thought out of your head)

Raj moved a little closer to yuvani..Yuvani could feel her heart beating faster…
Raj: Yuvani ji…maine kab kahan ki meri aur aapki shaadi hogi..maine toh bas aapse yeh poocha ki shaadi ke bare mein aapka kya khayal hai…(he moved even closer) Lagta hai…faltu khayal mere nahi aapke dimag main aara hain..par koi baat nahi..kyunki..bade bade desho mein aisi choti choti baatein hoti reheti hain…( yuvani when did I say anything about you and I getting married..maybe you’re the one having useless thoughts not me…but no worries… such big countries these little things happen.(ddlj dialogue))
Raj walked away..feeling quite proud of himself and Yuvaani stood there smiling to herself for a while before she collected her thoughts and headed towards her room

Precap: Love is in the air between all couples during sangeet…

Just so y’all don’t think I abandoned you I must clarify my naani passed away and we were super close so I’ve been really broken and sad recently…and the timing was horrendous because my exams started shortly after she passed. I haven’t been writing because this is a really happy time in the ff and I just haven’t been feeling it. I got a short break from my exam so I thought I’d get back into writing..My apologies for the really long delay. Rest in peace naani I miss you lots..

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  1. Shaani

    My deepest sympathy Dr…RIP Naani…
    Coming to this episode…aree yaar ..? surper awesome episode..
    I love this raj Naina… He is soo sweet little dramatic… But lovely human being… ? raj n yuvaani’s Jodi will be more nice…
    As far as I can remember…. Yuvaan n baby is divorced ryt?… Now u have to find a girl for yuvaan also ryt?.. Find a nice girl for yuvaan ??
    Happy to have u here after along time… N welcome back.. Honestly I damn happy to have u here again Naina…?
    Keep writing… Waiting for the next episode ?

    1. Nnnya

      Awww thank you soo much shaani dear.. you really have been there for me since i started this ff. Thank you so muxh for your continued support.. God bless you dear
      And yes yuvaan and baby are divorced..but it hasnt been like official from the court or whatever so they are keeping her around coz she has nowhere to go.. although i need ideas on how to get rid of her…

  2. Fidato

    Naina… I’m really sorry about your Nani… Deepest condolences… We can understand..
    I really appreciate you came back with a lovely episode…
    I must say… Loving this Raj…His dialogues specially… Keep writing… Waiting for next… Raj yuvani…love.. Confession…

    1. Nnnya

      Thank you so much 🙂

  3. Finaly you back i am so happy yuvani Raj amazing pair ???? next post soon pls

    1. Nnnya

      Thank you

  4. Mithila Farzana

    l’m happy that u updated.but sad for your nani.waiting for next episode

    1. Nnnya

      Thank you

  5. Sorry naina…don’t feel sad …we never abandoned u…good news that u came back and bad news that ur nani passed away..I know how it feels to lose someone close to u..?

    1. Nnnya

      Thank you so much Isha. and if you dont mind me asking ,whom did you have to deal with losing?

  6. Hi i,’m a silent reader.I hv been reading all d started commenting recently.waiting since long time 4 ur ff.welcome back dr.i’m really sry about ur naani.RIP naani! Loved 2dy epi.n i really like raj aur yuvani jodi.raj is d best partner 4 yuvani. Update d nxt epi whenever u r cnt wait.bye dr tc

    1. Nnnya

      Thank you so much Dinu. And one more Thank you for breaking your silence.. im glad you are commenting on all the ffs

  7. You are in truth comparable to shakespeare in all aspects. The intricate details and beautiful words embodied in this story are immensely unique and magical. How could you even write such a wonderful piece of prose like this.
    It is a truly magnificent story and hugely fabulous. All the dialogues and actions were artistically portrayed and indeed lovely to read. The episode was brimming with beguiled emotions, unexpressed thoughts and unsaid words which was indeed realistic and marvellous. My vocabulary is completely exhausted now and dont have enough words to praise the glory of your writing..

    1. Nnnya

      Oh my goodness shivani dear..your comments always make me so emotional and overwhelmed..Thank you so much for such genuine appreciation. but i’ll say it again i dont come close to shakespeare and there are many proffesional writers who are probably more deserving of that compliment than me. But a big Thank you none the less. God bless you dear

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