Krishna Chali London 26th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Krishna leaves for Pagphere

Krishna Chali London 26th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bua calling Krishna and asking her to come for pagphere, she eats mangoes. Krishna says I will come there and eat all the mangoes. Bua asks her to come soon. She tells Dubey that as she told him, everything will get fine soon. Radhe’s mum stops Krishna from reading the newspaper and gives it to the servant. Lali tells Krishna that newspapers are brought home for making envelopes, none reads it. Shukla is getting newspapers when someone taunted him before. Krishna asks did he spend money on newspapers to make envelopes, I have a habit to read newspapers, its imp to know what’s happening in the country. Lali says fine, I will do something. She steals a newspaper and gives to Krishna. Krishna hides the newspaper. She gives the envelopes to Radhe and asks him to give it

at the shop. He thanks her. She says you are welcome.

Bua’s husband gets ready to leave. Dubey returns the money to him. Bua asks is Krishna not our daughter. Dubey says your husband is our pride, we have to give the money and keep his respect. Bua asks how did you get this money. Dubey says I have arranged it. He asks Bua’s husband to count the money and keep it. Gajanan counts the envelopes. Shukla asks Radhe did he drop the envelopes fall down. Radhe says no, how can I do this mistake again. Shukla asks Gajanan to call home and ask about the envelope. Gajanan calls Lali and asks her. She says I kept a newspaper here as Krishna had to read it. Gajanan disconnects the call and says Krishna…. Shukla sees Radhe.

Krishna reads the newspaper. Radhe’s mum takes the newspaper and scolds Krishna for spoiling Lali. He says Gajanan will teach a lesson to Lali, you did mistake and Lali will bear the punishment, leave your educated lifestyle in your Maayka and come. Krishna gets upset and cries. Radhe looks on and says I will make sure that you read a newspaper, that too English one. He goes to get the newspaper and searches for it. He asks a man for a newspaper. The man laughs on him. Shukla is also there. Radhe sees someone reading the newspaper. He says I will do this work, and also learn it. Shukla asks Lallan to let Radhe go. Radhe leaves. He delivers the goods and asks the lady to return the packet. He says I will make Krishna read the newspaper today. He pays 10rs and takes the newspaper envelope from the lady. Krishna packs her bags and recalls Radhe’s mum’s words. She sees herself in mirror and says I have cheated myself, how will I bear this suffocation, how will I survive here. Radhe comes there. She asks him not to get gifts for her.

He says I didn’t get any flower or betel, I got a newspaper for you, that too English paper, I couldn’t get entire newspaper. She asks what, this is torn. He says I have joined it. She asks why. He says I felt like doing it. She reads the paper. She laughs. She asks what did you join. They joke on the news. She says the news have got mixed. He says English is a very funny language. He sees her smiling and gets dreaming. Na gajre ki…..plays…. Radhe’s mum asks them to come out, Pyaare and Dulaare have come. Lali asks Pyaare and Dulaare to have some food. They thank her. Radhe’s mum asks Krishna to come home soon. Krishna nods and takes her blessings. Radhe’s mum asks Radhe to show some attitude and not forget that he is son in law of the family. Saajan comes and does shayari. He shows the new bike. Radhe smiles. Saajan wishes him all the best. Krishna sees the bike. Radhe races the bike and shows off.

A guy teases Radhe and Krishna. Krishna asks Radhe to ignore them. Radhe says they are teasing my wife, I will teach them a lesson. She holds his hand. He goes to beat the guys.

Update Credit to: Amena

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