Krishna Chali London 26th July 2018 Written Episode : Radhe celebrates Krishna’s birthday

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Krishna Chali London 26th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shuklain doing aarti of Gajanan and Lali. She taunts Krishna. Krishna says nothing can change here. Sonal, Pyaare and Dulaare come singing happy birthday to you and hug Krishna. Radhe asks Krishna is it your birthday today. Sonal says we got pineapple cake for you. Pyaar says we got prasad also. He gives laddoo to everyone. Shukla asks his sons to come for work. He goes. Krishna asks Sonal to go. Radhe asks her not to send them, they have come from far, please cut the cake. He asks his mum and everyone to come for cake cutting. Everyone goes. Krishna says no one is happy with it. Radhe says but I m happy, come. He lights the candle. They all sing the birthday song. Krishna cuts the cake and feeds to Radhe. Sonal takes their pics.

Radhe sees Krishna and smiles.

Krishna asks them to go home now. They go. Matuk comes and says its Krishna’s birthday, I must eat a piece of cake. He eats cake. Shukla goes for shop. Chobey and others laugh on him. Shukla angrily slaps Triloki and goes. Chobey laughs. Krishna packs bag. Radhe asks how can you leave me on your birthday. She asks shall I go tomorrow. He says celebrate the last birthday for me. She asks can’t you understand my problem, I feel suffocated here, not just Shukla but everyone thinks they are animals here, I was trying to help Lali, but she changed her word, I can’t stay here, I decided this. He says fine, but what’s my mistake in this, I did whatever you asked, please stay here today. Shuklain asks where are you going. Radhe says I was thinking to take her out. Shuklain says take her, we will get some peace. She goes. Radhe says I told you mum will agree, I understand mum’s taunt, but I act foolish so that others’ heart don’t get hurt. He leaves with Krishna.

Radhe and Krishna come to a house. He says its your happy birthday today. He says happy birthday and snaps fingers. She smiles seeing Dubey’s clinic board, her trophies on desk and things similar to her house. She sees her pics and Rajjo’s model. She cries and says all this… He says I did all this just for you, so that you can feel at home. She thanks him. He snaps fingers again. Flower petals fall over her. Sonal drops the petals. Krishna smiles. Shukla comes home and asks where is everyone. Shuklain says Krishna went out so there is peace at home, we need to do something. He says yes, take my slipper and beat me. She says no. He says you explained me not to get Krishna home, I lost my mind and wanted to get trophy bahu, beat me and get relieved. She says I will take her to task. He says no, she isn’t innocent like Lali, she won’t understand if we threaten her, she has a sharp mind, we have to defeat her by playing mind games, once I get a chance, I will put an end to her, let me think what to do.

Krishna says I m going back to my dad’s house. Shuklain stops her. Shukla says let her go if she wants to, Krishna you may go. Krishna sits in the car. Radhe shouts Krishna ji and jumps from terrace. He falls on the car. Krishna gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Fed up of everything

    why doesnt this Radhe just die????? spineless and shamless man. All should be given bangles to wear and make them dance like enuchs in whole village….It boils my blood to see such nonsense happening with women and they still choose to bear injustice in the name of Sanskaar…Instead or empowering women these shows push them more down ..

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