Krishna Chali London 13th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Veer gets a solid clue

Krishna Chali London 13th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shuklain taking care of Radhe. Dr. Rao says I have spoken to Radhe, he has lost his entire memory, he just remembers you, is it true that you had run away from marriage mandap. Krishna says yes. He says Radhe remembers this. Gajanan says he will remember it. Krishna says Radhe used to be scared of this feeling that I will lose. Dr. Rao says he got the same feeling again, its strange. Gajanan says he is saying whatever he is recalling. The man comes and says Rajjo, my buffalo is ill, she is in depression, Dubey isn’t there, I came here to find him, he is out of city, your Bua asked me to come here, please help me and cure my Rajjo.

Krishna says I m not a vet. The man says Dubey also used to say the same, but he always cured her, come with me. Radhe comes and says go, you are a doctor, you can cure anyone. Dr. Rao asks is it from the same village. She says yes. He says I suggest, you take Radhe there, maybe we get another hint by going to village. They reach the village. The man sees Radhe and asks what happened to him. Radhe falls down the same way. Shuklain worries. Radhe says I m fine. He goes and talks to Rajjo. He sings the same song as Radhe. The man looks on and recalls Radhe. Radhe convinces Rajjo and extracts the milk. The man says the same thing happened even that time and sung the same song. Gajanan hugs Radhe and says he is my brother. The detective informs Veer about the fake Radhe’s picture. Veer thanks him and says I will prove to Krishna that this guy is an imposter. Everyone prays. Bua asks Krishna do you think he is Radhe. Krishna says no, but the reports and evidences prove that he is Radhe or he is linked to Radhe, I don’t think its someone’s conspiracy, I feel strange when he touches me. Bua asks what do you mean. Veer treats a girl.

The detective comes and says I m sure we will get some clue here, see this missing report. Veer says we will get some clue. He keeps the pic there. The girl gets scared of injection. Veer asks her to see mobile phone. She asks him about Mohan’s pic. He asks do you know him. She nods. He asks her name. She says Kusum. He asks did you come with your parents. She says they have died, I came with my aunt. He asks where is your house. She tells him the address. He notes down. He asks where is Mohan right now. She plays the game. He takes the phone and says tell me where is Mohan. She calls her aunt. The aunt scolds Veer. Kusum says Veer has Mohan’s pic. The aunt says we don’t want any vaccine. He asks about Mohan. The lady shouts and lies that Veer is misbehaving with her. The people scold Veer. Veer worries. Veer says the girl is scared of vaccine and refused. The man says let it be, many people have the same thinking. Veer leaves.

Veer asks Krishna to talk to him once. She ends the call. He says I will get solid proofs and then talk to you. He gets some old case files.

Update Credit to: Amena

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