Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 7th May 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts starts with Kavya getting a call. The man tells about Rajveer getting a VIP customer call, we can’t find about it. Choti Maa asks him to find out, else I will see. Kavya asks what will we do now. Choti Maa says its not tough for me, the one who has a beautiful and smart girl can’t have anything tough. She smiles. Bhavani and Kalyani defend Abhimanyu. Inspector says now I m sure that Abhimanyu has killed Gitanjali and flew away. Kalyani says its nothing like that. Inspector says you can’t go out of home. Bhavani scolds him. Sevakram looks on and leaves. Inspector stops him from making a call. He takes their phones. He says Abhimanyu will try to contact his family, we will know his location atleast. Priyam comes there. Inspector says small actor, you are acting to be Abhimanyu’s reincarnation, such a big lie, tell me where is Abhimanyu, its fine we will arrest you, you are his rebirth, Priyam is Abhimanyu.

He scares him of tortures. Rishabh laughs and says he has run away, coward. Bhavani comes and says none can call my son a coward. Rishabh says he stabbed an innocent woman’s back, he is a coward, back stabbing is not there in Rajputs, maybe your blood is bad. Bhavani shouts. Chanda comes and says Rishabh is called outside.

Kavya collides with the man and starts crying to fool him. She says a girl is calling my boyfriend, give me documents to find that girl. He says sorry, I can’t give any client details. She says please…. and takes his card from pocket. He consoles her. Kavya enters the room to check records. The man looks for the card. He enters the record room. Kavya leaves from there.

Choti Maa says I m going washroom. Inspector sends constable with her. Choti Maa acts to get dizzy. She goes to washroom. She calls Kavya. Kavya asks where are you. Choti Maa says police has taken the mobiles, whose number is that. Kavya tells the number. Choti Maa asks her to come home. She calls on that number. Gitanjali answers Rajveer’s call. Choti Maa talks to some man, and gets irritated. Gitanjali laughs and says Choti Maa would be angry. Rajveer says someone told me that our number is searched, DNA results are in Abhimanyu’s hands, Gitanjali and Chamki’s DNA did not match, be ready for another test. She says I m ready.

Abhimanyu sees Gitanjali and thinks Dna and fingerprints did not match, how can she be Gitanjali, who is she. He stops her. She asks who is Gaura. He says old memory. He stops her and confronts her. She tries to manage. She goes to do puja. She does puja. He keeps an eye on her. She looks for Abhimanyu. He keeps some sack in godown. The men leave for aarti. Gitanjali gets scared in darkness, being trapped inside the sack. She says I can’t lose, I have to take a deep breath. Kalyani says I fainted suddenly. Bhavani says she is unwell, I have to take her to hospital. Rishabh says its their plan to meet their son, lying and cheat is in their blood. Bhavani aims gun at Rishabh. Inspector asks him to lower the gun and takes Bhavani’s gun.

Bhavani says I m in all my senses, I will not shoot him now. Kavya comes home and sees police. She asks what’s happening. Rishabh says its time to pay for crimes, Choti Maa you all will be here till Abhimanyu is found. Abhimanyu goes to see Gitanjali. She thinks if Abhimanyu came to know I m Gitanjali or not, I can’t let him know truth. He opens the sack. She comes out and asks who got me here, who has dared to do this. She thinks I can’t lose. She says what do you think, I will get scared of darkness, come in front of me, I will kill you. He takes a stick and hits. Abhimanyu bends and gets saved. He leaves. She asks him to show his face.

She prays to Devi Maa and says I fought today, don’t know he believed me or not, don’t let me lose, else it will be truth and justice’s failure. Kalyani and Bhavani get a call. She says I will die, but not cheat my son. Inspector does not answer call. He says one supporting wrong is also wrong. Kavya answers his call. Abhimanyu says I have to tell something imp dad. Kavya says its me. Abhimanyu talks to her. Priyam asks him not to say anything, they are trapping you. Inspector says Priyam is right, we have all clues against you, you better surrender yourself, if we have to find you, matter will be wrong, your mum is ill, they said they have to take her to hospital. Kalyani asks Abhimanyu not to come, nothing will happen to her. Inspector says we won’t be responsible if anything happens to your mum. Abhimanyu says whatever happens, I m coming. He goes and sees Gitanjali/Chamki. He takes her aside. He asks don’t you have manners. He asks her help to save him from a false murder blame. She asks what are you saying.

He shows Gitanjali’s pic. She asks who is she. He says she is my wife, Gaura, I loved her a lot, someone killed her and blamed me. He says I married her, I have to get justice for her. She refuses to help him. She goes. Bhavani asks Kalyani not to feel bad. She says I m not feeling bad, as my son is right. Inspector says we can’t keep her this way, Rishabh says you can’t get weak, we can’t catch Abhimanyu this way. Rishabh angers Bhavani. Abhimanyu comes and says I m not dead, that you have to do this. He sees Kalyani and says I m Rajput, I can’t bend neck but can get it cut. Bhavani praises him. Rishabh says you have run away by fear of police. Abhimanyu says I m not scared of anyone, arrest me, just send my mum to hospital. Inspector says I arrest you for killing Gitanjali. Gitanjali comes and says if wife is not dead, what murder. They all get shocked seeing her.

She says I m really here, touch my hand and see. Gitanjali thinks Bhairavi likes to act, now see my drama. Inspector says you mean you are Gitanjali. She says I m Gitanjali. Abhimanyu acts along to fool Rishabh and police. Gitanjali asks Rishabh to bless him, I have fought death and came back. She reminds the rakhi day, when he used to sing song for her. Rishabh asks her to shut up. She sings Bhaiya mere…. Rishabh asks inspector what nonsense is this.

She says you are not able to see me. Sevakram says you know Rishabh can’t see. Rishabh says she is not my Gitu, she is lookalike. Rishabh and Abhimanyu argue. Abhimanyu taunts Rishabh for being blind. Rishabh says shut up. Inspector says I don’t understand, this will be proved in court now, court will decide. He leaves. Abhimanyu says none can make Gitanjali leave. Rishabh says everyone is cheater here. He goes. Abhimanyu smiles.

Bhavani scolds Gitanjali/Chamki. He asks Abhimanyu to take her away. She scolds him back.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Wow wow wow what a lovely episode geetu love you girl ?? what a mind game awesome rajveer what a support system you are ☺️☺️ Next weekend more interesting waiting for that

  2. Wow! Loved today’s episode. ” choti ma toh Baal nochti rah jayengi ” good work by Rajveer. Liked it when the Inspector told Priyam since you reincarnation of Abhimanyu, we can arrest you. Above all loved the precap and Chamki ?????

  3. Wow! lovely episode. raj veer is doing. a good job. Waiting for next episode.

  4. sakshi singh

    Thanku for updating. Us ? u r doing very. Well Surbhi keep it up love u


    Super episode.. geeta take ur revenge properly..

  6. funny ……..inspector scene.wow……what a act by gitu.loved it. the funny inspector told priyam u r his raicarnation and u r abhi so we can arrest u.

  7. Riana

    What a funny Episode…??…Surbhi’s acting is totally Wowsome…???

  8. Mankesh Dadhwal

    The serial has not only become boring but become too much predictive too!!

  9. First and foremost ,my apologies to Meera for misunderstanding and thanks to Sof for reminding me the same.Friends,normally I think twice before writing my comments but yesterday was an exceptionally difficult day for me.A young girl of 18 was brought to me by my housemaid asking for my help.After listening to her I felt ashamed to be a part of this society.She is only 18,illiterate ,already married for two years and now deserted by her husband and in laws for not conceiving and giving a male heir and the most disgusting part is when she went to her parents and brothers in a village,they bluntly refused to take her in saying that their family honour will go down the drain :if a widowed ddaughter comes back it is ok for them but not deserted ones.In villages both rich and poor families are equally obsessed with this family honour.Yes in our serial also ,the so called family honour has been the sole cause for all this revenge game:the only difference is the rich have money. So their plans are more elaborate and deceitful and the poor resort to straightforward physical abuse and desertion but the end result is the same.
    Only two options to choose from,complain to the police .book the husband under domestic violence act and if proved in the court ,jail for 3 years.I think ,inspite of all this ,she doesn’t want imprisonment for him.So I took her to a women’s shelter and welfare center where they make them self sufficient by teaching certain skill sets,convinced them she is a deserving candidate andmenrolled her there .
    So friends, what is the difference between real life and reel life.In both the cases,women are treated the same but in Reel life ,rich and educated girls can dare to take revenge which is not possible in practical world.At the most ,if educated,and financially independent ,.they file for divorce and get alimony.But the poor suffer the most. Actually I watch Tv for distraction from my professional tensions.But ,sadly I see the same situations here also. Meera ,once again ,I am sorry.

    1. Lakshmi, I’m so proud of you as a dear friend and sister, you stand for equality, justice and women’s empowerment in a country where women are second class citizens and a baby making machine. This forum has attracted so many intelligent viewers and we all can learn from each other and lend our voices to uplifting the women out there , if only they can read the comments of the viewers, they can find a voice to stand up for themselves. It’s rightly said that you have to be in other people’s shoes, to fully understand what others go through . Women all over the world have to put up with male chauvinists, huge egoes from male counterparts and so on…just to maintain a relationship. Society is an unforgiving Armageddon, women are doomed to be at the mercy of men who believes that we should always be a step behind them. I congratulate ALL women who had the ovarian fortitude to stand up to the male and show them that she belongs next to him and not behind him. I have brought my daughter up to her independent status, my ONLY hope is that she can find a husband deserving of her, I know my daughter is hesitant to marry but can I blame her? Her own father was a waste to her as a young child. One fateful day, he had the brawn to tell her to not ask for school fees but to take a man instead…at the age of 14 yrs….. So when I post comments, I talk from experience and I’m sure a lot of others out there pass through the same thing as me. I’m a strong individual,, I divorced him after years of psychological torture and brought up my son and daughter to be good and upright children. A couple years ago, my daughter, Nafeesa…saw her father almost run down by a speeding car because of failing eyesight and she told me to contact him, I did and she took him to get corrective surgery done to his eyes ,his eyesight is good now, but she still stays far from him, she said it was her duty as a child to help her father even though he illtreaed her as a child. Men will never learn….till maybe thy kingdom come….. Sorry for straying from the topic Lakshmi…i got carried away…..the message is out there though, of how much women do suffer from the hands of the male in society, mind you…all males aren’t like this, my own departed father is testimony to that. May he rest in peace for being a good father to his 4 kids.

    2. Aunty Naz you are an amazing woman and mother. Your daughter and son sound just as remarkable. You’ve done an incredible job in raising them and setting an example
      as their role model ☺❤ xoxo

    3. No thanks necessary, that’s what friends are for. I wish I could give you a hug for all your compassionate, dedicated and hard work in helping the women in need. ❤ Im very proud of you. Its comforting to know that these women have you to turn to. I’m so sorry to hear about the young girl and hope that she is able to make something good of her life, as she’s still young. It’s heartbreaking what girls and women endure daily. My husband is from Bombay and we were just talking about the treatment of girls and women in India this evening. He said that the ill treatment of them is what makes him ashamed to be an Indian man. It has to change. Let’s pray that one day Indian women will get the
      freedom,respect and love they deserve. Thank you again Aunty for all you have done and continue to do xoxo

  10. nyz episod

  11. Sof….. Salaam to you…. I did read your comments last week. ? …your last one made me think that it would be nice if Geetu unites with Rajveer in the end, he may not be as handsome as treacherous Abhimanyu but his good intentions stand out so boldly that for once I agree that the male protagonist in the lead, doesn’t deserve the female…the second one seems deserving of the wonderful Geetu. I have to tell you though that I’ve been watching other serials a long time now and the character portrayal you hope to see of women empowerment and working educated ones, are not exempted from physical, emotional, mental and psychological abuse in these serials. There’s one called Kum Kum Bhagya where the female lead is an educated teacher but she has been reduced to rubble, no common sense, begging for husband’s love, fighting off in laws, sharing her marital home with her husband’s mistress, with elderly blessings….why are women always portrayed as weak, pathetic, uneducated and helpless in these serials? Is that what really sells? Lakshmi knows exactly what she’s talking about, she lives in India and is privy to these atrocious behavior from societies in her professional capacity as an attorney. It’s so refreshing to see the tables turned on Abhimanyu and I sincerely hope that he doesn’t unite with her in the end, if that’s already written, writers should change that now, there’s time left. What I notice is that the more hell the characters go through, viewers come out to protest via comments ,so the psycho writers out there mistake it for something good and continue to spew their warp sense of entertainment for us. …. I’m yet to see a perfect Indian serial minus the atrocities…..every single one goes downhill after few months have passed….

    1. Walaikum Salam Aunty ? how are you? You’re right about that. Even educated women in serials are not exempt. I’m not sure when the writers will stop portraying women as dependant and weak. Its so sad. Kum Kum Bhagya sounds disgusting. I do think that KLKAH may be a start. I’m now convinced that Gitu will not end up with Abhi. She seems determined to
      achieve justice for herself and brother. I have a feeling that Abhis demise in the end will be horrible. Not only him, but Choti Maa, Kavya and his parents. I’m curious what will happen to Chandra as she was also involved. Can’t wait!

  12. About this weekend’s episodes…. Friends, can you all see what Geetu is doing now? She’s hiding….. IN PLAIN SIGHT…..it was priceless to see the looks on everyone’s faces when Geetu appeared in front of them. Good plot!!! She had to be convincing enough to fool her own brother, so hence the little hiccup in not knowing he was blind and whispering to Abhimanyu…you didn’t tell me he was blind. !!! I know all of those schemers don’t know what’s true or pretence now, they are scratching their brains like the inspector now. She has to be on the alert around Choti Ma and Kavya. I see Kavya has some uses now…she still comes across as an airhead but that could be a pretence as well, time will tell. So…. Now that Geetu is presumably alive or dead, depends on the angles, it is left for Abhimanyu to confide to his deranged parents who this imposter is and employ her to do their bidding. In this way Geetu will be privy to their plans, she will be tried and tested and I hope she passes with flying colours. So this now means the mansion isn’t Abhimanyu and his parents one now because Geetu is presumably alive. This is going against the greed and motives of Bhavani’s quest for retribution from Rishabh, how will he handle this new development now? Where Abhimanyu resorted to hiding in the cloak of darkness to torture Geetu, she’s achieving the same goal but in plain sight. I know few viewers think that Geetu should tell her brother that she’s alive but I beg to differ. I believe she’ll achieve a more profound success if he doesn’t know…for now!! The element of surprise comes from a most natural reaction from Rishabh than from knowing she’s alive and trying to pretend. This charade of Geetu has to be carried out with utmost precision for maximum benefits. I’m so happy Geetu has a true friend in Rajveer….. Love is a fantastic feeling, much chemistry and europhia, but this combustion can die a death due to a minute act…..but….a TRUE friendship can outlast this emotion of love by unwavering companionship, closeness minus the intimacy and a desire to put the other needs, before that of your own. Friendship always tread where love may falter and die…… I can see we all are in for exciting times ahead…..psychological rollercoaster.. Please don’t dissapoint us writers… We hope for JUSTICE for Geetu…..and an annihilation of evil men and in laws….

    1. Excellent episodes! ??? Surbhi is an amazing actress, very convincing as Chamki? The major twist of her now returning is exciting. I cant wait yo see what unfolds now and the precap for Saturdays episode looks awesome! I have to agree, Priyam needed a firm shake. Hes an arrogant little boy with no respect for elders. And why isnt he in school?!?! He should be!!!

      One complaint I have and feel was a sloppy error is not showing HOW Abhi got Gitu in the sack so he could test her fear of the
      dark?!?! I don’t understand how they overlooked that.

  13. I never thought I’d say this but it was satisfying to see Priyam reprimanded and insulted for his part in this whole scheme, even though he’s a minor, he knew what he was doing and did it like a pro…..so much so that he screamed over the phone for Abhimanyu to not come there because it was a trap…. No offense meant… I’m one to first speak for protecting young minds.

  14. Episode update needs improvement , more elaborate less pronouns


    Where is today’s update.. aaj to weekend hai itne jayda shows bhi nhi hai fir nhi no update till now???

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