Krishna Chali London 2nd November 2018 Written Episode Update: Shuklain fears of Dadda

Krishna Chali London 2nd November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadda asking Shukla to apologize to Lali. Lali asks Shukla not to shame her by apologizing. Dadda gets emotional and praises her good values. He says you did some good deeds, that you got bahu like her. He asks Shuklain is she happy now. Shuklain turns away. Dadda settles down in the house. Bela asks who is Dadda, who scared Shukla. Krishna makes tea. Bela says you would be happy that he agreed with you. Krishna says Lali’s treatment should happen, you should be ashamed. She asks Lali to take rest. She says I will take tea for Dadda. Shuklain asks her not to try to use her mind always. She says I will take the tea. Shuklain takes the tea. Krishna thinks what is she missing to see.

Shuklain takes the tea and worries. She tries to leave fast. Dadda says I thought Krishna would be coming, but its you. She cries in fear. She says let me know if you need something else. He says I m glad to come home. Bela looks on. Dadda asks her about his room upstairs. He asks who has my room now. She says Triloki and his wife stay there. He says Triloki, is it, bring all his stuff out of that room, I will be staying in that room now. Bela cries. Shuklain tries to go. Dadda says I didn’t finish yet, put this chair in my room, forget the past, and think of the future. Shuklaun recalls Dadda beating his wife badly. Krishna tries to book a cab. Radhe asks the driver not to come. Krishna asks what’s this misbehavior. He says its a request, its getting very late, I don’t want you to go alone, I will drop you in morning, I know you have come for Lali, I m sorry, you can sleep in the room. Shukla recalls Dadda’s words. Dadda comes there and says you look angry.

Shukla says you embarrassed me in front of family and become a saint, what should I do. Dadda says you can never get embarrassed. Shukla says tell me why are you here, end this story, I have always sent you money since 20 years, what’s the reason for your coming, be honest. Dadda laughs and sings. He says be thankful that I have come on the right time, we need to put some control, there is a leader in your house too, Krishna, she reminded me of my wife.

Radhe hears Krishna talking on call. She requests for non cancellation of her scholarship. He smiles. She says I understand, if I fail to report to college this time, my scholarship will be taken away, thanks, I will report to college soon. Radhe asks what happened. She says it was a call from London, if I don’t reach there within five days, my scholarship will get cancelled. He says I know you faced troubles because of my family, but you will go London and become a doctor, take care of yourself. Shuklain looks at them.

Shuklain says I m scared of Dadda. Shuklain says he is my brother, respect him, if you want her to be with you, then do as he says. Radhe says I swear, I will do all I can to become a better man. Krishna cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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