Kriyam ff chapter: Love in Trip (Episode 1)

Hey I am missing kriyam very much so thought of writing this ff so let’s start

_____________________________________________It’s been a few days after Sambhav’s confession

(Sayyam is avoiding Krishna as he is feeling guilty) Krishna notices Sayyam but is unable to figure out the cause of his negligence.

It’s morning time when the first rays of the sun enters Kriyam’s room and fall on Krishna’s angelic face. She wakes up and looks at the bed but Sayyam has already left. (This is like their routine from some days, he comes home late after Krishna sleeps and goes early before she wakes up) She goes down for breakfast.

She serves everyone. She is constantly looking at Sayyam but he is looking away to avoid her gaze. Everyone leaves and Sayyam is about to leave when Krishna grabs his hand. He is surprised and looks at her.

Krishna – Sayyam what’s your problem.       Sayyam –  Why what have I done now         Krishna( angrily) – You do everything and then you pretend to be so innocent                       Sayyam (now annoyed) – Krishna whatever you want to say,  say it clearly or else let me go                                                                    Krishna –  ok so I will say it clearly, I am seeing you from many days why are you avoiding me Sayyam(shocked by her question) – you are thinking wrong it’s nothing like that. Actually I am busy with work so thats why. Now just move aside and let me go.                                   (He pushes her aside and leaves. She runs to her room with tears falling from her eyes. Suhani is behind a pillar listening to all the kriyam talk, she thinks something and leaves)

Time skips to night

Suhani calls everyone in the hall

Sayyam – What happened Maa, Why you called us here at this time. Is everything ok?         Suhani – Everything is fine. I and Yuvraj just wanted to talk to you and Krishna.               Yuvraj – I and Suhani have decided that recently there had been so much in your and Krishna’s life so we think that you both should  have a break and go on a trip                           Kriyam is shocked and looks at each other       Sayyam – Maa but everyone’s life was messed up recently soo why only I and Krishna should have a break. Everyone should be given a break so I think we all should go on a trip. We will also be able to spend time with each other. Please Maa                                                 Yuvani – Oho Sayyam why don’t you understand its not a simple trip it’s a honeymoon for you both (Sayyam glares at her)                                                                Krishna – Aunty, Daidu I think Sayyam is right we all should go together and enjoy.                (Yuvraj and Suhani looks at each other)           Suhani – okay fine so we all will go together    Yuvan – yes!!  It will so much fun                       Rags- But where we will go                               Bhavna – Wait I have a plan. We will make chits and everyone will write the destination where they want to go. Then we will put all the chits in the bowl and Dadi will pick up one chit and whatever destination is written on that chit we will go there                                        Baby – Great so let’s start                                 (They all put the chits in the bowl and Dadi picks up one chit)                                            Dadi- So this chit says an adventure trip to Shimla-Manali                                                 Yuvani – Wow!!! Amazing who wrote this?         Sayyam – I wrote it                                          Suhani – It’s decided then we are going to Shimla-Manali go and pack your bags we will be living tomorrow                                         Baby – But how can we leave in such a short time I wanted to shop                                     Sayyam – Baby we are going for a adventure trip and not for any destination wedding that you have to shop so much                                   Yuvraj – But how will we get tickets at such a short notice                                                  Krishna – Daidu can we go by car. It will be fun Yuvraj –  Yes good idea we will go by car           Suhani –  Done then now go and pack your bags                                                              (Everyone leaves)

In Kriyam’s room

Krishna is standing on a stool to get the bag from the top of the cupboard. But suddenly she loses her balance and falls. She has closed her eyes in fear waiting to hit the ground but she feels two strong arms wrapped around her she opens her eyes only to find herself in Sayyam’s arms (They have a eye lock which is broken by Krishna when she realizes her position)

Sayyam – Krishna please take care of yourself. Just now you were about to get hurt very badly.                                                             Krishna – No need to show your fake care,when you actually don’t care. Even if I fall, even if I get hurt it doesn’t matter to you         Sayyam (holds her arms and pulls her close to himself) – It matters to me Krishna. If you fall i fell bad, if you are injured then I can feel the pain.                                                                   Krishna – Why?                                                   Sayyam (He realizes what he just said) – Leave it you won’t understand now go and pack your bag and sleep soon we have to get up early tomorrow

( Baby is standing outside listening to all the Kriyam talk. She smirks and thinks “Thanks Sayyam for giving me this opportunity. This trip will be the last trip for Krishna and you will be blamed for all of it”)

Precap – They leave for the trip. Baby plans something for Krishna. Kriyam spend some quality time with each other.

_____________________________________________Sorry for the grammatical mistakes. Please comment and let me know if I should stop or continue writing it.


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