How Krishna and Saiyyam became Kriyam part 23

Saiyyam was in the room when Krishna came there.
Krishna, throwing the file on the bed:”what is this?”
Saiyyam turned to face her.
Krishna:”what’s this?” Pointing towards the file.

Saiyyam:”this… actually you said you have no money right, so i made an account for you and now you have money.”
Krishna:”and you put so much money in it. See, Saiyyam, i don’t need so much money. And if i will need, then i will ask you. But don’t put in the account, it is your money.”

Saiyyam:”right… it’s my money, i decide what i do with my money. And you are my wife. You have equal rights on my money. I am not telling you to use it at once. Whenever you need something just buy it.”
Krishna:”i am used to have so much money. So…”

Saiyyam:”so what? See Krishna, this is our money. We both will share it. Now forget about this. Go get ready for the party.”

Krishna:”there is still time for the party.”
Saiyyam:”won’t you need hours to get ready?”
Saiyyam looked at her.

After sometimes:
Saiyyam was ready in a black suit with white shirt. He was waiting for Krishna outside near the car. He was leaning on the door. He was on his phone. Krishna came there wearing her earrings. Which she was struggling to wear. Saiyyam looked at her mesmerized.

Krishna noticed him and open the door which brought him back. Krishna tried again to put her earrings. Saiyyam moved closer to her and took the earrings from her. He moved her hair and made her wear the earrings. As he was making her the earrings, he could felt her heavy breathing.

Saiyyam could smell her scent of perfume which she just applied.
He was done putting the earrings but he didn’t want to move back. He just wanted to go closer and closer to Krishna.

Some part of him wanted that he just remained like that while the other part was telling him to move back, he is doing wrong.

And finally that part won over, and he moved back. He opened the door for her and they drove to the party.

All the way, they were silent as both Kriyam were nervous due to their increasing proximity. Day by day, it was becoming difficult for them to stay away from each other.

They reached the party venue. Saiyyam held her hand as they came to the party. Krishna didn’t know why, but she felt happy.

Saiyyam introduced Krishna to his business partner and his wife. They chat for a while and had dinner too.
After dinner, Saiyyam and Mr. Sam were talking. Krishna also was talking with Mrs. Sam.
Saiyyam:”what happened?”
Mr. Sam:”rain started again. It might be some storm. I have to inform the other guests so that they leave now so as not to get stuck in the rain.”

Saiyyam:”i will look for Krishna and leave also.”
Saiyyam went up and told Krishna they have to leave.

They got in the car, it was raining heavily.
Krishna:”Saiyyam, will you be able to drive in this weather?”
Saiyyam nodded yes.

They drove for 15 minutes when suddenly the car stopped.
Krishna:”what happened?”
Saiyyam:”i will check.”
Saiyyam went out and checked, even Krishna came out.
Saiyyam:”Krishna, go in…”
Krishna:”but what happened?”
Saiyyam:”go in, i will tell you.”
Krishna opened the door but it didn’t open.
Krishna:”it’s not opening.”
Saiyyam also tried but in vain. He noticed the key which is inside.

Saiyyam:”oh no… now what?”
He looked at Krishna. He held her hand and pulled her under a tree.
Krishna:”sorry, because of me, the door got locked.”
Saiyyam:”it’s not your fault.”
Saiyyam noticed Krishna shivering. He looked around and noticed a small hut. He pulled Krishna till there. They entered there.

Saiyyam called out:”is there someone?” But no one answered.
Saiyyam:”i don’t think there is anyone here.”
He turned back and saw Krishna shivering a lot.
Saiyyam:”you are feeling very cold… you should not stay in this wet clothes.”
Krishna:”but i don’t have anything to change.”
Saiyyam looked around.

He removed his shirt hesitatingly. Krishna looked at him. He handed her his shirt.
Saiyyam:”you should wear it.”
Krishna took it but didn’t know where to change. Saiyyam understand and went out.

Saiyyam watched the rain outside while Krishna changed inside.

Suddenly, Krishna screamed. Saiyyam went in. Krishna came next to him and held his hand.
Saiyyam:”what happened?”
Saiyyam:”you scared me…”
Krishna:”i was scared… such a big cockroach it was.”
Saiyyam looked at her and Krishna also realized that she was just in his shirt that reached only her half thigh. She felt embarrassed and tried to cover herself with her hands.

Saiyyam looked at her but seeing her uncomfortableness, he looked away.

Saiyyam:”you are still feeling cold. I should lit up a fire.”
Krishna:”how will you do that?”
Saiyyam placed some woods and tried to lit up fire using two rocks. But he couldn’t do it.
Saiyyam:”science says it will work… then?”

Krishna smiled and came next to him. She took the rocks and lit up the fire. Saiyyam looked at her.
Krishna:”i learnt it while camping. It’s useful.”
Saiyyam:”i would have done it.”
Krishna:”i know you can. It’s just that your hands are wet that’s why, it was not lighting up.”
And she winked at him.

Saiyyam looked away annoyed.
He stood up and Krishna also.
Saiyyam:”why are you copying me?”
Krishna:”i am not… i just stood…..”
Saiyyam looked at her and noticed that she was scared.
Saiyyam:”what happened?”
Krishna:”behind you… see.”
Saiyyam turned. Krishna clutched to his hand in fear.
Krishna:”Saiyyam, plz make it go. I hate cockroaches. Plz.”
Saiyyam smiled seeing her. He pushed away the cockroach away. He looked at her while she was scared. He laughed at her. Krishna looked at him angrily.
Krishna:”don’t laugh, i am scared of cockroaches.”
But Saiyyam continued. Krishna playfully hit him. Saiyyam tried to stop her and held her hands. He pinned her to the wall.

Krishna was surprised and looked at him.
Saiyyam was staring at her.
Krishna:”leave me….”
But Saiyyam came closed to her.
Krishna looked at him questioningly. Saiyyam realized what he was doing and left her.

Saiyyam:”sorry… but don’t hit me.”
Krishna nodded yes.
They both sat down around the fire. There was complete silence as Kriyam were just looking at each other. They didn’t utter a word but their eyes spoke.

After sometimes,
Saiyyam was walking here and there.
Krishna was looking at him.
Krishna:”why are you so tensed? Just sit down.”
Saiyyam:”don’t know when this rain will stop.”
Krishna:”why? Rain is so romantic.”
Saiyyam:”Romantic?? How is it romantic? We are stuck here because of it. We are drenched. We can’t go home. It’s so muddy outside. How is is romantic?”

Krishna, softly:”it is romantic as it’s only us here alone in the rain.”
Saiyyam:”did you say something?”
Krishna:”umm… no. Did you here anything?”

Krishna bite her tongue:”Krishna, what’s wrong with you?”
Saiyyam turned around and smiled a bit. Saiyyam sat down near her and then lay down.
Krishna:”you are going to sleep?”
Saiyyam:”what else can i do? We are stuck.”
Krishna:”you could call….”
Saiyyam:”whom? Papa?”
Krishna looked at him surprised.
Saiyyam, realized what he said:”i meant your daidu.”

Krishna:”you just call him papa?”
Saiyyam:”it doesn’t matter.”
Krishna smiled thinking that he call Yuvraj papa.

Slowly Krishna started to feel sleepy. She also lay down next to him.

After sometimes they both felt asleep.
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