Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 26th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 26th March 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Gitanjali asking the man to help her in finding the clue. He says its a toy set, someone bought this toy. She asks who bought, tell me, you asked me to follow heart and I reached this clue, please help me, this toy will clear a big dilemma, I have to find out who made my love away, try to recall, please help. He says I don’t remember anything, will you buy this. She says yes, and buys the toy. He gives her the bill. He says I have a way to find out, the bill receipts are with the owner of the toys, he can gave the details of buyer. She asks who is he, take me there. He says its night now, come tomorrow.

Chanda asks Priyam to have milk. Priyam says no, I m not a kid. Chanda says you are a kid, Gitanjali will be angry. He refuses and makes the glass fall. Choti Maa comes and asks how did the milk fall, Chanda clean it. Chanda cleans and her hand bleeds. Chanda says don’t know what was in this cloth. Sevakram says no, someone mixed glass pieces in the milk. Priyam gets scared and runs. He collides with Rishabh. Rishabh asks what’s happening here, why is everyone silent, tell me. Sevakram says someone tried to kill Priyam. Choti Maa says someone added glass pieces in his milk. Sevakram says its good glass fell down, else Priyam would have died. Rishabh asks what’s happening here, who gave him milk.

Sevakram says Chanda gave him milk. Chanda says i don’t know, I just added sugar and got it. Sevakram says there was no one else in kitchen. Chanda says maybe you did this. Rishabh says shut up, Choti Maa can’t you keep an eye, if Gitanjali knows this, she will worry. Gitanjali comes and asks why will I worry, by knowing what, tell me.

Chanda says Priyam. Gitanjali asks what happened. Choti Maa says he is fine, its not a big thing. Gitanjali asks them to say what is it. Chanda says someone tried to kill Priyam. Gitanjali gets shocked. Chanda says someone added glass pieces in his milk, its good milk fell down, he did not drink. Gitanjali says I know who is doing this, its same person who failed Abhimanyu’s car brakes, he is trying to kill Priyam so that secrets are hidden, that person does not want me to find him, he will kill Priyam. She cries. Rishabh says come to senses, none killed Abhimanyu, Priyam was lying, he got caught.

She asks was he lying. She gives him a box and asks him to open it and see. Rishabh opens box. The toy sounds all the best. Gitanjali says someone kept such toy in Abhimanyu’s car, as if he is making fun of Abhimanyu’s death. Choti Maa says its toy, its common. Gitanjali says no, its made by artists in pairing, someone bought it maybe six years ago and kept in Abhimanyu’s car, now this toy is one clue, I will reach other clues by it, I will find out Abhimanyu’s murderer, even if you support me or not. She goes. Rishabh asks Gitanjali to see, our attempted failed, Gitanjali feels Abhimanyu was murdered, are you happy now.

Gitanjali comes to see Priyam. She cries and says you were not at fault, you wanted to talk to me about Abhimanyu, I should have not shouted on you, this won’t happen again, I will always listen to you, I promise. Priyam wakes up and stops her. He says all the best. She smiles and goes.

Gitanjali sees the toy. Chanda tells the menu. She reminds its Rishabh’s birthday tomorrow. Gitanjali says I forgot it. Chanda asks what’s the preparations this year. Gitanjali says nothing, we will decide menu and then we will prepare for celebrations with Kavya. Kavya asks till when will we sit quiet. Choti Maa asks her not to say anything, you have seen what happened of Abhimanyu. Gitanjali comes to them and tells about Rishabh’s birthday. Choti Maa says I forgot his birthday. Kavya says I will decide the theme. Choti Maa asks Chanda to get chillies to ward off bad sight from Gitanjali. She says after many years, I saw you smiling. She wards off bad sight. Gitanjali smiles.

Chanda says Gitanjali really caught bad sight. Choti Maa says everything will be fine. Gitanjali says I will reach Abhimanyu’s murderer. Kavya asks are you sure he was murdered. Gitanjali says yes, its happening in front of you, someone is attacking Priyam to stop truth from reaching me. She goes.

Rishabh scolds servants for not managing security well. He asks them to be alert. Priyam comes. Rishabh says you don’t be afraid, none can harm you. Priyam says why will I be afraid, Gaura is with you, you don’t be afraid Rishabh. Gitanjali meets the shop owner. He tells her about the receipts. He asks the boy to ask him before taking anything. The boy says she is a queen, we will get prize, she won’t steal anything, don’t worry.

They open the godown. Gitanjali enters. The door gets shut. She calls out the man. She looks for receipt. The power goes.

Rishabh plays piano and recalls Priyam’s words. Servant gets a gift box and keeps it. He takes Rishabh’s sign on paper and goes. Rishabh checks the gift. He finds a clock and checks. He sees his name inscribed behind. Priyam plays piano. Rishabh asks who is there. Priyam says its your birthday tomorrow Rishabh, what’s this, birthday gift, who has sent this clock, it has your name written on it, but in this house, dead person’s name clock is fixed, great, death item on birthday, who has sent this. Rishabh asks servant who has sent this box, go and stop the courier guy. Servant says don’t know, he is gone. Priyam says don’t be afraid Rishabh and smiles. He goes.

Gitanjali tries to get out and gets scared of the darkness. She uses mobile torch. She looks for receipt and gets it. Someone attacks her. She panics. The owner and boy come. The attacker runs away. They find Gitanjali and ask is she fine. She says someone attacked me, light was off, door got shut, I called you. He says door has problem, it does not open from inside. She checks and says receipt is gone, maybe he has taken it. She gets a button. The boy says he has run away, but left this.

Gitanjali comes home and asks is there no light. She gets scared seeing someone. She asks Choti Maa to switch on lights. She sees people wearing masks, and gets tensed. The light comes. They all surprise her. Kavya says this was our surprise of masquerade party, it will be 12 soon, we have to surprise Rishabh. Choti Maa asks her to go and get ready fast. Gitanjali goes. Priyam picks the button dropped by Gitanjali on the stairs and smiles.

Gitanjali looks for button in her purse and asks Kavya. Kavya asks what button. Gitanjali says its imp clue. Kavya says you know, its going to be 12, come, find it later. Gitanjali goes to Rishabh. Everyone wish him happy birthday. She thinks where did the birthday go. Everyone sing birthday song. Rishabh cuts the cake. Choti Maa says Gitu… Gitanjali feeds cake to Rishabh and wishes him happy birthday. He asks where is my gift, did you forget it. She says yes, don’t know how.

He says how will you remember, you are running after proof, you don’t stay at home, you are running by listening to a kid. She says Priyam is not lying. Choti Maa asks them to leave this topic today. Kavya says its Rishabh’s birthday, please. Gitanjali says exactly, we should not talk that hurts Rishabh, trust me, I always want to see you happy, I will go market tomorrow and get gift for you. Rishabh says your smile is biggest gift for me, your happiness is precious. He asks her for a dance. She smiles and dances with Rishabh. Everyone dance wearing the masks. Kavya sees Rajveer looking at Gitanjali. She goes to him. She asks won’t you ask me for dance. He says of course. They dance. Priyam looks on. Kavya says you were finding me right. Rajveer asks shall I say truth. She says no, lie, tell me a beautiful lie, you were finding me, you are mine and you love me.

Abhimanyu comes there and dances with Gitanjali. She says Abhimanyu. He says yes, your Abhimanyu. She says no. He asks why are you running away from me. She says I m scared its a dream that will break when I open eyes, I get you and lose you in a moment. He says truth or lie, till we are together, it does not matter. He holds her hand and gives her the button. He says don’t lose this, its that clue which will take you to my murderer. She turns and sees Priyam. He says you were finding this button, you dropped this and went, its good I got this.

Gitanjali sees the button and recalls Abhimanyu’s words. She hears Choti Maa and Chanda arguing and leaves the button in the room. She asks Choti Maa what happened. Choti Maa tells her about Rishabh asking for Dada ji’s coat, he said its not ironed well. She says Rishabh has to go temple, if he gets late. Gitanjali says don’t worry, I will manage. She goes.

Sevakram says this coat is ironed. Rishabh touches the coat and asks why this wrinkles, is collar hanged this way, its my Dada ji’s coat, people know who is coming when I wear this. Gitanjali asks what’s the problem. Rishabh says Choti Maa has buffoons at home, shall I wear coat without ironing. She says I will iron it and come, don’t get angry. Rishabh asks Sevakram to get out.

Gitanjali takes coat to iron and asks Chanda to take lemon water for Rishabh. She sees same buttons on the coat and gets shocked. She rushes to her room and sees the button. She matches the buttons and cries recalling Abhimanyu’s words. She asks did Rishabh attack me, no this can’t be true.

Rajveer says this machine proves truth and lies. Rajveer takes Rishabh’s lie detector test.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Really amazing show…?love u shurbhi?

  2. Hello Naz,Are you still watching this serial or have you discontinued with it ?because except for March 13th’s ,I couldn’t find your comments on any other episode.I have missed the previous nine episodes and could go through only the contents of the storyline on Tellyupdates.Though the story is pretty clear ,I would like to watch the recorded videos for better clarity.I have to search the net for the same.I think the story is quite interesting with a dash of horror and mystery.I mean, who could have killed Abhimanyu ?On the face of it ,Rishabh has the motive since Gitanjali married Abhimanyu without her brother’s consent but other family members can not be ruled out. Priyom’s character based on reincarnation is really eerie.We can find similar real life events on thenet.Yes ,they have taken a very controversial subject which has been researched a lot and science couldn’t disprove it.Let us hope the story will be as thrilling and interesting as it was expected to be

    1. I’ve been watching Lakshmi, I’m trying to piece it together.. I also think that Priyom’s character is spooky. I wonder if Abhimanyu is still alive but then he disappears into thin air too soon, it has to be a figment of Geetanjali’s imagination!! I also wonder if Choti Maa,and Rishab have a hand in his murder. Sometimes I wonder what is wrong with Kavya, she has strange moods I tell you… I’m bonding with the characters, let’s see how it unfolds. I also record the episodes of the serials and watch when I get time…

  3. I think maybe it’s Rajeev who murdered abhimanyu

  4. But how can he alone
    He is visually challenged
    I think someone is there who is his partner in crime
    And I think that someone is Rajveer

  5. His alive, his taking revenge

    1. I think so too that abimanyu is alive and priya mayb his nephew they plan to take revenge

  6. What can be the mystery
    Very very confusing
    I think Abhimanyu is alive and Priyam is his some relative and Abhinanyu may have some old enimity with Gitanjali’s family which is related to choti maa and rishab for which he is using her for taking revenge by faking love to her with the help of Priyam

  7. Rashmi and Jaya, I’ve also thought that Rajveer could be the murderer because he’s always wanted Geetanjali’s but Abhimanyu got her instead. So he could team up with Rishabh, maybe that’s why Rishabh insists that Geetanjali marry Rajveer and he in turn don’t mind waiting for her because he knows that they killed Abhimanyu and he’s not coming back from the dead but now Priyom is rattling their nerves with too many coincidences of intimate knowledge of Abhimanyu’s while he was alive.

  8. I think Rajveer was the one who attacked Gaura.. he is just trying to confuse her by saying “intzaar karun ki nahin”..in reality he is in love with Kavya and being artificial in front of others…in the earlier episodes Kavya and Rajveer were talking privately and laughing together, so Rajveer definitely and Kavya maybe are a part of the murderer group.

  9. Really an amazing show. It is the only serial I watch. I was tired to see the boring saas-bahu family dramas & supernatural serials. Glad that finally Indian television has tried something new, the suspense thriller genre. The story is getting unpredictable by each episode. Plus the fact that it will have only 52 episodes makes it more unique, that means it will not be unnecessarily dragged for years.

  10. Naz at this juncture it is very difficult even to do guess work also because this is done by someone who has a strong motive to do away with Abhimanyu.Now who all have a known motive.As per my limited understanding ,since I missed many episodes, first suspect is Rajveer as he might have got jealous ofAbhimanyu.Second is Gaura’s blind brother, who seems to be a complex personality,definitely he hates Abhi but doesn’t seem to have a mean and scheming mindset.Remaining characters Kavya and choti maa seem to be crookish but no ideas yet about their motive.All these scenarios are in case Abhimanyu is really dead .On the contrary If it is Abhi who is very much alive that has planned all this ,starting from his marriage to Gitanjali to plotting Priyom in her house for unknown reasons ,then the story takes quite an interesting turn..But one more point is if Abhimanyu was not murdered by anybody in the house,why are they so nervous of Priyom and tried to kill him as well?May be that mysterious someone tried to murder Abhimanyu but he escaped.We should n’t forget that Abhimanyu was only declared dead by the Army: his body was never seen by anyone .Who has sent the clock to Rishabh on his birthday?I must say that the young boy who is playing the character of Priyom is acting very well as it is not that easy to talk and behave like an adult male.
    Naz don’t you think that two plots are going hand in hand simultaneously,I mean whoever has tried to kill Abhimanyu doesn’t know he has escaped and naturally scared of Priyom thinking he is the reincarnation of the dead man and at the same time Abhianyu who is not dead is trying to be even with his enemy by sending Priyom to make him /her confess to the attempted murder.Let us see how the writers have planned to evolve the story.

    1. Yes, even after looking at all the angles, I want to believe that Abhimanyu is alive but what could be the motive behind all the secrecy, for what purpose is this whole murder scenario set up for? I also agree that Rishabh character is complex in nature and he is always uptight about anything concerning Abhimanyu. I’m going to say Abhi and Gaura from now, it’s too much of a long name to say all the time although the dictionary does the spelling… ? ? hey sis, I’ll be celebrating my birthday on the 2nd of April, I’ll be 52yrs young…. ? I’m not old as yet, it’s only a number!!!! My niece who I cared for as an infant and she’s now 20, doesn’t like when I say I’m old…she makes s sad face!! ? ? My daughter and I will be going to Orlando on the 10th of April, she’ll be on Easter vacation, it’s for one week only. Anyway… Have a productive week ahead and chat soon.

  11. Hii guyies can i also join your grp? ? ? ? ?

    1. Welcome Nida, feel free to comment anytime you want. Have a wonderful day.

  12. maityswasanfan

    i think abhimanyu is alive and he sent priyam yo trap geeti. i think abhimanyu neither murdered nor he died in car accident. he somejhow told the policemen to tell geetu that he died or i think risabh is tbe real muederer. this all things i think rajveer knows. since he told yhat he was the childhood freind of gitanjali. nice episode keep writing yaar. i really wanted what really happened before six years.

    1. What motive would he have in trapping Gaura? I don’t think that’s the case here, I think there’s a conspiracy at the bottom of this story . Gaura loves Abhimanyu deeply and someone didn’t want them together and almost all in that mansion is suspect. They are eerie characters. I love the setting of this serial, it has an air of mystery, I’m seeing good direction and the acting is superb.

  13. if you want suspense you should watch Beyhad. THis is an Over the top show. THe Cvs as well all the actors are sleep walking.

    GOD save India TV !!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Naz, I am very happy that my dear sister is going to become a year younger on the coming Sunday.Dear friend I also believe that as long as we stay young in heart ,age will only be a number So accept my pre-lated birthday wishes and get ready to celebrate the D day in the company of your loved ones with lots of laughter and Ofcourse with a beautiful cake and equally yummy food as well.Keep smiling always ,my friend.And I know you are going to enjoy that visit to Orlando with your daughter which has plenty of places worth seeing.Last year my son had been there with friends and he was very much impressed with Universal Orlando and Walt Disney World in addition to many theme parks.
    I will be pretty busy this week and coming week as my case is coming to the final hearing on 3rd April.On top of it tomorrow I have to do preparations for a South Indian festival.Ugadi.that ushers in our new year.Do you believe Naz that it used to be a dreaded festival for us as children because they prepare a chutney of …….Neem buds ,flowers ,green chillies saltjaggery and raw mangoes which everybody has to taste.They believe that the six ingredients represent various aspects of human life:happiness sadness ,anger etc.Naturally we used to run for our life with our maid in hot pursuit.Any way those are beautiful memories
    .Tomorrow I am going to prepare the same along with other yummy things.
    Coming to our serial ,don’t you think that it is too dry and serious,I mean some fun and romance should also be there.hope the writers will take care of this.Take care friend.

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