How Krishna and Saiyyam became Kriyam part 24

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Next morning as the sun rises, both Kriyam were sleeping in each other’s embrace. Saiyyam woke up first as the sun disturbed him. He turned and found Krishna sleeping on his chest. He moved her hair off her face and smiled.

He kissed her forehead which woke up Krishna. He turned the other side. Krishna looked at their position and sat.
Saiyyam also sat.
Saiyyam:”rain stopped, we should go.”
Krishna nodded yes. Saiyyam went out so that Krishna could change.

Krishna came out and handed him his shirt, he wore it and they left. They took a cab to go home.

Kriyam’s house:
They have changed and all. Saiyyam was in the hall watching the news. Krishna came there and gave him his coffee.
Krishna:”it’s hot so be careful.”
But Saiyyam didn’t pay attention as he was focussed on the news. He reached out for the coffee but accidentally put his hand in it. He screamed. Krishna came to him.

She took his hand and rubbed it.
Krishna:”i told you, it was hot.”
She blow on his hand fingers. Saiyyam looked at her lovingly.
Krishna brought the ointment and started to apply it.
Saiyyam was just watching her. Unknowingly, his hand moved towards her face and he touched her cheek. He brushed his thumb near her lips. Krishna closed her eyes and stopped what she was doing.

Saiyyam came closed to her and blew on her face.
Krishna opened her eyes and looked at him. They had an eyelock. He held her her elbow and pulled her to him.

Saiyyam bent towards her to kiss her and Krishna closed her eyes waiting for his kiss. He moved closer and closer. Their lips were just an inch apart.
But just then a servant came there calling Krishna and they both parted away.
Krishna went with the servant.

After sometimes, Saiyyam had to leave for his pending meeting. Krishna was alone when Yuvani called her to a coffee shop. She closed the house and went there.

Krishna:”why did you bring me here, Yuvani?”
Yuvani:”krish… i want to tell you something.”
Krishna:”ok, tell me.”
Yuvani:”krish… i don’t know how u will react but i have to tell you. You are the first one that i am telling this.”

Krishna:”Yuvani, you are scaring me. Tell me what happened?”
Yuvani:”i am…. hmmm i am in love.”
Krishna, shocked:”what?”
Yuvani nodded yes.
Krishna:”I am so happy for you.”
They both hugged.
Yuvani:”you are not angry?”
Krishna:”no, why will i be angry?
Yuvani:”great. I brought you here to meet him.”
Krishna:”meet him?”
Yuvani:”yes. I wanted someone to know and meet him so that everything gets clear. And also to know if my choice is good.”

Krishna:”your choice will be good. What’s his name?”
Yuvani:”his name is Rohan. I have known him since quite a long time. He is a very good guy and i….”
Krishna, smilingly:”and you love him.”
Yuvani shying nodded yes.

Krishna:”ohhh, i have to meet that guy who is making you blush so much.”

Yuvani introduced Rohan to Krishna. They shook hands.
Yuvani:”she is Krishna, my brother’s wife. And my best friend.”
They sat down to talk.

Krishna was much impressed by the way he cares for Yuvani and was above all happy for Yuvani.

Yuvani got a call and she went outside to answer it.
Krishna and Rohan talked a bit about Yuvani.

Saiyyam was also there for his meeting and he saw Krishna there.
Saiyyam:”Krishna? Here?”
His meeting got over and he was about to go when he saw Rohan.
Saiyyam, thinks:”who is he? What’s Krishna doing with him?”

He was angry seeing them and was about to go to them. But a waiter bumped into him. Saiyyam helped to the waiter. In the meantime, Yuvani came back there and said that they had to leave as Dadi is searching for her.
She and Krishna left from there.

Saiyyam turned back but till them the girls were already gone.
Saiyyam thinks a bit. He noticed Rohan still there and followed him till the parking.

Saiyyam, called him out:”listen….”
Rohan turned to him.
Saiyyam:”ummm…. actually who was that girl with you?”
Rohan:”excuse me?”
Saiyyam:”actually i thought she was one of my relatives that’s why asking.”
Rohan:”she is my girlfriend….”
Saiyyam was shocked.

Saiyyam:”how can she be your girlfriend? She is my….”
Rohan:”listen bro. I have to leave, my dad is waiting for me at home. Bye”
Saiyyam was left alone still shocked at what he heard.

Saiyyam noticed Krishna busy on the phone and gets doubtful while she texting Yuvani. He stays angry with her.

Hope you like this one also. And sorry if there is any mistake as i wrote it very quickly.

So there is going to be some jealousy from Saiyyam’s side for him to realize his love for Krishna.
I was thinking that it was time for the love confession. What do you think?
So i put the love confession or maybe wait a little more.
Plz tell me your thoughts. As the love confession will come just after the jealousy track.
And last, thank you for the comments

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  1. Amazing and confession is on the way oh god I can’t wait update soon

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  2. Hahaha ???sayyam feels jealous…. So cute…. Yes of course it’s time for confession…. And yeah it’s going great…

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  3. Rehmat

    zai thanks you made my morning beatiful lovely update sayyam was jealous soo cute keep writing

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  4. Wow love it…. please we want confession now….please zai update today please pease???????????????????? btw saiyyam is so romantic ?????

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    1. Zai

      Thx siya for your comment. And next one already posted dear. It must be there in a few hours

  6. Dewdrop

    Amazing dear , waiting for the confession.

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    Ha ha…. Angry and jealous Sayyam….. Really cute hoga… Waiting for it…

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  8. ya after jealously …confession…..iz good idea….u can also show their little bit of fightings coz of misunderstanding, also abt to happen divorce if u want n krishna leaves sayym house n after confession she again comes back….if u lyk my ideas u can plot them in story….

    1. Zai

      Thx palak for your comment and ur ideas… there will be fights but i didn’t think to make it till divorce.
      I have an idea where to plug the divorce idea, but still not sure how to implement it. But it will definitely not be from kriyam’s side as both became pillars in each other’s life. They can’t think of getting separated

  9. Awesome?

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  10. Aarti32

    Amazinggg update..Yuvaani is always a it intentional or unintentional

    1. Zai

      Thx aarti… yes Yuvani plays a big part in Kriyam’s love story

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  12. Zai

    Thx everyone… and next one will be at night. As i am working right now. Plz don’t mind

  13. Faeeqa

    Lovely update, Kriyam scene was super cute! Looking forward to jealous Sayyam and the confession

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    Loved Yuvaani….
    So now Sayyam is jealous….
    Really good one….can’t wait for the next one… interesting…

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