Krishna Chali London 30th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Krishna meets Veer

Krishna Chali London 30th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veer saying none can stop me, will you stop me, I can’t stop myself from meeting her. Inspector says I will see how you meet her. Veer injects him. He gets the keys from inspector’s pocket and opens the hand cuffs. Constable comes. Veer injects him too. He goes and takes a doctor’s disguise. Nurse greets him.

Bela comes to kitchen. Shuklain asks why are you smelling like a dog. Bela says I got the smell of desi ghee. Shuklain asks what did you think. Bela says I followed the ghee smell and reached here, you are making Radhe’s fav halwa. Shuklain says I have prepared the halwa for Gajanan.

Gajanan comes and asks is it ready. She says yes, let me feed it to you for taste. He tastes the halwa and likes it. She asks him to have it. She takes some halwa for Albela. Gajanan packs the halwa in a tiffin. Bela looks on. He leaves. She says something is really fishy. Krishna says this has the hair sample. Ajit asks Radhe’s name. Krishna says add my name for the tests, what happened, any problem. Ajit says no, its fine. Nurse says there is a big problem, police has come and is calling you. Krishna asks why, fine you go, I will come. She asks Radhe not to move, else she will get him arrested by the police. Veer comes there. She asks Rajat to keep an eye on Radhe, if he wants to become a doctor. Rajat agrees. She goes to the inspector. He says Veer has escaped. She scolds him. Rajat stares at Radhe.

Radhe and Rajat have an arm wrestling. Radhe wins and says I will go and see Krishna. Rajat says its about my job, I won’t let you go. Radhe locks Rajat and goes. Veer looks around. Rajat shouts to Krishna for help. Rajat says sorry, he has won in arm wrestling and left, he said he will find you, sorry. She gets angry and goes. She says its really a bad day. Pyaare says Krishna took Radhe to hospital for tests, you can go there and meet him, I think he maybe Radhe. Gajanan says I m sure he is Radhe. He leaves. Bela asks the auto driver to follow Gajanan.

She asks him to just cooperate with her. Krishna asks Rajat did you see Radhe. He says no, he has locked me in room. Veer sees the police. He turns away. Constable comes towards him. Veer lies on the stretcher and gets saved. Krishna looks for Radhe. Radhe asks for Krishna. A doctor guides him to medicine room. Veer gets saved from the police. He comes to Krishna and holds her from behind, wishing her happy anniversary. She gets shocked. Phir le aaya….plays…. They recall their moments. He says happy anniversary, Mrs. Sahay. Krishna pushes him. She realizes he is hurt and cries. She asks what did you do to yourself, this wound, are you fine.

Gajanan comes there and calls out Ajit. He asks is Krishna not here. Ajit says much is happening here. Inspector asks Ajit to come with him. Veer says I will go for sure, but wish me anniversary just once. She asks why Veer, why do you do this, nothing is left between us, I didn’t forget what you did.

Radhe pushes Veer and holds his collar in anger. Krishna looks at them. Radhe beats Veer. Veer asks who are you. Radhe says my name is Radhe. Veer gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    Though Krishna hate veer for what he did, but she care for him too much… And I think this fake radhey is planned by sunaina to make veer free from charges….

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