Kriyam ff chapter: Love in Trip (Episode 2)

Hey so it’s the second chapter

____________________________________________ It’s morning time

Sayyam is sleeping when he feels something pulling his leg. He opens his eyes and sees Krishna pulling it to wake him up. He is continously staring at Krishna. Today Krishna came wearing a Ice – Blue color dungaree.

Krishna – Sayyam get up quickly, just half hour is left to go. Everyone is already down.

Sayyam – I will get ready on time, don’t worry, and wait what was that, why were you pulling my leg

Krishna – To wake you up

Sayyam – You could have simply called my name.

Krishna (smiling) – Do you really think that you will get up so easily. I tried calling  you but it was of no use. (in a funny tone) You are a KUMBH KARAN, so I had no way

Sayyam comes close to her and whispers in her ears” Ok Today it was your day to make fun of me, tomorrow it will be mine”. He goes to the washroom with a smile, while Krishna is standing there and blushing hard.

After sometime the whole family is out of the BM and is about to leave

Yuvani – Mumma please you all elders sit in one car and we all youngsters will sit in another car.

Suhani – But why?

Yuvani – Offo Mumma so that we can enjoy during journey or else we will be bored with all your boring talk

Suhani – Fine go.

(Suhani, Yuvraj, Dadi, Pratima, Shard, Bhavna and Rags is sitting in one car while Sayyam, Krishna, Baby, Yuvan and Yuvani sit in the other car)

Sayyam is driving and Krishna is sitting beside him. Yuvani is sitting in the middle sit, and Baby and Yuvan are sitting on the last sit. They cover some distance.

Yuvani – Guys now I am getting really very bored. Let’s play something and please play some nice song.

Sayyam and Krishna on the same time are about to play the song when there hand’s touch each other. They both have a eyelock with Ishqzaade song playing in the background

Yuvani – (clears her throat) Guys you both start romancing here then we all will have to go to heaven Sayyam rather than concentrating on Krishna can you please concentrate on the road. (Krishna keeps looking out of the window due to embarrassment)

Sayyam – I am concentrating. Don’t teach me

Yuvani – Let’s play Truth or Dare.

( Everyone agrees except Baby)

Baby – What a kind of Bulshit game this is you all play I am not playing

Sayyam – Are you of speaking the truth or of completing a dare

Baby (angrily) – Neither

Yuvani – Then let’s play. Come on Krishna first turn your’s and Sayyam will ask you a question. What are you choosing

Krishna – Truth.

Sayyam – Ok. What qualities due you think I possess.Tell any 5 ( He wants to know what she thinks about him)

Krishna – you are caring, supportive, honest, responsible and loving

Yuvani – Wait Krishna for some time. You said all his qualities in one go, not bad ha and loving ohho

Krishna –  Yuvani yes loving because he loves his mother,  his sister very much and can even sacrifice his own life to save them.

Sayyam is very happy at the fact that Krishna understands him so much. Krishna’s phone rings. She picks it.

Krishna – Hello Aunty

Suhani – Krishna actually we are much back than you. So ask Sayyam to wait for us. So that we can catch up with you all.

Krishna – okay. Bye

Sayyam – what happened?

Krishna – stop the car we will wait for them for some time they are left behind

Sayyam – But we are in the middle of the forest. It will be risky.

Yuvani – It won’t be risky. We all are together it will be fun.

Sayyam stops the car. All of them get out to catch some fresh air. Sayyam notices that Krishna is missing. He gets damn scared

Sayyam – Yuvani, Yuvan, Baby did anyone of you saw Krishna

Yuvan – Just now she was here. Maybe she must have gone for a walk. She will come back after some time

Sayyam – Are you mad. You really don’t care for her

Baby – (angrily) stop shouting at Yuvan and search for Krishna

Yuvani – Wait Sayyam I will also come

Sayyam – No Yuvani just stay with them, it’s dangerous her

Krishna is moving here and there when she realizes that she has reached in the forest. She gets scared and shouts Sayyam’s name. There Sayyam is sacred and searching for Krishna with tears in his eyes. He hears her voice and goes towards it. He finds her sitting there and crying, he runs to her and both of them hug each other tight

Sayyam – (His eyes are red with rage) Krishna what were you doing her? . Who the hell you are?. Do even realize that you were about to go far away from all of us. There are many wild animals here, if I wasn’t there you would have… (He stops as he cannot think of losing Krishna)

Krishna – (Still crying hugs Sayyam). I am sorry Sayyam, actually I was just roaming and didn’t even realize when I reached here. Thanks for saving me Sayyam. You always protect me from problems

Sayyam – No need to say thanks I will always save you and protect you even at the cost of my life

Krishna – Sayyam please stop thinking about death and all.

Sayyam – (He realizes how scared she is) Ok baba sorry I won’t talk about it now let’s go.

They both reach there when Yuvani hugs Krishna tightly and they all continue their journey.

It’s about 7pm when both the cars reach their destination. A man is waiting for them. As soon as they reach there, he greets them

Sayyam – This is our Adventure guide, he will guide us. His name is David.

David – come I will show all of you your tents. There will be two persons in each tent.

He takes them to the tents

Baby – ooh God now we are going to stay in this tent. How uncomfortable

Yuvani – Baby have ever stayed in tents?. Do you know how much fun it is. Krish do you remember once our school trip went to meghlaya, it was awesome

Krishna (gets excited) – Yes it was a lot of fun especially the camp fire and rain dance

(Sayyam looks at her childish expressions while Baby looks at Yuvani and thinks”I will show you how fun is. I won’t spare you but right now my target is Krishna “)

Yuvraj – Let’s go to our tents and get fresh.

(Everyone leaves)

Precap – Camp fire and problems for kriyam especially Krishna

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  1. Absolutely amazing. I guess u could add a track where krishna physicaly gets hurt because of saiyam. Then he finds out he loves her through his guilt. And after their confession krishnas pregnancy trackk

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