Krishna Chali London 25th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Lali withdraws the case

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Krishna Chali London 25th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shuklain saying marriage means compromise, its not easy. Krishna says you need to have humanity, Gajanan can’t do everything for himself, Lali is a human, you can’t risk her. Shuklain says life isn’t so easy as you think. Krishna says I don’t have any interest to call police at midnight, I have never seen such a thing, my dad never raised hand on my mum, its my values. Shuklain says I understood. Pandey says it will take time, as the charges are serious. Shukla gets angry. Krishna comes to Radhe. He thinks of Gajanan’s arrest. She says just like everyone thinks, do you think I did wrong to call police at home, you have seen Lali’s wounds. He says you didn’t ask me about calling police, why are you asking me. She says yes, I m a fool, I felt you are thinking

something different, I got my answer.

He says I m not saying that you made a mistake, but police… She says I can’t do justice, as its police duty to punish a criminal. He asks what. She says yes, Gajanan has done crime according to the law, else this will keep happening, I can’t let this happen. She falls. He holds her in arms. Music plays…. she asks what happened, I m hurt and you are getting hurt. He says your nails are hurting me. She says I got a sprain, leave me. He says you will fall down if I leave you, you can’t be right always, come with me. He sweetly scolds her and asks where did you get hurt. She shows her foot. He holds her foot and gets shy. She asks what happened. He says yes, I m applying the balm. He turns away and applies the balm. She smiles seeing him. She asks what are you doing, where are you looking, this is not a romantic movie, apply it here, wound is here. She thanks him.

He says you are welcome. She says you would be thinking that I m leaving today, then why did I poke my nose in this matter. He says yes, you are right. She says when I got hurt, you felt bad, you came immediately to apply balm, you got angry on goons when they misbehaved with me at dhaba, but you didn’t feel bad for Lali, imagine what she felt when nobody came to help her, when Lali got to know that we secretly went to competition, she helped us, we should also help her, we are also responsible for this, we can’t leave her alone, when I leave this house, I will regret that there will be no one to call wrong as wrong here.

He says why are you going, stay back. She sees him. Matuk says its good Krishna didn’t tell police that Shukla had poured kerosene on her, else Shukla would have got arrested as well, bail isn’t granted easily in such cases. Gajanan worries. Its morning, Lali gets up and comes out. She hears about Gajanan’s arrest. She falls. Krishna holds her and asks are you fine. Lali asks how did this happen. Bela says Krishna has filed complaint and got him arrested. Krishna says someone had to do this, you have to tell the police what happened. Lali goes to police station. She signs on papers.

Inspector says let Gajanan free, Lali has withdrawn the case. Krishna asks Lali what is she doing. Pandey says we have no personal enmity with Shukla, what can we do when Lali has withdrawn the case. Lali sees Gajanan. Shukla asks Pandey to give everyone a treat from his side today. He says I respect law a lot, but I respect myself more. Pandey goes with him to have tea. Krishna asks Lali how can she take complaint back. She says you ruined what I have done, if you don’t help yourself, none can help you. Lali says some wounds heal with time, love is also such a wound. Gajanan sees her and goes. Lali says the one whom you love hurts you the most, the person isn’t wrong, the situation is wrong, I know his situation, so I didn’t get angry on him. She goes. Krishna cries.

Shukla does aarti of Gajanan and Lali. Krishna says I feel suffocated here, Lali didn’t say a word in front of police, I can’t stay here, I have made my decision.

Update Credit to: Amena

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