Krishna Chali London 22nd April 2019 Written Episode Update: Story takes five year leap

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Krishna Chali London 22nd April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with an ambulance stopping because of a marriage procession/baraat. The patient is struggling for life. The lady cries. The people dance in the baraat and drink wine. They throw the empty bottle. Krishna comes there. She picks a bottle and breaks it. She sits in groom’s car and threatens to kill him. She asks driver to take the car ahead fast. The groom asks driver to drive fast. The driver parks the car ahead. Krishna gets down the car and makes way for ambulance. The man asks why did you interfere, you got my son’s car ahead. Krishna says you stopped ambulance for the marriage baraat, marriages don’t last long these days, but the patient’s life can get saved if the ambulance reaches hospital on time. She scolds the men and asks them to get out of her way. Everyone moves back. She leaves in her car. At Shukla Nivaas, Bela runs after her son with a milk glass. Triloki asks him to drink milk and become intelligent. His son jokes on him. Shukla smiles seeing his grandson. He hugs him. Bela says see your son is such sharp, Triloki. Shuklain comes and gives prasad to him.

Triloki says you meet Krishna with new plans every time but she doesn’t agree. Shukla says I have invested a lot of money in the hospital, minister always asks me to get her as if she is the only best doctor here. Krishna wakes up and hears Bua and maid’s argument. Dubey reads the newspaper. Krishna sees the news. Dubey asks her to see Bua’s battle. Bua and maid complain about each other. Krishna says I will get habitual to your daily quarrels. She acts to cry and asks them are they done now. She says you both can do something together, make the breakfast, I m getting late. She goes and gets her clothes. She gets ready. She calls and asks someone to arrange the meeting with all the assistant doctors. Bua serves the breakfast. Krishna sits to have food. She likes the taste and kisses Bua’s hands. Bua smiles. Maid says these clothes were kept there. Krishna recalls Veer. Dubey scolds the maid. Krishna asks the maid to keep the clothes. The maid gets happy and asks Bua to learn something from Krishna. She asks where shall I keep this bridal dress. Krishna recalls Veer again. She says I will eat something on the way, I m getting late. She goes. Bua says we shifted to Kanpur, but I don’t know if Krishna has something bitter in her heart or did she get stone hearted. Dubey says I don’t know what’s going on, I won’t have any food now. Krishna comes to the hospital. She sees the news flash of London terror attack.

Ajit says everything is ready in OT. Krishna goes. She says discipline, focus and dedication are three pillars of being a good medical student, you all got a chance to assist me today. A girl comes late and says sorry. Krishna gets angry and says you have come here for picnic, get out. The girl says my inlaws…. Krishna says good thing is you know your mistake, this guy doesn’t know, go and help him realize his mistake. Ajit says they are newly married, that’s why. The girl gets sad. Ajit says Krishna used to say Veer is strict, now she has become like Veer. The interns praise Krishna. She says I didn’t do this operation to prove myself a genius, but to save a life. She scolds Ajit too. Ajit says Shukla is waiting for you in the cabin.

Shukla asks Krishna to see, its a huge amount. She says not everything is for sale. Shukla says she has left from our lives and house, even then she has become a pain for us, she is compelling me to become crooked again. Krishna gets a call from London hospital. A lady says among the blast survivors, we have found your husband Radhe Lal Shukla. Krishna gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. SsiyAa

    mayank arora to play the new face of radhey… why i feel this time radhey character will be negative and plotted by someone against krishna may be sunanina or that person himself… just a prediction.. let’s see

  2. I hoped that we dont watch shukla and his shit family again after 5 year leap but its soo disgusting. New villains can be introduced.. Why makers r doing this…she shifted to Kanpur but her hospital was in malihabad and so were his in-laws then how come they all have shifted. Prior to leap she said that I want to live my life then how come she is still their with her in-laws… They will again create problem and thus its no backing out..I swear. They wont change its better to change villains atleast it will help regain some trps.

    Precap- Omg!!!!! Not again.. The actor left but the character hasn’t. No matter how she will repent now nothing is gonna happen .. Its too late Krishna

  3. Nothing much new happened after 5 years . Only Bela’ son’s new entry. Shukla ,hospital same drama. And it’s awful to see another romance of new Radhey and Krishna. Even if she believes that Veer betrayed her. She really do believe in emotions . She had loved veer wholeheartedly.

  4. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. How can died person be alive that too after 5 years???????

    2. I hoped shukla family will be out now, but they are still inn…????

    3. I hope veer is not out from show after leap, as I watched this show first time after radhe death and veer and krishna love story…

    4. Krishna has turned as old veer..

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      5. If veer and krishna are not in pair, i shall quit show

  5. Maybe Radhe coming back is shukla new plan as he said in the end she is a pain even if she isn’t in our lives or home I just hope Veer comes back in Krishna life they are good together

  6. Can anyone complete medicine and become a specialist whom 5 years? As far as I know, MBBS itself takes 5 years, and then soon after that, can one become a doctor to supervie interns?

  7. How Dumb!! A person who is dead five years ago is alive now!! Good thing I stopped watching this show these days after Krishna went to prison.. still reading the updates to see if anything interesting is happening.. Nope. No change to same drama.. No Veer and Krishna.. Not worth watching the show anymore.. Don’t waste your time people..

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